The True Face of Dafa; Explore the Many Ways to Clarify the Truth

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 18, 2002

Clarifying the truth is our magnificent mission granted by history. It is for exposing the evil, eliminating the persecution of Dafa practitioners in China and for saving everyday people. We are also clarifying the truth of the persecution against Dafa in China with Dafa's benevolence. As the pace of Fa-rectification quickens, the requirement for us grows higher and higher during this rapid Fa-Rectification process. At one point I began to ask myself, "Have I caught up with the process? Am I clear on what the truth of Dafa is?" In "To the Florida Fa Conference" (Essential for Further Advancement II), Master said, "…and at the same time show the true face of Dafa and allow more people to learn the truth about Dafa, thereby letting predestined people obtain the Fa."

In my own understanding, here the inner meaning of what Master said about the truth of Dafa is broad and immense. Telling people that Dafa is now under persecution in China is very important, but not enough. The infinite inner meaning of Dafa grants us unlimited space to introduce Dafa to everyday people, and to show them its glory, wonderfulness, compassion, immensity and dignity from many perspectives. People can be saved even if they only understand that Dafa is good. For example, we have held activities at a certain place for nearly three years. Especially during the past year, we have sent righteous thoughts there almost every day. People who work in one of the stores nearby have known us for a long time. They treat us well. We gave them Dafa pamphlets, particularly ones exposing the true situation of the persecution of Dafa. However, they acted as if it was none of their business.

Neither Dafa, nor us nor the evil's persecution could draw their attention. They never voiced their point of view either. Last Christmas, I gave each of them a CD with Dafa music. To my surprise, they all changed. The Dafa music melted them. They were excited and thanked me for giving them such beautiful things. They not only listened to the CDs by themselves, but also introduced them to their families and friends and visited Dafa websites as well. I enlightened to something at that moment: "We can't introduce Dafa only from one perspective, but we need to think of others more by approaching them from all possible perspectives because the unlimited inner meaning of Dafa helps us to clarify the truth from all angles and helps people to understand Dafa. Since the origins of today's people are very complicated, they have come from various worlds with different characteristics. So their ways of understanding Dafa vary. Maybe we should just share a song, a point of view, a story or some experiences with them, but we are the link between them and Dafa. Dafa disciples are the guides down each of these thousands of pathways and lead all predestined beings to Dafa.

Master said in the Fa-Lecture at the Florida Conference in the U.S., "If you aren't against the Communist Party, that's fine, if you aren't against so and so, that's fine, but I'll tell you this: don't be against Dafa. Why? I'll tell you the true situation...' Recently, I could not calm down when I read this part. Again, I understood Master's arduous saving and boundless compassion. In the meantime, I think Dafa disciples should break through their concepts and limitations of "self," instead manifesting Dafa's impressive demeanor.

We should thoroughly clarify the truth about Dafa to different people using different angles using our wisdom and rationality. We must sincerely think of others, treasure every opportunity to clarify the truth and enlighten people's compassionate side using various perspectives. Do not think from only one perspective: the Western side may be brightened while the Eastern side does not. There is a saying, "Every road leads to Rome." One's huge capacity also shows their compassion. Provide enough space, room and directions for people to understand Dafa in a positive manner. Embodying the Fa in human beings shows not only Dafa disciples' compassion, but their cultivation during the Fa-Rectification.

Non-practitioners' knowledge is definitely shallow and formed from human concepts. However, if human beings can positively understand a small segment of Dafa, this will create a compassionate opportunity for them. I also understand that fighting the evil is just like a war. There is a main war zone (China) and many smaller battle zones. We should have the upper hand in the main zone to suffocate the evil, and make full use of our local zones to initiate as many opportunities to clarify the truth about Dafa as we can. This serves to locally contain and weaken the evil forces in order to more effectively eliminate them.

Helping people to positively understand Dafa from all fields prevents the evil from multiplying, allowing us to maintain the upper hand instead of being defensive, and leaves no ground for the evil to set their feet. When people can perceive the wonders of Dafa and the healthiness and wisdom of Dafa disciples, who will believe the lies such as the "self immolation," those of suicide, and so on? Thus, we are not only exposing the lies and removing the poison, but we are also eliminating the places for the evil to hide. All lies will expose themselves as soon as they come out. Master said, "Why is it said that the wisdom of a Buddha is enormous? He thinks differently from you. His capacity is huge. He doesn't consider things just from one perspective." (Lecture at the US East Coast Conference)

My understanding is that we now have many means to clarify the truth, but we should not apply all means to clarify the truth from only one perspective. We should try our best to enrich our content, expand our capacity, and use all means to tell the truth about Dafa so as to eliminate the evil. By studying the Fa more, taking sending righteous thoughts seriously, and spreading our compassion everywhere, we will do even better.

These are my personal understandings. Please extend your compassion by correcting me where I have been inappropriate.

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