[Pure Insight's 20th Anniversary Submission]: Righteous Thoughts, Righteous Actions—Miracles Experienced in 24 Years of Cultivation

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | May 31, 2022

[PureInsight.org] One night in the summer of 1997, I had a vivid dream that I was standing before a Buddha's foot. I couldn't see the top of the Buddha's toes at my height. The big Buddha opened his eyes slightly, looking down at me. And then a small golden Buddha flew from far away and slowly melted into the body of the big Buddha. After waking up, I recalled the scene in my dream for a long time, and it stayed with me.

It was this year that I started to go to a Falun Dafa practice site and embarked on a miraculous cultivation path.

1.    Establishing a Predestined Relationship with Dafa

At the beginning of autumn, my family (who practice Dafa) gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun, and gave me a ticket to watch Master's lecture videos on the second floor of the city library. I went to watch the lectures, and surprisedly found that the little golden Buddha at the beginning of the video was the same Buddha in my dream.

From then on, I went to the exercise site early every morning, hurried to eat dinner after getting off work, and attended a Fa study group at 7 o'clock. Every day, I felt refreshed, my body felt so light it was like I was not even walking on the ground, and I had no worries.

I remembered one time, not long after beginning the practice, I fell asleep and I felt something circular-shaped, seemingly composed of air slowly spinning from the top of my head to the bottom of my body. When it went down to my waist, I woke up and immediately realized that it was Master giving me guanding. I lay down quietly, with the air ring still spinning downwards. The hot sweat dripping from the soles of my feet was sticky. I asked my husband to take a look. I knew my karma was being pushed out. This made me feel the mysteriousness of cultivation.

Two months before July 20, 1999, Master arranged for me to attend a Fa study group in my community, and practitioners there helped me obtain other lectures. One week before "July 20," I obtained the exercise music. Master saw my desire for Dafa and created the conditions for me to cultivate at home.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master."

I know that Master had prepared everything for me.

2.    Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

When the persecution began, I had another clear dream. I dreamed that a man in military uniform was interrogating me in a house. He was asking me if I will still practice Falun Gong. If I still practice, (he pointed with his hand) he would let go a big wolf dog lying beside him, to bite me. At that time, I didn't seem to be afraid at all. I thought, how dare you bite me? I raised my hand, slowly pulled out a small tweezer which I used for my eyebrows, then I rushed up and jabbed it down the wolf dog's open mouth. The tweezer suddenly turned into a huge fork, and the fierce wolf dog became paralyzed on the ground. I recalled the dream upon waking. My courage was far beyond my own ability, which strengthened my determination to practice Dafa.

After July 20, 1999, I started morning exercises at home. One day in winter, I turned on the electrical heater before beginning to meditate. After sitting for a while, I felt hot. I tried to reach the heater to turn off the switch, but I couldn’t reach it. Still, the electrical heater turned off without my touching it. I thought the switch was broken, so I decided to leave it alone and deal with it after the practice. After finishing the exercises, I tried the switch and it was fine. I was amazed to find out that I had a supernormal ability.

One day when I got off work, I discovered that the security guards at the gate of the residential complex I live in had ordered all residents to hand over their Falun Gong books and register their names. When I walked to the gate of the courtyard, someone stood in front of the reception room and shouted at me, "For those who have practiced Falun Gong, hand over the books to the senior cadre activity room.”

Another practitioner who was walking with me asked me, "Will you hand over your book?” At that time, I told the practitioner very calmly, “When I bought the books, I didn’t use their money to buy them. So, why should I give the books to them? I am not managed by them.”

The next morning, I took a crowded bus to work. I sat at the last row. Suddenly I saw the road in front of the driver: a very wide road clearly leading into the distance, as if I was sitting on the driver's seat. (It was impossible for me to see that from my seat at all). When I took a careful look, I could only see all the passengers standing in front of me on the bus, blocking my view. The bus continued driving forward, passing a hospital and crematorium. I thought, the hospital is where people are born, and the crematorium is where people are burned upon dying. These “stops” no longer apply to me. Immediately, my heart was filled with happiness, feeling incredibly fortunate to have formed a pre-destined relationship with Dafa.

