Witnessing the Power of the Mind

A Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | September 23, 2002

One day, I went to the market to buy some cakes for my son. After the shop owner weighed the cakes, he told me that the cost was five yuan and 30 cents. I took out 50 yuan and gave it to him. In the meantime, I calculated in my mind how much the change was. I did not think clearly so I assumed that the change was 49 yuan and 70 cents.

The shop owner indeed gave me 49 yuan and 70 cents back. But then I realized that my calculations were not right. I calculated it again and it should have totaled 44 yuan and 70 cents. Then I told him, 'It is wrong, please recalculate it.'

From this event, I've learned that we Dafa disciples must control our thoughts. When Teacher mentioned the principle of sending forth righteous thoughts, he said, 'If you use this for something a cultivator shouldn't, it won't work; as soon as the thought arises, retribution will follow or your level will drop. Remember this!' (From 'Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference' in Guiding the Voyage).

Master also said,'An everyday person is feeble before a cultivator." (Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference).

Although my thoughts seem to be unintentional and have no effect on a situation, I realized that different thoughts could affect everyday people and lead to different results.

From Master's lectures, we've learned that whether it is intentional or not, one who causes loss will pay for it. This is an unchangeable heavenly principle.

So our heart must be righteous and our main consciousness must be strong. In every moment we should control our own mind. Do not treat it lightly!

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