Jiang Zemin Should not be Referred to as the "Chinese President" During Truth Clarification Work

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | September 16, 2002

Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, imparted three core principles of his teachings, Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, to those who endeavor to become better people. Adhering to these principles allows one to gradually assimilate to these principles. Although Mr. Li speaks of all three principles as the universal principles and none is mutually exclusive of the other, there are times when one of the principles may be more pertinent than the other two.

We tend to refer to Jiang Zemin as the "Chinese President" when we clarify the truth to the national and local American governments, media, and the general public. However, nothing is further from the truth than Jiang Zemin being the President of China. The truth is that only people in democratic countries may elect their presidents. There is no provision for a presidential election in the Chinese Constitution. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that there is no such position as President of China. Yet, Jiang Zemin deliberately refers to himself as "The President of China" when visiting Western democratic countries. Does this not clearly show his intention to mislead the foreign general public and media?

Given that, one should refer to Jiang Zemin only as to what he truly is, such as the "Head of the Chinese Communist Party," "Head of the Chinese military," or "Head of the Central Government in China."

Such titles accurately reflect Jiang Zemin's dictatorship in China, secured and guaranteed by the Chinese Communist Party and military. More importantly, the use of his true titles would help Western people understand the political structure in China, and thus facilitate our truth clarification work.

Mr. Li said, 'That if all a person wants is the well-being of others and if this is without the slightest personal motivation or personal understanding, what he says will move the listener to tears.' (From 'Clearheadedness' in Essentials for Further Advancement). Also, it is implied that the truth spoken from within the Fa allows people to wake up and recognize the truth. Thus, the Dafa disciple's truth clarification work will be a strong tool in alerting Western people to the truth behind the persecution.

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