All Beings Came for Fa

Wan Yi, Jilin Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | February 26, 2021

[] Everything is spiritual, and it’s all aimed at our human attachments. It tests the degree of faith in the Fa of Dafa disciples and eliminates all kinds of attachments. Let me talk about the magical things I encountered.


    My refrigerator is 30 years old and it’s an old brand, so it consumes a lot of power and its very loud. When my daughter came home and told me “mom, let’s get a new refrigerator. You can buy a new one with a few years of electricity bills.” My husband also said to change. I insisted not to change, and then I communicated with the refrigerator: “Refrigerator, you are the life that came for the Fa, and you can follow Master with me to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. It is also you’re blessing, and you are also my Dharma tool. I believe you have the ability to update automatically. Pleases remember that “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” have a bright future. Later, I paid the electricity bill, and the electricity bill was reduced. It is still used until now, everything is normal.

Door Lock

    I opened a shop with a fellow practitioner, and we rotated on duty. Usually, the door lock gets broken easily. Last year, another lock was broken and we put it on the windowsill. The next day I went to lock the door after I got off work and found that the new lock was gone (put it away) and the old lock was still being used, it was like a new good lock, there was nothing wrong with it. I know that it’s because a fellow practitioner has said something to it. This is the magic of Dafa, I asked the fellow practitioner, and she smiled but said nothing. Two years have passed, the lock is still in use, everything is normal.


    Because the house is rented, the radiator is old-fashioned and takes a long time to heat up, and the interior has not been cleaned for a long time. A lot of impurities and rust have accumulated, and it felt frozen every year for several years. Because the landlord is not here, it is very troublesome to find her, she was not happy when I asked her to find someone to fix the radiator. We asked someone to fix it the first two times. This makes me very angry; the owner should take care of the equipment in the house. Last year during winter, the radiator can heat up only a little bit, and most of the lower parts of the radiator were cold, what should I do? I was afraid that the radiator would freeze and crack, so I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master for help to communicate with the radiator. Sending forth righteous thoughts with resentment is not effective.

    In June of this year, when I paid the rent, I told the landlord that the heating has been frozen several times, and this time you have to repair it. In September, the landlord brought two people to the store to check and said that all the radiators had to be replaced. So, I sent forth righteous thoughts, not allowing the evil to use this matter to interfere, and asked Master to arrange that, regardless of whatever the owner decided. I would not resent or angry with the landlord.

    A few days later, the landlord’s husband came, and said if it is still not working, we can just replace it. At the time a fellow practitioner was at the shop on working, the practitioner communicated with the radiator and said: you are about to get hot, otherwise people will cut you off and throw you away, and you won’t hear us reciting the Fa in store, telling all the items in the store that you are all alive and come for the Fa. Please remember Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance is good, and you will have a good future. When I went to take over, the fellow practitioner told me about the landlord’s husband and then she smiled and said to me: “you go and touch the radiator” she touches it with me, and radiator is warm and the bottom part is also warm now. I asked her what is going on, she told me about the talk she had with the radiator. This is a miracle from our faith in Master and the Fa. Once, the landlord’s younger brother came to buy thumbtacks and learned about it and witnessed the magic of Dafa.


    When a fellow practitioner and I first opened up this store, a mouse often walked around the place, sometimes running back and forth on the roof shed. One day the mouse ran on it again, and I said, “Mouse, listen: You are a live came for the Fa. Please remember that Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-compassion-forbearance is good, and you will have a bright future. Don’t interfere with Dafa disciples. Its sinful to interfere with Dafa disciples. Get out of here and tell your family as well.” Since then, there have been no mice for two to three years.

    All things have spirit, and they all come to assimilate the Fa. As long as our hearts are on the Fa, everything will appear so obedient.


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