Western Fantasy Novels, Role-Playing Games, Futi, and Sorcery

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 12, 2001

There are many things from the evil forces that are currently breaking though into the surface culture. These things specifically target the young who are by nature inquisitive and seek knowledge. Among these are fantasy novels, 'role-playing' games, and the practice of sorcery. Incidentally, I have an extensive background in all of these topics and, now, in cultivation. There is a reason why I am encountering these things.

Fantasy novels have become very popular and have poured their messages into the minds of a large number of people. It started from those who took from the folklore of European culture and pre-Christian religions and started writing stories about them. They also added many things of their own. It has undergone a metamorphosis and has become even more outlandish and bizarre in the last few decades. One day as I slept over at my family's house a green form landed itself on the field of my Benti. I did not enlighten to what was happening and did not rest well that night. The next day as my brother and I were talking in that same room he noticed a book on the table. He looked at it picked it up and said, 'yellow weasel!'. On the cover of this book was an illustration of a being with the shape of a human but with the head of an animal. It was a weasel’s head with eyes glowing malevolently. It was dressed in medieval clothes and carried medieval weapons. This was a fantasy novel that my mother had given to my niece. My brother tore it up and threw it away.

Another dangerous phenomenon is role-playing games. They are very popular among people in the West. They start with creating a 'character'. This is coming up with a name, personality, and attributes. Than you cast dice to measure the strength of these attributes. The dice are usually oddly shaped and colored. For many who do this, a lot of emotional attachment is displayed. In these dice I'm reminded of the divination practices of witches and sorcerers.

Master Li says in Zhuan Falun ,'Today, those who study the human body have discovered that our human mind activities or human thoughts can generate a substance.'
The artificially created beings lives are then lived by the people who generated them. This can span over years of development. An artificial world is also developed to accompany these generated beings. In these worlds the dice are cast for different developments and conflicts. These generated beings increase their 'level' by killing monsters, surviving perils, and getting magic weapons and spells. Many people go on for years playing these games. People vicariously live their whole lives though these generated beings. Their main consciousness becomes very weak. I've seen people have a dreamy far off look in their eyes when discussing their generated beings. They are no longer themselves and don't want to live in their body. Whole societies are created by those who 'role-play.' It has gone further today with people doing enactments and elaborate psychological dramas. One woman discussed this and talked about how she was a Goblin in these enactments. Her main consciousness was also very weak. In the recent past religions have also been alarmed at these phenomena. There have been incidents of children committing suicide in this 'role-playing'.

How does this lead to practicing sorcery? These books and games just set the stage for sorcery. For sorcery is part and parcel of these things. You may say that reading these books and playing these games are sorcery. For the inquisitive and those who seek mysterious knowledge it’s just a steeping stone.

This is about to surface in mainstream society very soon. Magic symbols from a famous fantasy novel are on the front cover of a major magazine about to be published. A talking fox is mentioned in the first couple chapters of this novel. The future mankind must be vigilant.

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