Actively Eliminate the Evil Thoughts on the Hong Kong Obstruction Trial

A Dafa Disciple from China

PureInsight | September 2, 2002

There have been many good articles on Dafa web sites about the Hong Kong obstruction trial. This trial had been postponed so many times that it must provide a hint for our cultivation. I believe this trial is not just an ordinary legal matter. Instead, the trial was arranged by the evil as a form of persecution against Dafa and Dafa disciples. Therefore, we must stop considering the trial as merely a trial. We should evaluate this trial from the Fa and genuinely upgrade ourselves as one body.

Although we have made all sorts of efforts to achieve a positive outcome at the trial, it is my impression that we have been passively enduring and responding to the illegal charges. We have even left the public with the impression that we are easy to bully. We have not fully conveyed the sacred nature and greatness of Falun Dafa. As Dafa disciples facing persecution, we are capable of eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts. We must actively begin to eliminate the evil when it is at the planning stage of persecuting Dafa. We must take action before the evil begins to attack us.

Teacher taught us our missions in the Fa-rectification period. Since then, we have been fulfilling our responsibilities by studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. It is a pity that we get lost in the details of a substantive challenge. We have been foolishly absorbed in the details of the play of the Hong Kong obstruction trial. Actually, all such plays are arrangements of the old forces. If we fail to recognize these plays as an obstruction to Fa-rectification, we will fail to fundamentally deny the arrangement of the old forces and end up wasting our time and energy responding to the details in the plays. Our time and energy should be spent on Fa-rectification.
Teacher asked us to look at issues from very high levels of the Fa. I think we must look into an issue with our Main Consciousness. The Hong Kong obstruction trial is like a play. We should not be absorbed in the play and dance to the rhythm of the old forces. Even if we are part of the play, our hearts should calmly remain outside the play. Moreover, we should play our own roles according to Teacher's arrangement. As long as the play is still on, we should write our own scripts and refuse to play the roles assigned by the old forces. We should reject their supporting roles and actively take the leading roles in the play. We should actively eliminate the evil.

Besides actively responding to the Hong Kong obstruction trial, we should take charge of our thinking on the matter. We should make legal charges against the police and the evil governments behind them. The laws in the human realm were established to punish the evil and promote justice, so we are entitled to employ them for Fa-rectification. I suggest that Hong Kong Dafa practitioners collect the evidence of persecution against Dafa practitioners and use the law to stop further persecution against Dafa. After all, the "one country, two systems" policy is still in effect in Hong Kong. Dafa practitioners in Hong Kong are entitled to file suit against those who have participated in persecuting them. The overseas Dafa practitioners have already begun efforts to take legal action against many high-ranking officers in the Chinese [...] Party for persecuting Dafa practitioners. We should take the head of the evil to court as well. I think it should not be a problem at all. The key to a successful lawsuit against the head of the evil is a righteous mind and wisdom.

Dafa disciples are one body. The persecution against Dafa practitioners in Hong Kong is the persecution against Dafa and practitioners all over the world. Teacher has been watching over us, hoping we will advance as a whole. This Hong Kong obstruction trial is a good opportunity for us to upgrade as a whole; therefore, we must cherish the opportunity. I suggest that we start to think about what kind of role each Dafa practitioner should play in the trial against Dafa in Hong Kong. Each Dafa practitioner should be the protagonist in the play of the Hong Kong obstruction trial instead of an audience. We must truly understand the Fa from the Fa. We must understand the difference between cultivation in the Fa-rectification period and individual cultivation. Only when we understand the difference will we be able to act as beings on the path to enlightenment who are able to accomplish the great mission bestowed upon Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period.

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