Reveal the Truth to the World

Wang Qingming

PureInsight | September 9, 2002

After the head of China’s communist regime visited Germany, the governments of some democratic countries violated the principles of their own countries for the sake of their own interests. They buckled under pressure from Chinese officials. Consequently, human rights were compromised and the future of their countries and people were placed in a dangerous position.

In Germany, for example, citizens were forbidden to wear yellow clothes in the street during a visit of the head of the PRC, since yellow is associated with Falun Gong – the meditation practice that he is persecuting in his own country. Asian-looking people were forbidden to enter the Hotel Adalon where President Jiang stayed. In Goslar, a twenty-four-year-old female Falun Gong practitioner was detained for ten hours in a small dark basement simply because she wore a Falun Gong badge. She was not released until Jiang left the country.

After Germany, Jiang went on to visit Iceland – and government officials there also succumbed to his influence. For the first time ever, Icelandic officials barred Falun Gong practitioners from entering the country. If their names appeared on a blacklist supplied by the Chinese government, they were detained upon arrival in Iceland, and they were prohibited from boarding IcelandAir planes in airports around the world.

In Hong Kong, Swiss practitioners were treated violently by the police when they presented a petition. A sixty-eight-year-old American citizen was detained at the Hong Kong customs office after a customs official investigated her passport and checked the computer. She was denied entry. When she refused to sign the notice of denial, a Hong Kong policeman signed the notice for her by forging her signature. Then, more then ten police grabbed her legs and arms, and wrapped her in a sticky canvas tarp. The elderly woman was then carried to a plane headed for the United States. On the basis of this blacklist supplied to Hong Kong by the Jiang regime, from June 22 to June 29 more than ninety practitioners were denied entry to Hong Kong, including sixteen from Australia, two from Japan, four from Macao, one from America, one from Sweden, one from Switzerland, one from Indonesia, and about seventy from Taiwan. They were detained, frisked, interrogated, and violently returned to their countries of origin.

From these shocking facts, it can be seen that during the past several months, Jiang has extended his despotic power to democratic countries that took pride in respecting human rights. Jiang forced these governments to comply with his orders, thus extending his persecution beyond China’s borders. Yet the governments of these democratic countries are not aware that by agreeing to Jiang’s demands, they are perpetrating his crimes against humanity and corroding the democratic ideals upon which their countries were founded. In light of all these incidents that have taken place overseas, if the seriousness of the blacklist cannot be realized, it means that there are weaknesses and loopholes in how we are exposing the evil. And the people who have not learned about the truth have been dragged into the mire.

If we, as practitioners, cannot realize the harm that these evil forces have brought to all sentient beings, then we might become insensitive, or we might give in and worry about our own gains and losses, and accordingly let the evil take advantage of our loopholes. More problems will arise as a result. It is our responsibility to collect all the evidence in order to compile a book, produce a documentary, write articles, or whatever is necessary to clarify the truth to the governments, media, and citizens of democratic countries worldwide. Moreover, we should openly and aboveboard defend the rights that Dafa and Dafa disciples enjoy and are entitled to in this human world. This is true compassion because it is saving the lives of those who are deceived by evil. It is preventing those people from falling into the abyss beyond redemption. It is crucial that we make the government of these countries realize that the persecution of Falun Gong relates not only to China but also to all human beings, and that it affects them and their citizens. If they do not stand up to Jiang and reject his bribes or threats, then they are actually inciting evil and essentially committing a crime against mankind. Their future is in jeopardy. If the governments of all democratic countries unite to condemn Jiang’s unjustifiable persecution, it will help put and end to it quickly.

As Master Li mentions in his lecture “Touring North America to Teach the Fa”:
“… this persecution isn’t just limited to China. This persecution is actually worldwide—the slander has poisoned people’s minds the world over. Meanwhile, the lies and propaganda that have blanketed the earth have put enormous pressure on Dafa disciples. And more seriously, such lies and slander have poisoned people’s minds all over the world…. So isn’t this a persecution of the whole world, of the entire human race?” “And they have awakened people all over the world, who now know the evilness of this persecution. Nobody is going along with it, and everyone is resisting it. Could the evil still keep it up, then?”

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