In the Last Moments, Fulfilling God’s Mission

An American Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 18, 2021


1. Strengthen Righteousness in a Chaotic Environment

After Master’s scripture On the General Election came out, I realized that the big elimination is coming, and God is choosing the lives that can be saved. At the same time, practitioners have to go through tests till the very end. This test is very difficult for me. The difficulty is that there is no reference, and no guidance in the changing world regarding how to do and what to do. In the final moments, we all have to take every step on our own.

I live in a large city in the western United States. Since the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus, my work has not been as busy as before. Since July last year, I have been involved in collecting signatures for the petition and putting up posters. There are also many projects for clarifying the Fa here. In this special period, Dafa practitioners have limited time and energy. How should we do and what should we do? Everyone's understanding is different, and it is difficult to unite. Whenever the manpower and material resources of my own projects are limited, and the promotion is slow, I often wonder why other people do not come to do something so important, and why are so few people involved?

I found out that I was complaining that fellow practitioners did not participate, so my attachment of complaining appeared. Sometimes when I saw another practitioner who did not speak English well, but collected so many signatures, I found out my attachment of comparison and jealousy appeared. I thought of saving people is so sacred, but I did it with these personal attachments. How can I do it well? So I rectified my heart, told every sentient being in the park about the signature activities to disintegrate the CCP’s demons, and told them that people all over the world were signing and supporting this activity, and then I told them that Falun Dafa is spreading in the world. Hundreds of millions of people are practicing, but the CCP persecutes these people in China and harvests their organs. Organ harvesting is so evil. At the end of clarifying the truth, I sent a small lotus flower as an amulet that has “Truthfulness-compassion-tolerance is good” on it. Finally, I was able to concentrate and earnestly do the work of saving people, focusing on the process, and not clinging to the number of signatures collected. I realized that clarifying the truth is our responsibility, and I need to persist in doing it.


2. Improving Xinxing in the Process of Collecting Signatures and Putting up Posters

In the beginning, I would go to the park, the beach, the farmer’s market every weekend, and collect signatures for the petition face-to-face in crowded places. Later, we printed posters, and I often went to various commercial streets, shop by shop to collect signatures, and put up posters. I usually tell the shopkeepers about the CCP’s virus, the actions of signing the petition and against CCP will keep them safe, the truth about Falun Gong, and leave a beautiful large lotus flower with the nine-character mantra on it. I usually hang the big lotus in the most prominent position in the store, mostly at a high place, so that all customers who enter the store can see it when they look up. All sentient beings are very happy to see the lotus, and many people express their infinite gratitude. Once a Jewish grandmother saw me take out a big lotus flower and hung it in front of the cash register. She placed one hand on her chest with infinite gratitude and bowed deeply to me. Her eyes were full of gratitude, so I feel the side of sentient beings’ understanding and I am grateful for the salvation of Dafa. In this troubled world, the amulet on the big lotus brings hope of life.

In the process of saving people, there have always been tests of xinxing. Sometimes when I walked a whole high-end commercial street without success on putting up even a poster, I would feel a little disappointed. I found that my attachment to fame and self-interest appeared. When people signed the petition, I would be pleased when I got a good number of signatures. When I put up posters and recognized by the sentient beings, I would be pleased too. My attachment to pursuing a result appeared. Later, I gave up those attachments. Once I went out to the city center to collect signatures in the afternoon, and I met a tall man who asked if I could give him money. I watched him and shook my head saying no, so he followed me for a while, scolding me loudly. I continued to move forward, and another tall man came over and asked for money again. At this moment, I remembered that it was because I had the attachment of being scared that I did not give. I remembered what Master said in Zhuan Falun: “The master knows exactly what will happen, but still must do it this way. Eventually a demon will come to scare the person or transform into a beauty to seduce it – there will be all kinds of things. The demon then realizes that it indeed is not affected in the least. This is because it is relatively easier for the Assistant Spirit to practice cultivation, as it can know the truth.” Later I thought that I was here to save people, and I tried to stay calm, and then I never encountered anyone who asked me for money.

