Video Games Devour Practitioners' Vital Essence

Honghu, a Dafa disciple in China

PureInsight | May 31, 2022

[] I used to love playing computer games. I irrationally stayed up late and spent lots of money on games. I did not practice the exercises nor study the Fa, but played online games everyday. I was so obsessed with games. Master is merciful, and arranged for my mobile phone screen to break in order to let me cut my addiction to this game. However, I hadn't realized Master's true intention at that time, and bought a new mobile phone. From time to time I still took out my phone to play games. But strange things happened. My mobile phone was fine to communicate and send text messages with, but as long as I played games the screen would have issues. When I told my mother about this, my mother said firmly that my mobile phone was not broken, it was Master who was trying to wake me up. She said to me, "Dafa disciples have energy. All the people you killed in the game, that's how many people you really kill."

I was shocked when I heard that. I once played "Snake off," and was always the champion. It turned out that the evil was using me to "kill lives!" Since then, I've tried to quit playing computer games, and indeed haven't played for a long time. But later on, my attachment toward games grew again. I even thought it should be fine as long as I don't play those killing games. Although I knew this behavior was bad, but I couldn't control my own desire. I was very bothered and begged Master to help me get rid of this attachment.

One day, after sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that I had entered a game world. In order to break through the barriers of the game world, I used my body to hit the boss in the game and the energy crystals that supported the operation of the game. I entered one game world after another, smashed game bosses and energy crystals one after another, and my third eye became more and more painful, because my vital essence was being consumed way too much.

I recalled something about practicing Dafa can quickly replenish our depleted energy. But at that time, my energy consumption was far greater than what I could replenish, and I couldn't keep up. I clearly felt that my third eye was going off. My body, pineal gland, and the position of my third eye felt extremely painful. I yelled: “Don't look anymore!” I saw myself in the last game world, the QQ world. (QQ is a popular Chinese social media platform). I clearly saw a dark cave, with the "QQ" symbol, and a penguin logo. An energy crystal was in front of me. I was very scared, I knew that if I really smashed the QQ world into pieces, then my third eye would go blind. Maybe Master saw that I had truly understood the danger of games and pulled me out of the QQ world. Thank you Master for your mercy.

I used to hear people talk about the “game world,” but I didn't really get it. Now I have a deep understanding of what the game world is. It is clearly a “gorgeous-looking” cage made of crystals (because the energy crystal I smashed with my body was an independent space field made of different colored crystals). The game world can assimilate the people who play the game. If a person gets too addicted to the games, he/she will experience the illusion of "being in the game." Cultivators will deplete their vital essence and strengthen the existence of the game world, harming others and themselves. I advise practitioners who are still playing games to stop playing games and quit as soon as possible. It will not only devour your own vital essence, make your third eye go blind, but also use your energy to harm other people.

This is my experience and some insights after I got rid of the attachment of playing games. If anything is wrong in the article, please correct me.

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