The Principles of the Fa Are All-Encompassing

Wang Chao

PureInsight | April 22, 2002

Finding a balance between two self-imposed requirements is not always easy. When I first tried to write articles for PureInsight, I thought about how to make ordinary people understand my thoughts about the Fa while providing insights that fellow cultivators might also find beneficial.

Gradually, I came to realize that these two points are actually the same. Master told us in Lecture at the Western United States Fa Conference, "Because the Fa is all-encompassing and perfecting and is entirely connected, no matter how you read the Fa, It is able to provide answers. Seen from the front, the back, or the middle ¾ regardless of what methods you use and how you read this Dafa ¾ It is all connected and coherent, different parts can all clarify each other, and they're able to achieve an interconnecting effect. This is exactly the factor behind Dafa's being all-encompassing and perfecting and indestructible."

As Master had shown us in his lecture, the all-encompassing and perfecting Fa touches people differently, because their different concepts and differing notions makes them understand it from their own levels. The PureInsight articles we write are written from our specific realms of enlightenment to the principles of the Fa. A good article posted on PureInsight not only can benefit ordinary people, but can also become an aid to enlighten cultivators at a certain level. The key point is to verify whether it is written according to Dafa. Otherwise it cannot serve such a purpose.

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