Dafa Work vs. Everyday Work

Yang Mingliu

PureInsight | August 19, 2002

Recently, there was some Dafa work for me to do. It needed to be completed by a specific time. I was busy with my everyday work, and felt pressured. In order to make my life easier, I thought I would put one on hold while I took care of the other. However, which one should I do first? I felt I should not make the Dafa work wait at all! Then, it was my everyday work that I should sacrifice. With such a mentality, my xinxing dropped to the level of everyday people. I became less stringent with my work among everyday people. I left work that could have been done in one day until the next day. My attitude became: the less everyday work the better. I felt very comfortable within myself, thinking that I had got rid of yet another attachment. Unexpectedly, however, there came some new arrangements in my work unit. Other employers' work became mine, on top of the responsibilities I already had. Furthermore, this work had to be finished before I went to a Fa Conference. It made me think; whatever happens to us is not coincidental. As if waking up from a dream, I realized that I had been wrong. As a Dafa disciple who must cultivate in the everyday people's environment, I was actually giving up my chances of cultivating when I gave up my responsibilities at work. Each one of us is just like a window for Dafa: people will evaluate and come to understand Dafa through our words, actions and behavior. When we do well in society, people will form positive impressions of Dafa. And if we don't, we will bring damage to Dafa. Both Dafa work and the work among everyday people need to be treated with the same attentiveness.

Teacher has said that each one Dafa disciple is equal to one hundred everyday people. We should perform well in both Dafa work and the work among everyday people. As soon as my thought was righteous, the mentality that longed for a comfortable and easy life disappeared completely. The cultivation in Dafa is really very serious. A righteous mind is built up bit by bit. When the mind is righteous, everything can be easily achieved.

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