Not a Possessing Spirit, but an Evolved Life in My Field

Qing Feng

PureInsight | May 26, 2022

[] In the summer of 2015, the weather was hot. I wore a big straw hat to go grocery shopping. I walked in the sun and found something floating under my straw hat. I instinctively tried to grab it with my hands but didn't catch it. After repeating several times, I still couldn't catch it. I removed the straw hat, but found nothing. When I looked up, that floating object was about 50cm (approx. 20 inches) in front of my eyes. It was about the size of a dime. It was membranous, milky white, and translucent. There was a rice grain-like entity near the edge. It was opaque and dark gray. When she fluttered in the air, like a jellyfish in the sea, the membrane was wavy, dancing up and down, and very beautiful. I can also see her when I close my eyes.

I was a little confused. What is this? It's not a possessing spirit, is it? I told her, "I don't know if you are a good life or a bad life. But, no matter what you are, I hope you'll wait somewhere where I can't see you. And don't interfere with me. After I reach consummation in the future, I'll arrange a good future for you." After saying that, I went shopping. It seemed, however, that what I told her fell on deaf ears, which made me feel uneasy.

One day when I was reading Zhuan Falun, while on the last sentence of the paragraph at the top of page 36 (Chinese version), I found that the entire sentence was raised three-dimensionally, and each character was large. That sentence was: “...many living beings need to be developed in your body.”

But, this sentence is not normally in that position at the top of page 36.

I suddenly realized that Master was dropping me a hint. What I saw was not a possessing spirit, but a life that I had evolved through my own cultivation. I couldn't believe this was true, but that was indeed the case. I had to believe it. I've been at ease since then.

When reading Zhuan Falun over again from the beginning, I found that the sentence at the top of page 36 had become: "We cultivate something so enormous that it equates to cultivating the universe."

In fact, this is the sentence I normally see at the top of page 36.

I was stunned, and felt it was simply unbelievable. I found the words in the book can change, it's amazing!

I watched her dance in the air one day and wondered if there was something in her membranes. Just as I was thinking about it, some yarn suddenly appeared in front of me, that is, yarn from another dimension. The yarn was creamy white, thin in texture, and the edge of the yarn is inlaid with wavy lace. This yarn has 6-7 layers. The yarn floated in the wind, soft and elegant, and very beautiful. Isn't this a skirt, I wondered? Is that life actually a fairy wearing a skirt? The entity in the membrane should be the body of a fairy, right? But I could only see the hem of the dress after zooming in, nothing else. Maybe I was only allowed to see this.

It has been seven years since she appeared in front of my eyes. In my field, the various lives that I've formed through my cultivation has gradually increased, and their manifestations and movements are also different. I can see some clearly, but some I can't.

I wrote this down to validate what Master said in Zhuan Falun, "...many living beings need to be developed in your body."

It is true! Master is so great! Falun Dafa is so great! I bow down to Master!

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