At the end of last year, I found that it was really difficult for sentient beings to be saved. Instead of the bustling streets, many shops were now closed. Today, sentient beings have to be able to hold on and still open a store, have Dafa disciples who can walk in and clarify the truth to them. Sometimes it takes a long way to find an opening store. Maybe my compassion appeared and now I can collect many signatures every time, and it is easy to put up more posters. Our posters are very large. We used to think it was not easy to put them in a store because they were too big. Now people often ask me to put two pieces side by side. The sentient beings’ enlightenment is playing a positive role.

Now I feel that a catastrophe is imminent, and time is waiting for no one, so I try to arrange my time for collecting signatures every day. I usually say that the epidemic is getting worse. The virus is called the "CCP virus." Please hurry up and sign. When you go home, please remember to ask your family to sign online to keep them safe. All beings can understand, so they all nod and sign. I really feel that the process of putting up posters is also a good opportunity for me to improve my practice. I remembered that Master mentioned, "wandering". Master said Zhuan Falun, “After the instruction, the master will again tell it: “You still have many attachments to remove. You should go out to wander about.” Wandering around in society is rather torturous. It must beg for food and meet different kinds of people who will scold, insult, or take advantage of it. It might encounter all kinds of things. It will treat itself as a practitioner and balance well relations with others, always maintaining and upgrading xinxing. It will not be moved by the temptations of different benefits among everyday people. After many years, it will return from wandering around.”

When I decided to speed up the pace of saving people, the disturbances that followed were mainly manifested in the body. Sometimes my feet blistered, and it was very painful to walk after a rupture. Sometimes the skin on the heels would be dry and cracked. Walking was very painful. I was always hesitating if I should go home or not. While thinking about it, I sent forth righteous thoughts to keep moving forward. Sometimes my car was scratched, sometimes I encountered some emergency, which wasted my time. I know that the purpose of the interferences at different times is to stop me. When I saw those closed shops, I always felt sorry for them. I knew that I was late, and they could not hang on to it anymore. There might be many destined people among them. I realized that I should not stop. At these last moments, Dafa disciples are the only hope for sentient beings to be saved.


3. Correct Our Mentality in the U.S. Election

Last year, we faced the American election. From the beginning, I would be affected by the development of the situation. A few times, I felt that my mind could not calm down after doing the exercises. Later, I stopped reading the news. I will not be tempted if I do not see it. Later, I was questioning myself if I am really practicing solidly. Sometimes I would recommend my ordinary friends to watch the media in order to save people. They all like to discuss with me and I have to learn about the latest developments, so I will watch some short news, in order to have common topics with ordinary friends. At that time, I followed the media without being affected.

Now I practice the exercises outdoors with fellow practitioners for two and a half hours every morning. I make sure to study the Fa face-to-face with fellow practitioners in the morning and study the Fa online at night for three hours a day. Every day I go out to put up posters on the street for one to three hours. I can go to more than forty shops at a time, get about 20 people to sign, hang about 18 lotus flowers, and managed to put up about 10 posters.

I was putting up posters on January 6, not caring about what happened in Congress. I found that when our minds are focusing on saving people, we are not really attached to the social environment. We are becoming more and more aware of our Dafa disciples' identities, so that we can let go of our attachments to the social situation. The catastrophe is imminent. I am more concerned about the news of the global development of the epidemic, and I am not attached to the success or failure of the election. Every morning I tell myself that I cherish the opportunity to meet with all living beings. While there are still people in the park and the store is open, I go out and give small lotus flowers to people who are destined and big lotus flowers in the store. Everyone who can be saved counts. In the last moments, I need to fulfill God's mission.


4. Conclusion

Let us review the Master's lecture in To the 2018 Asian Fa Conference, “The final salvation was sure to take place at a time when humanity’s moral values have fallen apart. It can be hard to save people where evil has the upper hand, when you face the strains of persecution, and when people’s minds have been infused with lies. Yet the majority of our practitioners have done well at saving people. The truth is, if there were nothing hard about it, it wouldn’t need to be those who cultivate the Great Way of Dafa carrying out the salvation, and of course, nor could the magnificent virtue of Dafa disciples show itself. All of those whom you save will one day become the beings of your [domains]. You are the hope of all lives, and you are the future!”

The above is my experience recently. If there is something wrong, please correct me.

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