Choice – To Hong Kong

Hua Feng

PureInsight | August 14, 2002

Sixteen Falun Gong practitioners
Sixteen pairs of eyes, shining with virtue
Sixteen compassionate hearts
Are being tried in open court
Hong Kong, the “Pearl of the East”
That precious land of freedom
That soil where democracy once proudly stood
Is being trampled

Time is standing still
History is looking on
On one side, there is the evil dictatorship
To whom morality means nothing
On the other side are righteousness and compassion
The light that will shine brightly in the future

Facing this solemn choice
You are standing squarely in the middle

If there were no persecution
Who would need to hold a hunger strike?
Who would want to hold appeals in raging storms?
Who would bear pain and suffering in their hearts, day after day?

When bloodshed pervades the land of China
When those in power spread lies everywhere
Only they dare to stand their ground in a peaceful manner
Carrying the voice of truth louder and louder

The clouds will eventually part
Good will be met with good and evil with evil
The blessings of “Truthfulness Benevolence Forbearance”
Are being spread far and wide

The choice that you make
Will define your dignity
Your future
Your magnificence

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