The Mystical Golden Lotus Flower

Shanxing, a practitioner from Hebei Province, China

PureInsight | May 2, 2022

[] On July 25, 2018, at 3:50 AM in the morning, I got up to practice the exercises as usual. Unexpectedly, I found some bright lotus petals appear on the wall of the front building of my apartment complex. The petals moved as I moved my eyes, and I soon saw more and more lotus petals. Upon closer examination, it was a layer of lotus flower composed of eight golden lotus petals. It did not disappear until I finished the fourth exercise, when the sky gradually began to light up. Since then it was like this every day.

When I practiced in the morning on August 2, I found that the lotus flower that accompanied me to practice the exercises every day was gone, it was pitch black in front of my eyes. What was the reason? There must be a problem in my cultivation. I recalled what happened the day before. My home is a truth-clarification materials production site and a Fa-study group. Because it was too hot this year, I made truth-clarification materials in the south-facing room of my home. The air conditioner was on, the door was closed, and I left my phone in the north-facing room, so I couldn't hear the doorbell or any phone calls. After we finished group Fa study in the afternoon, someone suggested that I install a doorbell, and connect it to the door of the corridor to solve this problem. During the discussion, a practitioner rudely reprimanded me: Why are you so stupid? Why are you so lazy?! I thought her tone and attitude was unacceptable. I immediately fought back. I pointed to the computer and printer on the table: “How about you do this as well! How about you write articles as well!?” She fell silent.

Master said in Teachings at the Conference in Los Angeles, “Cultivation is about looking inside yourself. Whether you are right or wrong, you should examine yourself. Cultivation is about getting rid of human attachments. If you always reject reproaches and criticism, always point your fingers at others, and always refute others’ disapproval and criticism, is that cultivating? How is that cultivating? You have grown used to focusing on other people’s shortcomings, and never take examining your own self seriously. When others’ cultivation one day meets with success, what about you? Isn’t Master hoping that you are cultivating well? Why won’t you accept criticism, and why do you keep focusing on other people? Why not cultivate inward and examine your own self? Why do you get agitated when you are criticized? How many of you seated here can keep at ease when someone points at you out of the blue and berates you? How many of you can stay unruffled and search for the reason on your part when faced with others’ criticism and chiding?”

I was wrong! Although when I fought back my attitude was quite calm, I couldn't conceal my combative mentality, showing off, and inability to accept criticism. I was proud that I could make truth-clarification materials, write articles, and have had received a good education. When she was silent, I became pleased with myself. I was wrong! I determined to change myself, and guarantee that this kind of thing would not happen again in the future. The next morning before morning exercises, I offered incense to Master, and repented. After I started practicing, a miracle happened, the golden lotus flower appeared in front of my eyes again.

On the morning of August 5, practitioner D invited me out to share with practitioner E. I went downstairs to find her. I searched all over the building and at the intersection. After waiting for a long time, I still did not see her, so I returned home. It was midday and the weather was very hot. In addition, I had a lot of things to do, and I was afraid that she would delay me. After I got home, I called her and told her to go by herself. I didn't realize that there might be something wrong there. However, when I practiced the exercises the next morning, I found the golden lotus, which used to be bright in the past, had become dull. I was awakened: I was wrong! The starting point of what I did yesterday was completely from selfishness, and was all based on human attachments.

Master said in “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching” from Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI, “If in cultivation you don’t get rid of your human thinking, anything might serve to trigger your attachments or act as an obstacle in your cultivation.”

I will remember Master's teaching. Moreover, when dealing with problems in the future, we must hold ourselves to the high standards of cultivators. After realizing the root of the issue, when I got up early to practice the exercises the next day, the miracle recurred. The lotus flower that was dull yesterday became shiny and alive again.

On the afternoon of August 13, practitioner F came to repair my printer. In the evening, my daughter came home from work and complained that practitioner F was wearing her slippers, and she took the slippers away unceremoniously. I then gave practitioner F another pair of slippers. My daughter did this in front of me, making me feel very embarrassed. I felt that this child was too rude and insolent. She was so disrespectful to my friend, and wasn't that disrespecting me? I was very upset with her, so I ignored her all night. I complained about her and hatred toward her grew in my heart. Unexpectedly, when I got up early to practice the exercises the next day, the shining golden lotus disappeared again, replaced by darkness. I knew it was because of the conflict I had with my daughter the day before. I was wrong again.

Master said in “Who's Right, Who's Wrong” from Hong Yin III,

"As a cultivator
One always looks for one's own fault
'Tis the way to get rid of attachments most effectively
There's no way to skip ordeals, big or small
[During a conflict, if you can remember:]
''He's right
And I'm wrong,''
What's to dispute?"

When I encountered this incident, I completely forgot to treat myself as a cultivator, and I forgot the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” My words and actions were all based on the Communist Party culture. Wasn't her fault my fault? It was me who didn't teach her properly, I didn't educate her well since she was a child, I was not a good model for her. It was my fault and my responsibility. I will correct myself! After the exercises, I calmly talked to my daughter. The next day on the 15th, when I practiced the exercises at 3:50 in the morning, the bright, golden lotus flower re-emerged before my eyes.

Thank you merciful and great Master! Thank you, practitioners! Heshi

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