Understanding the Importance of Fa-study and Witnessing the Divine Power of Dafa

Shan Jia

PureInsight | October 20, 2023

[PureInsight.org] I seriously started practicing Dafa in 2012. The following is my experience after obtaining the Fa.

1. Recognize the Importance of Fa Study

After obtaining the Fa, because I had been cultivating alone at home, I was focusing on cultivating on the surface: I studied several lectures every day, did the exercises, and did things to save people. In fact, I did not cultivate well, and I felt that my body's disease had always been there. Later, I met a fellow practitioner and got the help from him. After listening to the experience sharing articles on Minghui Broadcasting, I realized that my cultivation was too bad. If I study the Fa for the quantity, I do not concentrate my mind, my thoughts are absent-minded, and then I do not really enter the door of cultivation. Because I didn't really obtain the Fa after studying the Fa, and I didn't know how to cultivate my Xinxing, my family's tribulations were always difficult for me.

Over the past few years, after interacting with and listening to the fellow practitioners, I gradually learned how to cultivate, and realized that Master taught Fa in various places to always mention the importance of studying the Fa more, reading more books, and studying the Fa well. Therefore, I started to study the Fa well. I have worked hard: study the Fa seriously and study the Fa more often. Just like the verse in Master's poem, “Advance Wholeheartedly, Enlighten Righteously” in "Hong Yin II":  "Study Fa without idling, changing in the process."

2. After Earnestly Studying the Fa, the Whole Family Will Benefit

I have studied the Fa seriously, learned to cultivate my Xinxing, and realized that a cultivator should be more considerate for others and not be selfish. So I tried my best to follow the requirements of Dafa. My xinxing has improved, and my physique and cultivation environment have changed. Falun Dafa has brought blessings to our whole family: my daughter and son-in-law both work in the workplace and are promoted consecutively; my granddaughter is among the best in class; My husband was against me practicing Falun Dafa at the beginning, later he changed to support me. He believed in the hospital at the beginning, later he changed to not believe it and he hasn’t taken any medicine since, because he believed Dafa would bring him health. He has also benefited from Dafa many times - he had kidney stones before, and the pain was unbearable. Later, he recited the nine-character mantra "Falun Dafa is good, truth, compassion and tolerance are good" aloud or silently, and the kidney stones were miraculously passed out without pain. At the beginning of this year, he was infected by the covid virus. After recite the nine-character mantra for a few days, his symptoms disappeared quickly, and his body felt comfortable. It is Master and Dafa that have brought blessings to our family. On behalf of my whole family, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dafa and our great Master!

3. A Little Experience of Clarifying the Truth and Saving People

Master said in To the Australia Fa Conference, "In order for Dafa disciples to walk their paths well and do the three things well, they must study the Fa well and take Fa-study seriously." "That is because the Fa is the foundation; it is what's fundamental for Dafa disciples; it is what ensures everything; and it is the avenue by which a human being journeys toward godhood. Thus I would like to take the opportunity of this Fa conference in Australia to tell all Dafa disciples around the world: Whether you are a new or veteran student, all the same you must not neglect Fa-study on account of being busy. Don't just go through the motions when you study the Fa.” I want to do what Master requires, so every time I go to save people, I must learn one or two lectures well, and after sending forth righteous thoughts, I go to clarify the truth and save lives.

I realize that every time I clarify the truth to someone or get out of a dangerous situation, I cannot do without Master's care and blessing, and I cannot do without the power of the Fa. To illustrate: Once, I clarified the truth to a delivery guy on the side of the road, but he didn't say a word and ignored me no matter what I told him, so I left and walked towards my home. After a while, a plainclothes policeman followed, and without knowing it, I greeted him and clarified the truth to him: the Tiananmen self-immolation case, Dafa is good.... While talking, a police car followed. At that time, I was not afraid, so I recited Master's Fa to him, "The ones who do evil against Dafa go down into the gate of no-life. As for all others, their hearts are restored to their proper state and they cherish virtue and do good, all of creation is renewed, and every single sentient being reveres Dafa for its saving grace. " ("The Essentials of Diligent Progress II "-< Foretelling the Fa’s Rectification of the Human World >), before I finished reciting, the plainclothes policeman went to the police car, and I left. This has manifested the divine power of Dafa; it has manifested the miraculousness of Dafa and the power of Dafa.

This happened a few times. When I was clarifying the truth to people on the roadside, when I met the staff of the neighborhood committee, they always said, “I belong to the neighborhood committee, you are Falun Gong, and I want to report you!” I am not good at talking. At that time, I did not want to say anything when I saw them like that. I calmly recite the verses in You Be the Judge from Hong Yin IV The Grand Verses, "The higher laws are clear: Good and evil are repaid in kind Divine ones fill the skies watching what we do..." Every time I have not finished reciting, these kinds of people who do not know the truth immediately scattered away. Witnessing the divine power of Dafa repeatedly, it made me understand the importance of studying the Fa again and again. It inspired me to study the Fa well, study the Fa more, and recite the Fa more often.

The above is my experience of studying the Fa and cultivating. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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