Thoughts on Studying the Fa

Author: Xiao Lian

PureInsight | October 31, 2021

[] When I was communicating with fellow practitioners recently, I found that many had great deficiencies studying the Fa. Some issues that are written in black and white in Dafa books, but practitioners cannot figure them out, and then consult others. Moreover, they told me that they have read the book for hundreds of times, but they were unable to see any new inner meanings. For this reason, they were not motivated to read the book any more.  

I felt sad to hear that.

In fact, many people had misunderstandings about Fa study. They unintentionally treated the Fa as a book in human society, which is absolutely unacceptable. When we read books among everyday people, we intend to find out what is in line with our notions and interests. When we study the Fa, many of us could not stay tranquil. In such a case, we will not get enlightened no matter how long we have studied the Fa.

From another point of view, when we intend to see some inner meanings in Fa study, we search outside ourselves. This convention is definitely not recommended by Master’s article ‘Learning the Fa’ in ‘Essentials for Further Advancement’.

My understanding is that no matter how many issues we have to attend to, we should truly calm down before Fa study.

When we read Dafa books, we remain perfectly tranquil with no notions arisen. This is a process of completely letting go of human notions.

Since the beginning of our cultivation, we have been constantly removing the factors that have formed among human beings and have formed in the past at different levels of the universe, and in our original place. The process of learning Fa is a process of cleaning oneself. Why do many practitioners gain little when they study the Fa? Probably because their human concepts play a role in obstructing them.

When I study the Fa, I put my best effort into the Fa. At this moment, the power of the Fa is naturally manifested, with many human concepts abandoned. Some fellow practitioners may not understand what this means. Let me make it clearer: When studying the Fa, we do not use postnatal concepts to measure the Fa. Instead, factors that deviated from the Fa should be cleared out. We need to assimilate to Dafa unconditionally.

When it comes to assimilating Dafa unconditionally, some practitioners may get stuck. This is because they are attached to fame, gain and sentiment. When they come across something upsetting, they get confused and ask, “Why did things go like this?” In such as a case, I reply to them, “Why everything has to be understandable? Have you arranged the cultivation path by yourself? Why issues cannot take place until you can understand? Furthermore, why are you unable to figure out the issues that arise? This definitely indicates that you do not uphold 100 per cent faith in Master and Dafa. Cultivation path cannot be arranged by our postnatal notions.”

Everything has a reason, though we may be unable to comprehend. Owing to the barrier caused by our notions, we do not dare truly face the issues that arise. This is regarded as a loophole in cultivation.

“Unconditional assimilation” is not just an empty talk. Only when we put the Fa teachings into real-life situations, can we achieve the goal. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to study the Fa in tranquility.

Many practitioners just follow the Fa-study format. Upon finishing a two-hour study, most will do other things routinely. It is not sacred enough if we do things in a mentality of ordinary people. In turn, the effect of Fa-study will be affected.

Many practitioners have raised a question, “How can we enlighten more inner meanings in Dafa?” I replied to them, “Only by technological means, you cannot expect a very good learning outcome. This is because the underlying base and enlightenment quality differ from individual to individual. Then the Fa will be manifested in different manners. In addition, cultivators whose celestial eyes are open may experience something more magnificent. Because we may not have much in common, I cannot talk too specifically in this regard.”

In short, the inner meanings of Dafa cannot be extracted by just digging out the text. Dafa can be manifest based on cultivators’ level of xinxing and character.


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