3.    Fulfilling the Ancient Vow

After the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing to validate the Fa. At that time, I didn't think too much, it felt like Master had put a shield around my body. After I came back, I began to tell people the beauty of Dafa based on my own personal experiences. I tried to learn how to clarify the truth myself. I wrote "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" on a poster and pasted it on a wall. I also handed out truth-clarification letters to let more people know about Dafa. Later, when I had the truth-clarification flyers, it became even handier, and I found my own way of validating Dafa. Although it was hard, I always felt that practicing Dafa is my greatest happiness.

Before July 20, 1999, there were many people in my family cultivating, and we divided our work to do things that validate Dafa. We also tried to make use of our convenient conditions to start various projects to save people. After the publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party", we began to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Those practicing family members and I started to clarify the truth to our family and relatives, and then to all relatives who could be contacted in their rural hometowns. Through our efforts, all our relatives and friends quit the evil Party. It also validated the beauty of Dafa, and more people were saved.

After retiring in 2005, I started up a materials production site, which I worked on full-time and bought my first laser printer. Due to the serious persecution from the evil at that time, material production sites were all kept secret, and we didn't really know how to use printing technology. So the whole family had to follow the instructions to learn how to print together. We started to print the materials ourselves, and later on we could offer materials that we printed to other practitioners. We relied on Master's step-by-step guidance and have persisted till now. At that time, I didn't know how to add the printer toner, which had been used for nearly a year. Paying for all the printing materials became a part of daily expenditure, just like buying rice and vegetables. This material production site has been running smoothly with the help of the whole family.

From studying other Master’s lectures, I know that at high levels, there isn't a concept of cultivation, rather it was just that the cultivator was “chosen,” and cultivation is just “a choice.” I know that Dafa chose me. So I put my heart in Dafa without hesitation, and act according to Master's teachings. No matter what kind of hardships I encounter, there will be miracles, because I know Master is always holding my hand, because I have Master's care. Master knows I can succeed.

I remember sometime around 2004, I heard that a friend of mine had participated in the persecution of Dafa disciples. I was going to clarify the truth to him, because it was also the worst period of the persecution. My family urged me not to go, he was too evil, and what if he reported me? But at the time I thought that he was in an important position, if I didn't go clarify the truth to him, maybe no one could contact him. Moreover, he would still persecute Dafa disciples in his ignorance. I went to visit his parents first and then him. After I visited him, I recalled the innocent days we spent together when we were young, I talked about how kind his parents are, and told him that Falun Dafa is a Buddha-school practice that teaches the universe's Fa. It is embraced worldwide. I also told him that people who persecute Dafa receive retribution. I told him about how the CCP treated the police officers of Beijing Qincheng prison at the end of Cultural Revolution. When I had finished speaking, he took out a letter which was sent to him by a Dafa disciple, with trembling hands. He confessed to me about his inner fears with his work. Later, he was transferred, and his name never appeared on Minghui again. Then, he wrote a “solemn declaration” and quit the wicked Party and all wicked organizations with his whole family.

Over time, I have come into contact with practitioners who understand technology, and they have given me a lot of help. My tech knowledge has gradually developed, so I can solve most general problems now. Sometimes I can also help other practitioners to solve some small issues. I remember one day in the early spring, I went to repair another practitioner's machine. On my way back home, I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. The weather was extremely cold, and I was shaking. After getting on the bus, I sat on the seat by the door. At that time, the bus had no heater, and the cold air was blowing into the bus from all sides. Suddenly, I felt heat on the right side of my body. I looked down and saw blue flames on my right side, licking the back of my hand. I felt like I was sitting by a heater. The back of my hand became red. At that time, my eyes were filled with tears of gratitude to Master. In my heart I shouted out, "Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!” I realized how good it is to have a Master, and how wonderful it is to cultivate! Compassionate Master is by my side and takes care of me.

I have adopted a few different ways to get the truth out, from posting handwritten pendants and making banners, to distributing truth clarification materials. I realize I have a huge historic mission on my shoulders. I started the project of mailing truth-clarification materials, and began to collect lists of villains who persecute Dafa disciples from Minghui. I also collected the addresses from newspapers and individuals, and then mailed Dafa truth-clarification materials to them.

Probably in 2002 or 2003, when the persecution was very serious, I learned that the husband of a colleague in my unit was the Secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission. I learned about his family's situation, so I wrote a letter of exhortation to be kind to them. About two months later, I heard that he was transferred from his workplace and was no longer a police officer anymore.

