Everything Has Been Predestined in the Chaos

Ming Yu

PureInsight | December 26, 2020

[PureInsight.org] The dramatic reversal overnight in the U.S. presidential election surprised everyone who were concerned about it. The voter fraud has been conducted tremendously. It's like a great play, attracting people's attention. However, there is only one director of the play, and the result has long been set. No matter how intense it is, the play moves towards the result decided by the director.

Take a look at the following visions which are not easy to comprehend. Then we might get enlightened.

Where are the stars in the sky?

Elderly people will remember that decades ago, when the full moon rose at night, they would see stars in the sky, which looked spectacular. Among the stars is a bright cluster of stars, like a silver ribbon extending from the sky to the front. People call it "the Milky Way". There is a very bright star on each side of the Milky Way. The elderly people said that it was the stars "Cowboy" and "Vega", which were mercilessly separated by the wide Milky Way. Every year on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet here. At that time the two stars will be exceptionally shiny. People call it "galactic meeting." It has been visible since ancient times.

Also, in the sky, there is a very eye-catching "Big Dipper", which is called a navigational star, hanging far away. Like a big spoon, the spoon points to the north. In ancient times, people used it to point people out when they walked at night. The Milky Way, the Cowherd, the Weaver Girl and the Big Dipper are intertwined into a magnificent picture.

I don't know when this spectacle disappeared permanently. Where did it go? Who moved them away? Undoubtedly, this must be a manifestation of God’s power. God is changing the sky.

Why is time accelerating?

People feel that time is getting faster. In the past, 24 hours went very slowly. Nowadays how time flies! It is getting late without doing anything in the morning. As soon as I close my eyes, the sky will light up. But I don’t let go of my fatigue yet. Many people cannot figure this out.

People know that clocks are tools for calculating time, and people have been relying on them for thousands of years. Its rigorous structure has an inviolable precision. The gears mesh with each other to drive and count the minutes and seconds. However, the inviolable precision changes due to the faster time. Clocks produced decades ago could accurately record the minutes and seconds of such a long time. It can also accurately record the minutes and seconds of the accelerated time today. In other words, clocks and watches enjoy the accelerated time as human beings do. There is no difference at all. Even the "Greenwich" standard time that sets a time zone for the world is dancing with it, and it is executed accurately.

The above mentioned is incomprehensible, which is not a natural phenomenon. They are the manifestations of miracles, and it is God who changed the sky. The time has been speeded up indeed. Will a broader vision be revealed in human society too? It is highly likely. Let’s see.

Traditions might be forgotten, but never be misrepresented.

The fathers of the U.S. created a perfectly complete constitutional system of governance, which has been the only democratic republic in the world so far. Alienation of traditions and a rapid decline of moral character has given rise to today's ultra-left turmoil. Meanwhile, the crisis of today's constitutional government has emerged. A group of politicians attempted to bring the U.S. into a society where liberalism and socialism is rampant, with everybody so-called treated equally.

Traditional Americans would never allow communist devil to do whatever they want. The focus of this battle between good and evil lies on the chosen person-President Trump. He is determined to retrieve the American tradition and assist the U.S. to the orthodox constitutional road. However the great nation has been harmed by fraud and corruption. How can the ultra-left be willing to give up their control over the society? The Democratic Party has attempted to falsify the result of the general election, with all types of voter fraud being employed. My understanding is that this was just a process of digging a grave for radical communist followers.

A cancer patient who is dying will get up suddenly by grasping the bed rail when he is still in horrible pain. People call this "returning to light". What the Democratic Party is doing today is a true reflection of "returning to light”. Because the Democratic Party felt extremely despondent, they made all the machinations.

The current general election is a battle between the Republican Party represented by President Trump and the Democratic Party represented by Biden. It is actually a battle between God's children and Satan's disciples. This is precisely the reason for the ultimate goal of “disintegrating CCP by the Heaven.”

A city is full of rubbish, so people had to shovel it out one by one, and pull it away one by one. In doing so, they can clean the city, purify the space, and restore the original appearance of the city. Therefore, we should work on the issue. It pays to be hard-working.

The big drama arranged by history is about to end, and the performances that have been in the past will be broadcasted in front of mankind. What people don't believe will come out, and the task of truth clarification undertaken by Falun Gong practitioners can be considered the forerunner of this drama. The battle between good and evil in the U.S. election is just a process, and "the Heaven disintegrates CCP" is the finale of the great play.

Therefore, the crux is to clearly know which side we should support, to uphold our conscience and ramp up our efforts of clarifying the facts, facilitating the disintegration of CCP.

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Up Line: Biden, ultra left, general election coup wishful thinking

Down Line: Trump, Tradition, Turning the Tide in the White House

Horizontal batch: Authority granted by God

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