Facing Contradictions, Tolerance Comes First

Drafted by Huarong, edited by fellow practitioners

PureInsight | October 20, 2023

[PureInsight.org] I am a rural female disciple. Before I obtained Dafa, many conflicts arose because I often handled things improperly. It happened that my ex-husband had an affair again which hit me hard. I always felt the heavy pressure. In the end, I got sick all over my body, such as nephritis, sciatica, blurred vision in both eyes, headaches, and my belly button was leaking yellow fluid. I felt miserable. My ex-husband and I could not live together anymore, and we divorced soon.

Afterward, I found someone else, and we got married in 1998. I also settled down in the place where my husband lived and started to practice Dafa. I was lucky enough to get this high-virtuous Dafa. I knew very well that this was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I have been waiting for generations, now I got my wish. All my illnesses disappeared.

Because it is an extended family, my spouse does not trust me, always complaing things in the house are missing. Moreover, he claimed that I stole his deposit book several times, and called his three daughters back, and kept quarreling at home. I asked them to go to the bank to check the accounts, and it turned out that I was innocent. What my spouse said was all stories that were fabricated, and his daughters could not find any flaws in me, so they went back.

When I encountered these troubles, I always looked inward for where I was wrong. I thought that I was a practitioner, and I would not treat troubles the same way as my spouse. They are all good things. I found my attachments when facing contradictions. I let go of my attachments, my conflicts were resolved, and I was happy every day.

In 2008, my husband passed away due to illness. Soon after, all the usury money in the team was distributed to everyone. Everyone received an average of 10,000 yuan, including those who died. My deceased husband also got 10,000 yuan. His daughters took all of their father's money without discussing it with me. I did not fight for the money. Normally, I was the first Heir, and children should not take the money, but I did not argue. Because I thought of what Master said in Zhuan Falun, “So we cultivators should do that even less. We cultivators always let things happen naturally. If something is yours, nobody will take it away, and if something isn’t yours, you won’t be able to get it even by fighting for it.” Master also said in Zhuan Falun, “You know, when a person reaches the Arhat level, he’s not fazed by anything he comes across. He’s not the least bit concerned about any human things and he’s always upbeat. It doesn’t matter how much he loses out, he’s upbeat and doesn’t mind.” Many people say I am stupid. I think I have my mind bound by the Fa, and I will not compete with others for fame and fortune. If I did not practice Dafa today, I definitely would not let the money go so easily.

In 2004, we had a female neighbor who had conflicts with my husband many years ago. One day, I carried a basket to the field to pick pea. When I got to the edge of the field, I put my basket on the side of the road. At this time, the female neighbor also came. She saw my basket on the side of the road. She kicked my vegetables over my broad bean sprouts, breaking many broad bean sprouts. Seeing this I did not get mad with her. At this time, my husband also came, and he saw the broad bean sprouts smashed by my basket. He scolded me that I could not do anything, and that I am useless! I told him exactly how the broad bean sprouts were smashed, and he started quarreling with his neighbor in the field.

After returning home, my husband was still angry and resentful, so he told his three daughters about it. At first, his daughters thought he was scolding me, so they did not say anything else. On the day of burning incense and going to the temple (on the first and fifteenth day of the New Year), many villagers come to eat temple meals. My husband's eldest daughter sat very close to the female neighbor, and someone told her in private that the female neighbor scolded her mother. She came back and asked me if there was such a thing. I said, “It was all my fault, it had nothing to do with you.” She refused to accept, and the three daughters and their husbands together had to find some time to deal with the female neighbor.

One day, his youngest son-in-law knocked the female neighbor to the ground with a heavy blow, and called the police. In order to get revenge, the female neighbor's family actually grabbed tools. My daughters-in-law and their husbands just could not deal with it with bare hands, so they hurried back to the house and closed the door, not daring to go out to fight. The neighbors, however, refused to let it go. They picked up bricks and stones and smashed the windows hard. They smashed the glass windows, water bottles, and cups in the house in a short time. Later the police came and took the neighbor and my eldest daughter-in-law to the police station. In order to quell the dispute, the police persuaded both sides to stop, and then left.

In order to extort money, the neighbor went to the hospital by herself and stayed in the hospital for more than ten days. She issued a bunch of invoices and wanted payment for medical expenses. Not to be outdone, my eldest daughter-in-law also used the same method to issue an invoice, and the accounts were settled. A few months later, the neighbor came to trouble me again. No matter how harsh she said, I was not angry, and I gave way to her everywhere, unwilling to have a confrontation with her. Seeing me, the two sons-in-law were just blindly giving in and feeling unbalanced. They said to me: Mom, you cannot be so nice, you have to be tough. If someone bullies you again in the future, call us immediately, and we will immediately come back and help! Some neighbors also said to me directly: “So-and-so, you are doing too much!” When others bully you like this, you do not have the same way as others. In the eyes of my neighbors, I am not only honest, but also a good person.

In fact, how do they know the real reason why I do not fight with my neighbors? Because I am a Dafa practitioner, I should use the standard of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” to strictly demand myself. Not only should I not fight with others, but I should not add fuel to the fire! If I say a wrong sentence or make things more complicated, then I have created a bigger karma! The husband's daughters and sons-in-law will also make a large amount of karmas because of this. If so, am I still a true cultivator? Is it considered a true life created by Dafa?

Master said in Zhuan Falun, “‘He does bad things to me, I’ll do bad things to him. He has people on his side, but I have people on my side, too. Let’s fight.’ Around ordinary people, if you do that, ordinary people will say you’re strong. But for a practitioner, that would be just awful. If you fight and struggle like an ordinary person, you are an ordinary person. And if you did it with more gusto than him, then you’re not even as good as that ordinary person.” Master also said in Falun Gong, “A practitioner should not only show tolerance towards the people with whom he has conflicts and those who embarrass him directly, but should also have a generous attitude and even thank them. How could you improve your character if you didn’t go through those trials with them? How could the black matter be transformed into the white matter? How could you develop your gong? It’s hard when you are in the midst of an ordeal, but you must exercise self-restraint. Ordeals will constantly get more intense as your gong potency increases.”

The process of the Fa rectifying the human world has begun. In the short time left, I must do everything I should do, cherish this hard-won opportunity of Fa-rectification cultivation, cultivate myself well, and take the Fa as my responsibility in every situation to save more people in the world.

Thank you Master for everything you have arranged for and given to your disciple! Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation!

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