Understanding of “True Improvements Come from Letting Go”

A Japanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 18, 2021

[PureInsight.org] I didn’t have an easy time dealing with sick karma. I had hesitations and confusions, but did not get discouraged. I continued to find attachments and give them up, in the end I deeply realized Master’s Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A., “true improvements come from letting go, not from gaining.”


Master Shows me Higher Fa Principles

    It has been more than a week since the so-called hay fever problem. Before that I found a lot of attachments and bad thoughts. Every time I removed an attachment or concept, the symptoms were relieved, but not completely improved. When I realized that this was not karma but persecution, I started to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the interference and persecution against me, and the subsequent experience changed, I have learned about the disease karma.

    One day, I went to the barbershop to get a haircut. In order to not waste time, I took a Dafa book and just started reading on my seat. Just as the hairdresser was standing by my side and cutting my hair, my throat started to itch. Because of the epidemic, everyone is very nervous and afraid of other people’s coughs. I started to suppress my cough and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. But I became nervous because I didn’t want to affect the people around me, and I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. When I could not endure the pain anymore, I started to call Master in my heart. I thought at the time: although I cannot see it, Master is watching me by my side! On the surface Master did not help me right away so there must be some things that I need to realize to improve my understanding. I remembered a Minghui article that fellow practitioners and it was similar to my situation. She discovered an attachment, which is being afraid of attachments. Then Master enlightened her: she turned into a golden light and flew into the book, seeing every cell in her body. I also remembered Master mentioned in Teachings at the Conference in the Western U.S., “In the past, there was a cultivator of the Dao walking on the street while drinking. He suddenly saw someone. This person was just who he had been looking for—someone who could cultivate the Dao. So he wanted to save this person and take him as his disciple. He asked this person, ‘Do you want to follow me to cultivate the Dao?’ This person’s enlightenment quality and inborn quality were very good, and he said, ‘I do.’ ‘Do you dare to follow me?’ the cultivator asked. The person replied, ‘Yes, I do!’ ‘Do you dare to follow me wherever I go?’ he then asked. ‘Yes,’ was the reply. The cultivator then said, ‘Okay. Now follow me!’ Saying that, he put his palm-sized wine gourd on the ground, opened the lid, and jumped into the gourd. The person saw that his master had jumped in, so he imitated his master and likewise jumped into the gourd. The bystanders all leaned over and looked inside the gourd. ‘Wow!’ they exclaimed. There was a vast world inside the gourd, really vast." The small gourd that I saw on the surface of the world is actually a big world, although on the surface I looked at an ordinary book, but every word behind is Master’s Fashen. I thought I would let it go. No matter what, let it be handed over to Master. Thinking of the fellow practitioner who was flying into the book, I would also fly into the book, and believe that everything is under Master's control. As a result, the magic that humans can never explain appeared. Liquid appeared in my throat, which made my throat lubricate. Just now, my throat was irritated to the point that I was about to start coughing violently, which reached the limit of my tolerance, but now it doesn't itch at all. I feel the greatness of Dafa, as long as we improve our understandings.


This time I realized from Master’s enlightenment: Whenever I encounter a problem, I get nervous and send forth righteous thoughts. To a certain extent, I am having an attachment. It is an attachment that is afraid of attachments, and it is also selfish. My understanding is that those attachments and karma in my body are the embodiment of beings belonging to the old universe. It is also a test of whether I can really believe in the teacher and the Fa at the critical moment.


Persistent Attachment and Falling down again


Although I had this experience, I did not maintain this righteous thought. One night, I was about to start sleeping, but both my nasal cavities were completely blocked, and the blockage was deep and full. I had difficulty breathing and it was difficult to fall asleep. Immediately after sneezing, coughing followed, and my throat felt painful. This made me miserable, and I felt that I was about to suffocate and the pain had reached the limit of endurance, in desperation I chanted the righteous mantra in my heart. The nine-character mantra had no effect so I started asking Master to save me. I can't feel Master's response either. Didn’t you think you had already passed the test before then? Why are you here again! I got up in desperation and practiced the third set of exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts again. The nose felt a little bit better, and I gradually fell asleep.


The failure to pass this time made me a little annoyed, but I knew that the sickness karma hadn't completely passed through and it must be because I still have attachments I didn't find, so I continued to look inward. I found that when the symptoms got worse, I took it seriously and became anxious and fearful. The practice at the time was to reject and confront it immediately. Although the pain has deepened, it may be a bigger test. If I go beyond the pass, it may be a big improvement. At that time, Master seemed to ignore me, but was actually waiting for my enlightenment. If I called Master at that time, Master would solve it for me. What else would I enlighten? Master knows my ability to endure it.


Let Go and Pass Tests Smoothly

I thought I would pass it again. The same level really came the next night. I was no longer afraid, and even had a little bit of joy. I felt that the last level was not passed. I must seize the opportunity to make up for it. The nostrils on both sides are blocked again, I thought to myself, I just let it go and I am not afraid. I can still breathe through my mouth. I am not irritated and my mentality has always been calm and stable. After about half an hour, I was surprised to find that although the nostrils were not completely unblocked, and I can breathe through my nose again. I once again realized the great significance of "letting go" in cultivation. If I don't let go of it, I'm afraid I will have to bear the pain it brings to me all the time. Master said in Teachings at the First Conference in North America, "Actually, if you really do lose something, it is caused by your unwillingness to let go of that attachment. Your attachment is always being chafed in order to have you break from it. If you really do find yourself in a crisis, it is meant to have you eliminate your attachment. So what will happen if you insist on not eliminating it and still cling to it? A deadlock will result. The more the deadlock persists, the worse your situation and living conditions might become. When you truly let go of the attachment, you might find that things turn around immediately, that your mind instantly relaxes, and that your body has changed and become altogether light." The one who doesn't want to let go and who doesn't dare to let go is the attachment that should be removed.


I conclude that if any one encounters a difficult challenge, do not use negative thoughts. That will not solve any problem and instead will increase the difficulty of passing the test, because you will not pass the test if you do not meet the standard. On the contrary, as long as you firmly believe in Master, you will be able to let go of your attachments and improve from the level, usher in the light at the end of the tunnel.


The above is the understanding at my level, please be compassionate to correct me if there is something not in the Fa.



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