Practice Experiences at Different Stages

Zhenxi, a Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | September 23, 2023

[] At the beginning of the Dafa practice, there were many times that I felt Fa study was so enjoyable, like being engrossed in a fascinating novel as long as I studied Fa after I finished practice. However, if I slacked off and did not practice but studied Fa directly, Fa study became mundane to me like reading a textbook without any meaning. I realized that practice was indeed important. Each time, I would finish my practice before studying Fa.

Later, at another stage, I noticed that if I suppressed distracting thoughts in my mind during the practice, I would not have any distraction during my Fa study. However, if I did not suppress distractions during the practice, something would distract me during the Fa study. My understanding was I should suppress distractions during practice, and then I would be able to do Fa study better. Eventually, when I practice the second set of exercises, I no longer need to suppress distractions consciously because there are no distracting thoughts. My Fa study also becomes free from distractions.

Once, I had dry eye syndrome karma and my eyes hurt every day. I was so sleepy that I almost fell asleep during my one-hour sitting meditation. I found that as long as I finished one hour of meditation regardless of whether it was in drowsy status or distraction status, the pain in my eyes would be tolerable during the next day. If I was too drowsy and only practiced the meditation for 40 minutes, my eyes would hurt so much that I could not even open them during the next day. It taught me that practicing could suppress evil. I made it a rule to complete my practice every day.

There were a few other interesting experiences. Once, I woke up at 2 a.m. and felt that my throat was swollen. Oh, I thought I caught a cold that was transmitted by my child (just a concept). I started practicing the exercises regardless. It was strange that after completing the five sets of exercises, my throat felt normal, just like before. There was no sense of swelling or pain. I thought it was miraculous. I had several experiences like this.

Recently, I completed five sets of exercises every day without any exceptions. It was like eating a meal, no missing. One day, I did not have time to practice because of doing some errands with my family, and I thought I would make up for it in the evening. That day, I felt unhappy all day, experiencing various emotions that I could not control. I felt uncomfortable and uneasy in my heart. They were unsuppressed even using Master’s Fa. I wanted to argue with my family. However, after I finished my practice, it was like taking a tranquilizer. I felt so clear-minded, and my attitude towards my family immediately became calm and peaceful. I felt happy inside and was willing to contribute and treat others well. Without practice, I could not control my thoughts and emotions. It seems that this practice truly works, it is really remarkable, and it can automatically eliminate evil. I also understand that these human thoughts are all derived from the evolution of evil, imposed upon me. There were two days when I had the same experience: my mind was normal after practice; but felt angry without practicing.

The above experiences are my personal experiences, comparing the status of after practice and without practice. I would like to tell fellow practitioners that whether you feel it or not, if you want to become a qualified disciple, we must practice well. It is just like eating a meal for ordinary people. If they do not eat, they will feel hungry and lack energy. Similarly, if we do not practice, it is like without a meal. We will not have the power of the Fa.

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