Inspired by this incident, I realized that truth-clarification letters are powerful. Since then, I started to target individuals with this medium of one-to-one correspondence. I send different letters to each person according to their different situations. Later, I made a brief draft of my letters for people in different jobs, such as those in public security, education, the media, neighbors, and family members of practitioners who did not recognize Dafa and were unable to communicate with them. I would update the content of my letters according to society's latest situation, combined with each person's specific situation. I let them get the letter as if I were telling them the truth directly in person. With each person, I try to untie the knots in their heart. From the point of saving people, I tried my best to make sure every letter I send out can touch the good side of their heart, and save them. The effect is very good for those people whom I know indirectly, and would otherwise be too difficult to communicate directly. I normally send three to five letters at the same time. I would download the weekly Minghui materials online and send those together with the truth-clarification letter.

I remember the first few days of April 2009, a government department in our area posted a display board that slandered Dafa, poisoning the sentient beings who saw it. I had an urgent discussion with practitioners, and we decided to clear it up. At that time, I was told that a provincial governor was coming to the city for an inspection, and the unit increased the number of staff on duty, which brought hidden dangers to remove the poster.

At that time I thought: Why does the interference come when I want to clear it? The evil in another dimension must be afraid, so why shouldn't we eliminate it? Isn't this all about saving sentient beings? At that time, I asked Master for help. I planned to send a letter to this government department, requiring them to remove the display board themselves, which was also a chance for them to position themselves.

I started to calm down and studied the Fa. According to the situation, I wrote a letter on the basis of saving them. The letter told them the principle of good is rewarded with goodness, and evil meets with retribution, and told them to think about themselves and their families, and stop doing bad deeds for fame and fortune. (Note: The leader's family member who burned Dafa books had already received retribution). They must stop slandering Dafa. In the process of writing the letter, I felt Dafa's compassion, and Dafa disciples’ grand mission to save sentient beings. There was also a concern for the safety of practitioners. After writing the letter, I bought a nice envelope, asked for Master's help and sent it out. A week later, I received some news: All the slanderous display boards were removed cleanly. I stood in front of Master's statue with tears in my eyes, thanking Master for his encouragement.

Once I sent a letter to a government department leader to clarify the truth. I clarified the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa, and cited some historical stories about the importance of quitting the CCP. I also combined his department's situation to talk about the harm caused by fame and fortune to people, and showed my care for him. Later, he was transferred out of that area.

Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a large-scale inspection was carried out in our city, and there were inspectors at intersections, post offices, communities, and even at the entrances of buildings. Every time I go to the corridors in different buildings to distribute truth-clarification materials, the inspectors at the gate of the community checkpoint either didn't pay attention to me, or they would tell me to "just pass." No one checked my ID at all. Once, when I met a practitioner in a community, she saw me from a distance, her mouth opened widely, and it took a long time before she said, "Oh, you even dare come to our community? Our community is very strict with ID checks."

I still remember once when I went to a fire brigade residential building to distribute truth-clarification materials. As soon as I entered the yard, I ran into a puppy. It barked softly and ran to my feet. I told it: “I am here to save people. You remember Falun Dafa is good. Help me to not let people come out. If anyone comes just tell me, okay?” Then I went upstairs. The puppy waited quietly at the door of the building and didn't bark. After I distributed the materials, I didn't want to go through the main entrance again. This time, I heard the small squeak of the puppy, as if it understood me. After looking up at me, it ran forward. I followed it and saw a small opened door at the intersection of the building. I was very moved. I squatted down and thanked the puppy. It stopped barking and looked at me quietly until I walked away. I know that Master arranged for the puppy to help me. A few days later, when I passed by this courtyard, I saw a new gate had been installed.

There is always a police officer in front of the mailbox at the entrance of the post office, and police cars are often parked at the entrance. Every time I wanted to mail letters, and when I was about a street away, I would think: “Let the police car leave, so that they won't affect me doing my things. The police cars usually left quickly. For the staff on duty in front of the mailbox, I thought: “Go and do your work, I have to do my things, leave quickly.” Then the staff might need to answer a sudden phone call, go to the toilet, or be called by someone else. I couldn't do this without Master's compassionate care. I have come to realize what "the Buddha Fa is boundless" means!

