Cultivating away Dangerous Human Minds

Xinsheng in Mainland China

PureInsight | March 15, 2022

[] In Dafa cultivation, you must always maintain righteous thoughts, do the three things well, and remove all kinds of human attachments. Recently, I discovered that I still have the following human attachments:

The first is overcoming fear. Sometimes I am slack in saving people, and not as diligent as before. Sometimes when saving people I am afraid of being reported. I don’t think it’s accidental, so I must hurry up and find the reason, calm down and look inward. I understand this, but I still have fear. In the past, Master also said in Pass the Deadly Test, The Essentials of Diligent Progress III, “Fear is a death trap on a human being’s journey toward divinity.” Also, it is a hurdle that a cultivator must pass. After discovering this weakness, I increased my efforts to send forth righteous thoughts and distributed truth booklets in my community, and put up truth stickers for more than two months. I finally overcame this fear.

The second is lust: This attracts a lot of dirty things. As soon as this surfaces, the evil spirits in the low-level space will swarm in. Since the US election last year, I have been disturbed by sexual demons. I had been married for more than ten years, but this time it was fierce. Sometimes the evil would directly work on the genitals, and sometimes evolved my husband or other men to interfere with me using pornography. I looked inward and found that I still have a sense of being lax which is a breeding ground for lust. I found that if I practice the exercises in the morning and want to lie down for a while, even for a few minutes will attract lust. I made up my mind to cultivate this ease of heart. When I wake up and do the exercises in the morning, I will get out of bed right away and do whatever I need to do. I don't let myself have any thoughts of ease. After a few months of persisting in this way, my lust gradually weakened.

Because the low-level lust substances are mostly represented by the image of a snake, and even higher levels are interfered with by the lust material, which is the image of a snake with higher-level substances. So, when I sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the sexual demons, I began to see two bamboo poles appearing in the space field and two small snakes wrapped around them were both yellow. Isn't this a sex freak? One morning after I strengthened sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw a big yellow snake escaping from my space field in a hurry. Since then, the sexual demon has gradually moved away from me, and later I can directly control it. Whenever the sexual demon appears, I will call Master or directly criticize the sexual demon. Now, the pervert has never appeared in my space field again. Thanks to Master for his compassionate help, I finally passed the level of lust.

The third is my competitive mentality: This is in line with the hatred of evil spirits. Show resentment and annoyance, a strong resentment, hatred like a hatred heart. I used to pay much attention to cultivating this kind of fighting spirit, and I always felt that the fighting spirit didn't exist anymore. But some time ago, I helped an elderly fellow practitioner to organize the "May 13th" call for papers. During the contact, this fellow practitioner was very strong. Of course, he did well in three things, especially in saving people. But for some aspects of Fa principles, some incomplete Master's words will be said. I deleted all the incomplete Master’s teachings in her manuscript. Maybe the practitioner had opinions. Due to the time issue, I didn’t communicate well with her. As a result, the practitioner had some opinions on me. I asked other practitioners to talk about the problem between us. Later, when a fellow practitioner told me what that fellow practitioner thought of me, my heart immediately rose, and I wanted to talk to that fellow practitioner at the time.

As soon as this thought came out, I immediately became alert. Don't I still have a fighting spirit? Doesn’t it mean that I am unconvinced in my heart and resentment and annoyance come up all at once? Isn't this the fighting spirit coming out again? Right, isn't a cultivator just to cultivate the human mind? If this fighting spirit comes out, then I will get rid of it. At that time, I calmed myself down and immediately denied the idea of seeking a reason from fellow practitioner, and sent forth righteous thoughts: The fighting spirit is not me, it is the false me, and I don't want you. Then came a thought from my heart: the heart of fighting "destroyed." Then I immediately felt relieved. This incident passed so smoothly, and now my heart is very calm, and there is no ripple in my heart.

The fourth is having zealotry: The emergence of this heart will cause people to lose their senses, produce impulses, and be disturbed by evil spirits. In the last two months, due to the articles I wrote in the previous few months, a dozen articles have been published after revisions by fellow practitioners of Minghui, which made me feel happy. I encountered a bottleneck in writing an article to validate the Fa. Since Minghui published the last article on May 3, I have written more than a dozen articles in succession, and I think the level of writing articles is much better than before. Minghui will be able to publish it, but I just insist on writing, and editing every day. I hope every day that my articles will appear on Minghui. After waiting for nearly two months, Minghui seems to have forgotten me who writes articles to validate the Fa. I felt that some articles are revised and then revised to reach a higher level, and they are much better than before, they were sent to the Minghui website, but none of them were published.

When this abnormal thing happened, I became alert and calmed down, and looked inward. Did the joyfulness that I had some time ago caused this result today? It certainly is. After I found it, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate this zealotry. My mind slowly stabilized. I realized that writing articles is validating Dafa, not verifying myself. Whether or not articles are published is not a manifestation of self-cultivation but writing articles. In the process, how many human attachments I have cultivated and how many attachments I have removed are the most important. Thinking of this: From the bottom of my heart, I thank Master for His compassion and enlightenment and thank fellow practitioners. Therefore, these days, I no longer feel uneasy because the articles are not published. When I let go of my sentimentality, Minghui started posting my article again. The article I wrote on June 30 appeared on Minghui again, and this time I completely remove the zealotry of the previous articles. From this lesson, I learned that no matter how much we do in Dafa cultivation, we can't ask for results when you do things for the salvation of sentient beings. Just to be able to validate Dafa, do the three things that Master told us to do well, and cultivate ourselves diligently.

This is a bit of experience in recent cultivation. Please correct me if anything inappropriate.


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