Thoughts from an Acupuncture Experience

Ben Xin

PureInsight | December 27, 2023

[] One day, a high school classmate named F, whom I had not contacted for a long time, called me and asked me where I worked. I told him and hung up. The next day, classmate F came to my clinic by appointment. F was mentally ill, his right hand kept shaking, and his right leg kept shaking while sitting on the chair.

After some examination, I found that there was a depression in the head, which was where the atrophy occurred, and where the lesions were. The most basic neck acupuncture was performed first, and then the head acupuncture was performed. A few days later, he noticed that his hands were no longer shaking.

I thought I should first gain his trust in treating the disease, and then clarify the truth to him and save him. Master brought him here and asked me to tell him the truth. Master had laid the groundwork. I must speak up, otherwise I will miss the opportunity if he leaves. This is called letting nature take its course and clarifying the truth.

Everyone who practices Dafa must go with the flow and clarify the truth wisely to save people. Otherwise, it will be a breach of contract and a violation of the oath. If you have not cultivated yourself well, that is, if you have not improved your Xinxing, and insisted on clarifying the truth, then you are telling the truth for the sake of clarifying the truth. Ordinary people can do it, but it will not work. It will also bring danger to yourself, and it may not necessarily save sentient beings.

W is a senior cadre who I have given acupuncture, especially the basic truth, and quit the Chinese Communist Party. This time he developed Parkinson's disease again. As soon as he entered the door, he shouted, "Professor, my disease has happened again! It has happened again after more than a year after I recovered!" I also thought, why did it happen again? I gave my medical assistant and junior doctor orders, he paid for the diagnosis and treatment, and I started acupuncture. He said his waist also hurt. I also prescribed Chinese medicine.

After two days of acupuncture, he said that his Parkinson's disease was not getting better and his back pain was much better. I was very surprised that I had not done well. I couldn't figure it out, so I said to myself: Master, can you tell me what's wrong with this sentient being? When he got up to put on his coat, he made a point of showing it to me. I was surprised to see a Mao Zedong badge pinned to the left pocket of his clothes, the size of a fist. I see. So, I stopped him and told him: This badge is a dead person, which is unlucky. Also, what bad things did Mao Zedong do in his life? I asked him, “do you admire these bad things? You are a very kind person who admires very bad and murderous people, okay?” He took off the Mao Zedong badge and said that I was right. Things have not been going well at home recently. I told him to recite the nine-character mantra: "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Falun Dafa is good!"

In the following days, he told me that Parkinson's disease was getting better. His family has more than 100 Mao Zedong badges.

Through this acupuncture session to clarify the truth, I deeply realized that if a Dafa disciple has a medical profession, he is someone who has a lot of responsibilities in clarifying the truth, so he cannot always be at home, otherwise he will let down Master's salvation for him. The entrustment of all sentient beings, my own mission and my own vows must be fulfilled through being a medical nurse. Otherwise, there will be flaws in cultivation, and just singing will not work, not to mention that my own voice also has shortcomings. Sentient beings are also constantly being polluted and declining in the big dye vat of today's society. We must constantly re-clarify the truth and eliminate bad things from the space field of sentient beings.

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