One year in early winter at about 8pm, after delivering truth-clarification materials to practitioners, I was riding my bicycle home and inadvertently looked up at the sky. Suddenly, all the stars in the night sky flew to me from the distant universe. In the starry sky, I suddenly was aware of my heavenly home! Tears streamed down my face, I couldn't help but sing the song "Compassion in my Heart." This deepened my feeling of how I have been waiting for thousands of years amid confusion, awaiting for our compassionate Master to come, and I have finally arrived on this day!

After witnessing such a breathtaking scene, I was unable to calm down for a long time even after arriving home, so I wrote down the lyrics I had casually sung. The next day, a practitioner came to my house and found the song. "Did you write this?” She asked. “I know a practitioner who can compose music, how about we compose a piece and send it to Pure Insight?" Later, I got the piece of music composed by the practitioner, and I was surprised that it was almost exactly as how I had sung it by myself at the time. The title of the song was "Compassion in my Heart,” which was a song already published on Pure Insight). Actually, I'm not educated, it was Master who opened up my wisdom and reminded me of the ancient vow.

The lyrics are:

I come from a beautiful world
Having fallen into the dusty world for thousands of years
I'm waiting in confusion
Looking forward to the coming of the merciful Master
I'm from a distant universe
The vow remains in my heart throughout each lifetime
In the wind and rain, my original wish does not change
Looking forward to the dissemination of the universal Dafa
I came from the broad cosmos
And kept descending every level for this life today
The gate of the eternal heaven is now open
Praise Master's compassion
Master, Master, thank you for bringing me back
Master, Master, thank you for bringing me back.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference, “I remember back when you first obtained the Fa, how as soon as you saw this Fa—particularly those in the first two of the three categories I’ve described before—your heart was truly just overjoyed! [You were thinking,] ‘This is wonderful! I’ve finally found it!’ Weren’t all those thousands of years of reincarnating and waiting exactly for this? At the time, driven by the feeling from deep inside your being, you were able to renounce any human attachment and be determined to cultivate yourself well. That excitement could propel you to be diligent.”

Since then, I no longer dare to neglect to do the Three Things. I follow Master closely, and aim to fulfill my vow without complaint or regret.

4.    Elevating Xinxing Based on the Fa

On February 17, 2012, I went to a practitioner's house and was kidnapped. My house was ransacked. At the police station, I clarified the truth to the police. I told them my experience of how I began to cultivate Falun Dafa, and about the beauty of Dafa. At this time, two more practitioners were kidnapped and were taken to the police station one after another. When the police reprimanded them, I saw one practitioner's hands shaking, and I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. At that time, I felt that the field of righteous thoughts was very strong. My whole body was hot, and the heat was escaping from the soles of my feet. It was obvious that Master was helping me.

When the police tried to interrogate me, I saw the words "Interrogation Record" typed up on the computer. I suddenly thought, I am a Dafa disciple, how can they interrogate me? Immediately I stood up and pulled the door to leave. The police shouted at me from behind, "Where are you going?" The moment I raised my right foot, my mind went completely blank. When I looked up again, I was already in an alley that was two streets away. It was Master who teleported me out of the police station.

Later, practitioners asked me: What did you think at that time? My answer was: Emptiness. My brain at the time seemed a complete blank. I only knew that I am a Dafa disciple, and they should not interrogate me.

When the police raided my home, they told my husband, "Your son and daughter-in-law are so good, if your wife keeps practicing Falun Gong, you should divorce her." My husband (not practicing) told the police: Because my wife practices Falun Gong, that's why my family is so good. He also talked about my positive physical transformation after I began practicing Falun Gong, and how I had become a very kind person who lives harmoniously with my family. He told the police, “Not only will I not get a divorce, but I have to firmly support her in practicing Falun Gong. It is because she practices Falun Gong that she can be so good to the family. I have to thank Falun Gong.” The police asked, if Falun Gong is so good, why did she run away? My husband responded, "If you kidnap Falun Gong practitioners and then gouge out their livers and dig out their hearts, harvest Dafa disciples' organs for profit, it's only right to run away." While he clarified the truth, the police were speechless.

Due to the "Ten Years of Upheaval," (1966-1976) also known as the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) Cultural Revolution, I lost my father as a teenager, which caused irreparable regret in my life. After the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I felt very agitated, and my hatred toward the CCP could not be melted away. I had a deep and clear understanding about the CCP, and my rebellious mentality toward the CCP since childhood made me lack the compassion of the Buddha school. The result of my hatred and attachment to doing things deviated from Master's teachings.

