Stemming the Tide of the Overseas Persecution against Dafa

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | August 19, 2002

Teacher said, "Most fundamentally, you all still need to establish your great mighty virtue in the process of shattering the old forces' persecution, and return to your highest positions." (From "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples.") This is what Dafa requires of us. I truly feel the significance of my responsibility.

So far we have not fundamentally eradicated the old forces' persecution of Dafa. And we have not responded with our purest righteous thoughts to a series of overseas events, such as recent incidents in Hong Kong, Germany, and Iceland. When these persecutions took place, we somewhat tolerated ordinary people's disrespect toward Dafa due to our lack of pure righteous thoughts. In some way, we even accepted their disrespect toward Dafa.

Apparently we had regarded the persecution in Hong Kong, Germany, and Iceland as "regional persecution", "persecution against only practitioners who went to those countries to peacefully appeal", or "persecution against only practitioners with attachments." Many practitioners who were not direct victims of these instances of persecution have failed to clearly recognize that overseas persecution is the work of the evil forces. This was the very reason why many Dafa practitioners did little to end the overseas persecution, which they thought irrelevant to them. Such mentality has caused tremendous losses to Dafa and to the future of sentient beings.

The series of incidents in Hong Kong, Germany, and Iceland clearly indicate that the head of the evil in the human realm, Jiang's regime, is now extending its evil persecution overseas. In addition to the countries it has visited, the head of the evil is planning to spread its poison, like a malignant tumor, to many more countries. More and more sentient beings are being denied access to the truth about Falun Gong, and have been pushed into the abyss of the evil. We should take immediate actions to stop the spreading of tumors from China. We should make the best of our time to end the persecution. We should completely expose the evil persecution by means such as truth clarification videos and photographs, and show them to the general public as soon as possible. We should present the collected evidence to clarify the truth to our countries of residence, to the media, and to the local general public. We should validate the Fa and expose the deeds of the evil in order to save sentient beings. The persecution against Falun Gong is no longer a domestic issue of human rights violation in China. The persecution against Falun Gong is now spreading to Western societies, and threatening freedom of speech and religion, the very foundation of democracy. The overseas persecution against Falun Gong is also poisoning the moral ethics and the future of Western people. On the other hand, 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance', the three principles that Falun Gong promotes, is a blessing to this world.

In regards to the serious freedom infringements by the Hong Kong police, the German police and the Icelandic government, we should not regard them with human notions. This is a persecution directly targeted at Dafa! Taking legal actions against the lawbreakers in the human realm is harmonizing Dafa in the human realm. Taking legal action against the lawbreakers is also safeguarding Dafa's dignity. It is genuine compassion to let the lawbreakers take legal consequences of their own actions. It is also a way of saving the sentient beings that have been pushed into the abyss of the evil. Take the Hong Kong obstruction trial for example. We should immediately file a lawsuit against the Hong Kong police in return to expose their illegal actions in the broad daylight. Passively waiting for the court verdict is acknowledging the form of exam by the evil old forces. We should fundamentally change our conventional thinking in order to turn the tide. The head of the evil is still planning to visit other countries. We should utilize our time clarifying the truth to sentient beings all around the world. We should seek inward for any attachment to comfort and eliminate all kinds of interferences in order to accomplish what the Fa requires of us. Our righteous thoughts determine the result of all of our truth clarification efforts. Therefore, we should ask ourselves a question: how strong is our righteous thought?

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