Insect Pests Attack Liaoning Province

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PureInsight | June 25, 2001

According to June 10th news from the China News Agency (reported by journalist Jin Guolin from Shenyang city), while Liaoning Province is facing the crisis of a historically unprecedented drought, the breakout of various pests has certainly worsened the situation. Large areas of farmland, paddy fields and even forests are under fierce "attack" from different kinds of insect pests.

At present, areas ranging from Dandong, Benxi, Fushun (cities in eastern Liaoning), to Shenyang, Tieling (cities in northern Liaoning) and Chaoyang and Huludao (cities in western Liaoning) are all under attack from insects. In the area surrounding Shenyang City, 80% of the 2 million mu (a Chinese unit of area) of farmland are infested with insects. Xinmin County and Liaozhong County are the most seriously affected areas. There the rate of infestation is 100%. In Tieling City, 500,000 mu of paddy fields are infested with "paddy field elephant armour" (one species of insect). Meanwhile, there are more than 3 million mu of farmland that are infested with "Mongolia gray elephant armour" (another species of insect). In the Chaoyang area, 770,000 mu of wheat fields are infected with wheat aphids (a tiny insect that does great damage). Xinbin County, Qingyuan County and Fushun County are located in the Fushun area, and all have been invaded by locusts. In the most affected area, the density of locusts reaches 1000/m2. Around Huludao City, the locust invasion is the most serious it has been in the past fifty years and the infested area has reached 480,000 mu.

It can be said that such a serious pest infestation (with its diverse insect variety, large number, high density, rapid spread, and heavy impact) is rare in history. It is not a coincidence that Liaoning is having a locust plague at this time. Throughout Chinese history, the locust plague has always been considered a sign of dramatic change in leadership.

"When man does not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound. When the earth does not have virtue, everything will wither and fall" ("When the Fa is Right," Essentials for Further Advancement).

Since Jiang Zemin's regime started suppressing Falun Gong, 219 practitioners have already died due to torture. Among those, 25 were from Liaoning Province. The infamous Masanjia Labor Camp located in Shenyang is a hell on earth, which has employed every possible means to torture Dafa practitioners, including stripping off female practitioner's clothes and throwing them into male prisoners' cells. The police tie the practitioners up and shock them with electric batons. They shock female practitioners on their breasts and genitalia to try to force them to give up their beliefs. They stripped 18 female practitioners and threw them into a male prisoners' cell resulting in unimaginable consequences. Staff there brutally torture Falun Gong practitioners from different areas. They brainwash and physically punish practitioners. The center heads, Su Jing and Shao Li, are among the most vicious thugs. The number of practitioners who have been detained in Masanjia has reached more than 2000.

The city that has suffered the worst locust catastrophe this year is Huludao City. This is another hell on earth where the evil forces torture Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioner Huang Lizhong was sent to the Huludao Labor Camp on October 29, 1999 for appealing for Falun Gong in Beijing. There, they used various brutal means to torture him. After 12 days of hunger strike, he was so weak that the force-feeding tube could not go in. He died soon after he was sent to the hospital.

Another practitioner, Wang Huachen, was a 32-year-old worker from Huludao Jinhua Corporation. He was arrested on November 7 because he refused to give up his belief in Falun Gong. The police beat him up numerous times to force him to sign his name on a document to denounce Falun Gong. On November 18, he tried to escape by jumping out from an office window on 4th floor. He later died in hospital.

Under the command of Yao Chuang, the head of Huludao labor campo, the staff there brutally torture Dafa practitioners. They shock practitioners on their feet, neck, mouth, head, face and genitals.

China is facing a formidable future. Violent wind storms, infectious diseases, insect pest infestations, grass decomposition and paddy field pollution have consecutively taken place. Both the mayor and vice mayor of Shenyang have been arrested due to their involvement in illegal trade.

However, the evil in Masanjia is still going on! Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will receive retribution. The worst catastrophe may be yet to come!

(Translated on June 13, 2001 from the edited version of

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