After I was displaced, I was afraid, and felt lonely. Since I was a child, I have received a good family education, and have always been favored by my parents. In life, I have a good family and had a good job. I have always regarded myself as a person with good morality. During this ordeal, however, coupled with facing the criticism from relatives and friends, I must admit it was the hardest time of my life. I started to have resentment and grievance. The ideological pressure almost gave me a mental breakdown.

Through studying the Fa, I realized that a stable cultivation path is the path of Fa-rectification that negates the old forces. I started to study the Fa more, memorized Hong Yin, and sang Dafa disciples' songs at home. I did my best to ensure that all my thoughts aligned with Dafa, and I didn't dare slack off in the slightest. I sincerely looked within and cultivated myself. I got rid of hatred, resentment, attachment to work, and the attachment toward family. I have come to a clearer understanding that only the Dafa taught by Master is the hope for all sentient beings to be saved.

Regardless of what difficulties I have faced, I have never had the slightest doubt in my firm belief of Dafa.

Master told us in Teachings at the Conference in Los Angeles, “What’s important for cultivators is righteous thoughts. When you have strong righteous thoughts, you are able to withstand anything and do anything. That’s because you are a cultivator: someone who is on a divine path and who is not controlled by the factors of ordinary people or low-level principles.”

In cultivation, I try to meet Dafa's requirements, and I use Dafa to measure what is right or wrong whenever I encounter a problem. There was a time when everyone bought small speakers, which could be loaded with lectures or music. I never felt it was appropriate, and did not buy one. Practitioners asked me, “What are your thoughts on this?” I said, it's simple, I just don't want to create any tribulations for myself. Study the Fa more every day, do the exercises well, do the three things well, and keep one's thoughts aligned with the Fa. I try to keep my daily life as simple as possible and not complicated. More things take more energy. A simple but busy life makes me happy, I firmly believe that I can go heavenly home with Master.

In September 2021, when the vaccine was being pushed in China, I went to a practitioner's home, and the practitioner told me: That day, his work unit required everyone to be vaccinated. So he quit and went home. After he came home in the morning, he was hired by another place in the afternoon, and now he works at the other place. There were five udumbara flowers on the rear wheel of the electric bike he was riding. We think it was Master who encouraged him, and it seemed that he had done the right thing. When I was leaving, this practitioner specially escorted me downstairs to see the udumbara flowers. My heart was full of happiness all the way home. Two days later, I thought: I have seen udumbara flowers at a practitioner's house more than twice. It seems that he has cultivated better than me. After so many years, not even one udumbara flower has blossomed in my house.

A few days later, when I was using the internet, I felt a light flash across my eyes. Following the flash, I noticed a photo placed on the other table to my right. A seven-color halo appeared in the sky of the photo. The halo was shining like a Buddha's halo. I was very surprised. A few days later, I found that the halo was moving from left to right, like the sun's rays. At first, the light shone on the people who dressed in dark-colored clothes in the middle of the photo. And a halo appeared like a Falun on that person's belly. As time passed, the clouds in the sky of the photo become clearer and clearer, and the people seemed to be illuminated by the sun, providing people a sense of warmth. It seems like the Buddha light is shining in my house, and Master is always by my side. Human language is insufficient to fully express the pride and happiness of having a predestined relationship with Dafa.

After the coronavirus outbreak, due to the changes of the situation in China, Master seemed to have arranged for me to cooperate with practitioners in a Fa-rectification project to save people. Learning how to cooperate is another aspect of improvement on my cultivation path. Thanks to Pure Insight's 20th Anniversary call for submissions, this platform has allowed me to seriously review the past 24 years of my cultivation process.

I feel that even while writing this article, my xinxing has been improving. I have realized the wonders of looking within, I am more tolerant of others, and can forbear what ordinary people can't "forbear." A lot of the unpleasant things I have encountered were just like a breeze passing by, and compassion has gradually developed in my heart. More importantly, by reviewing the trials and tribulations I have gone through, I have felt a change in my heart, and my xinxing has been elevating. I am grateful to everyone I met on my path of cultivation.

