The Story of a “Dark Horse”

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | April 1, 2022

[] I was a middle school English teacher. I became a better person because of applying Falun Dafa ethics. However, because of this belief, I was illegally kidnapped by the evil CCP and taken to a prison in 2021.

I had no source of income when I was released from prison. With the help of fellow initiates, I ran a small English tutoring class.

During the process, I followed Master Li Hongzhi's teaching and demanded myself in accordance with the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. Therefore, the cultivation of the mind and validating the Fa are the top priority. Compared with peers, my fees for tuition were very low.

I make different plans for different students and teach students in accordance with their abilities. To improve the students' grades as soon as possible, I try my best to stagger the schedule to form one-on-one or one-on-two tutoring. I told my students that we should cherish the extracurricular tuition time. As their families pay for the tutoring fees, the parents' contribution should be cherished.

During the tutoring process, the students saw that I was telling the truth. They became more motivated, and saw their own good results in a short period of time. I not only imparted knowledge, but also taught them how to learn. The students became more interested and studied with more confidence. The results have skyrocketed. Because I always have a cheerful and peaceful mind, the relationship between the teacher and students is very harmonious. The students are very happy to see how fast their grades have improved.

The student asked, why are you so kind, teacher? I bluntly said that it was the result of my Falun Dafa practice. I also have a teacher in my practice, and we also call him Master. Master requires us to treat everything around us with kindness and be considerate of others first. I took the opportunity to tell the students the beauty of Dafa. The vast majority of students made the three withdrawals from the CCP’s associated organization. They have received blessings, and they have different expressions. The common characteristics of blessings are that the brain reacts quickly, their memory is enhanced, and become less sentimental. I told them that it was the blessings obtained after the three withdrawals and recognition of Dafa.

The following is an example.

I also accepted a girl who had just started the second year of junior high. When I asked about the grades, she blushed and lowered her head, and her mother said badly that she was, out of 57 students in the class, her result was second from the bottom. I immediately comforted her and said, it is your blessing to come, and it is the fate between us. Don't be discouraged, you still have hope. The student raised her head and looked at me, with a smile on her face. After completing our scheduled tasks every day, I shall tell her some traditional cultural stories and gradually reveal the truth of Dafa. She agrees with it and readily agrees to withdraw from the Young Pioneers. My compassionate and kind attitude made her speak and ask confidently.

Once, she said to me: Teacher, you are so kind. I told her that Falun Dafa is good. I have practiced Falun Gong, and my Master taught me to be a better person. According to my Master, I am still a thousand miles away from requirement. By the way, I told her that there is a magical way to get rid of being labeled as 'stupid'. She opened her eyes wide and said, “Teacher, can you tell me?” I then said that sincerely chanting the nine-character mantra, “Falun Dafa is good, truthfulness-compassion-forbearance is good”. The more sincere the heart is, the more effective it is. She read it several times and has memorized the nine-character mantra in her heart.

It's amazing. I do not need to repeat what I taught her, and she will keep it in mind, giving me the feeling that she is focused. It's amazing to say that since then, she has become better and better every day. It turned out that a dozen English words were barely memorized in about a week. Later, she just recite them several times, and she can memorize them. As long as I taught her, she will not be easy to forget. I praised her and affirmed that she was rewarded after she understood the truth.

Next, we accelerated the speed of tuition, completed the predetermined goal of tuition, and used the spare time on Sunday to continue with more tutoring. Her grades have skyrocketed, and her school teachers often praise her for her rapid progress. The results of her other subjects have also been greatly improved. At the end of the school examination, the English score was ranked top two in the class. This shocked all the teachers and students in the entire grade group as she  was regarded as a dark horse. This miraculous change comes from: Falun Dafa.

Some people may say that it won't work without such a teacher, but I am a Dafa cultivator. When the student met teacher who practices Dafa, the student is indirectly benefiting from Dafa. And student conforms to Dafa and is therefore a direct beneficiary. So a miracle happened.

Finally, I will write down a few paragraphs of Master Li Hongzhi's lecture below for everyone to share.

Master said in the book Zhuan Falun, “We teach salvation of both ourselves and others, as well as of all beings. Thus, Falun can save oneself by turning inward and save others by turning outward. While turning outward, it gives off energy and can benefit others. This way, within your energy-covering field others will benefit, and they may feel very comfortable.” “When people show the appropriate respect and reverence toward Dafa as it manifests here in this world, they, their race, or their nation will enjoy blessings or honor. It was Dafa—the Great Way of the universe—that created the cosmic body, the universe, life, and all of creation. Any life that turns away from Dafa is truly corrupt. Any person who can align with Dafa is truly a good person, and will be rewarded and blessed with health and happiness. And any cultivator who is able to become one with Dafa is an enlightened one—divine. ”

Friends, if you want to know more what Dafa is about, please read the book Zhuan Falun.

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