Searching Inward for Attachments with a Calm Mind

Ming Si

PureInsight | April 18, 2002

In Zhuan Falun, Master has stated from the very beginning that we should look inward in everything that we do, as this is the only path for us to elevate ourselves.

In his new articles, Master repeated again that we should search inward whenever we run into any problem. Most of the time, we are the ones who have created our own problems. The relationships among disciples are like mirrors within mirrors that reflects images on different levels, layer upon layer. There are you inside of me, and me inside of you. When a conflict happens and a problem arises from another person, the root causes are often imperfections within us. But we normally only see the imperfections in other people and react toward them. Sometimes, we unconsciously become attached to the attachments of others. But in reality every disciple is an individual and has an independent world. At present, Master arranges all of the persons and matters that we encounter for improving our levels so that we will reach Consummation. Life is like a stage play. No matter whether things in front of us appear to be right or wrong to us, these are often understandings and judgements that are based on the knowledge of everyday people instead of the righteous enlightenment that comes from one cultivating the Fa. We should only focus on continuously eliminating our own attachments and breaking through our postnatally acquired notions layer after layer. Only then can we no longer be constrained by the highest characteristics of the universe, upgrade ourselves, and return to our original, true selves. We cultivate ourselves, not other people.

Master said that one's fundamental attachment always has something to do with the pursuit of fame, self-interest and sentimentality. In fact, the so-called love and affection among family members of everyday people are often for the satisfaction of one's own physical body and mind, instead of genuine love. People are often using each other out of total self-interest and selfish desires. If the relationship between two parties is broken, they will have a grudge and hate each other. They feel a great deal of pain, and worry about their reputations being damaged. All these come out of desires to protect one's own self-interest, and are fundamentally selfish. Therefore, Master teaches us that we should always think of other people first. That is how we can abandon our selfishness and senses of self, stop trying to satisfy the senses of our physical bodies, and eliminate those strong postnatally acquired notions and concepts that have been formed in our minds over a long period of time. These are called attachments of "I". We must let go of them in order to move toward Consummation.

In the process of doing Dafa work or cultivation, different problems may appear among disciples because of the differences in the understanding of the Fa. Since individual disciples may understand the Fa differently, they become stubborn and often forget that we are all on the course of cultivation, assimilating to "Zhen-Shan-Ren.' Let us try to think about it. Master said that this Fa is incomparably huge and we can cultivate to however high we want. Even as we are doing the most majestic job, Master will still utilize anyone, anything, anytime to let us know our own attachments so we can eliminate them and continue toward Consummation. If we continue to hold on to our own understandings and notions that we have cultivated better and higher than others and refuse to search for imperfections and attachments within ourselves, we will limit our own improvement. That would be turning everything upside down and pursuing things externally. Therefore we should always search inward with a calm heart and eliminate our attachments quickly. That is the only way that we can fulfill our duties well as Dafa disciples.

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