5.    Grateful for Master's Care

Since Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, my family has been resisting this evil persecution together with me. Everyone knows the truth and everyone has been blessed. Under Master's care, my family has received countless blessings. My practice of Dafa has benefited the whole family, and it has also become a story among relatives, friends, and neighbors. After I sued Jiang Zemin in July 2015, my whole family participated in the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin.

Once when a practitioner needed help, my son came back from the practitioner's house and told me, "I know why you are so fearless, because if you have no desires, you will be firm, and you will not ask for anything in return. I'm willing to help Dafa disciples, because everything will be successful.”  I asked him what he thought of me. My son said, "I can't criticize you with anything." I said, "Your grandfather treated other people's illnesses and saved people all his life. He was persecuted to death during the Cultural Revolution. Now being a good person can cause one to be slandered. Isn’t this wicked Party evil enough? The CCP is responsible for the deaths of more than 80 million Chinese people, including the massacre of all those students in Tian An Men Square in 1989, as well as having killed so many Falun Gong practitioners, even harvesting their organs while they are still alive. Heaven will destroy the CCP. Falun Gong practitioners are saving people before the CCP is destroyed by heaven. So when the CCP is destroyed by heaven, people will not be buried together with it.” Therefore, my son and daughter-in-law also advised their relatives, friends, and classmates to quit the CCP.

After my husband left his former job, he worked in a private company. Once he came home and told me that he believes that in his workplace, he should reflect the demeanor of the family member of a Dafa disciple, that he should be a good person, so that his colleagues can see that Dafa is good.

My husband works in the suburbs, and he often watches NTDTV online in his work unit. He tells his colleagues the truth about Dafa, and the evil of the CCP in an appropriate manner when he encounters a problem. He often brings the Minghui newsletter to his work unit for people to read. Because there is a cemetery next to his company's employee accommodation, he often experiences weird dreams at night when he stays there. After the Minghui desk calendar began to be distributed in China, my husband got one and put the calendar by his bedside. One night, when my husband returned, he saw light in the room from a distance, and when he entered the room, he found that the Minghui desk calendar was glowing. From then on, he always tells people that the Minghui calendar has the effect of eliminating evil and demons. No abnormal noises have occurred at night since then. Once at home, he told me: "This Falun Gong cannot be touched or seen, and it follows you everywhere. I have done the same thing as you to save people. I am not cultivating the Dao, but I am already in the Dao." My husband has personally experienced the miracle of Dafa, and at the end of the year, he also brought Minghui desk calendars to his classmates' reunion, bringing blessings to them all.

Once, my daughter-in-law's colleague repeated the wicked Party's slander about Falun Gong. My daughter-in-law immediately corrected her, "Falun Gong is not an evil religion. That's what Jiang Zemin said, and what he says cannot represent the law." The colleague asked. "Sister, do you also practice Falun Gong?" My daughter-in-law said, "I don't practice Falun Gong. I'm not qualified. Do you think anyone who wants to practice Falun Gong can practice Falun Gong? If you want to practice Falun Gong, you need to have enough virtue." Since then, no one in my daughter-in-law's work-unit repeats the CCP's slander.

Before the Chinese New Year in 2018, Minghui published "A Letter to the Families of Dafa Practitioners in Mainland China." On the evening of New Year's Eve, after I offered incense to Master, before the meal, I suggested to my family, “Before the meal, I'll first read a letter from Minghui, which is addressed to the family members of Dafa practitioners.” My whole family agreed. Afterwards, I read the letter earnestly, and my whole family applauded and expressed their gratitude. Throughout the evening, we talked about all the good things that Dafa brought to my family. The positive energy of Dafa filled the whole house. Here, on behalf of my whole family, I would like to express my gratitude to all overseas practitioners for your hard work and understanding toward the families of Dafa practitioners in China. Thank you all!

My family knows the truth, and all of them are blessed. There are countless magical things that we as a family have experienced. The children's studies have gone well, and adults have good situations at work. Our big family had three Dafa disciples before July 20 1999, and now there are ten Dafa disciples, older and younger ones, and some relatives have started to read Dafa books and have gradually begun cultivating Dafa. Our practice has benefited the whole family. We are clear in our hearts, and everything comes from Master's arrangements.

Thank you to Pure Insight's 20th Anniversary call for submissions. I once again bow down to Master.

Thank you to all the overseas practitioners for your hard work!

Thank you practitioners for all your help.

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