Anomalous Facts

William Barkley

PureInsight | June 4, 2001

The textbook for my Humanities course was The Heritage of World Civilizations by Albert M. Craig, et al. Younger students or anyone else not familiar with any sort of alternative history or science would come away from reading this text with the idea that human history and science are neatly defined, cataloged and understood. A reader educated with nothing but this type of literature would believe that all educated human beings share the same worldview. One would think that we have a more or less complete understanding of our history as humans and that our academic, scientific and/or religious communities have provided us with correct answers regarding the history of our planet, our species and even the physical laws of the universe.

The most widely held belief system in the world today is what I would call the contemporary Western science paradigm. Believers in this model of reality stubbornly refuse to consider any evidence that is contradictory. Observational data or objective evidence that does not align with the established belief system is, at best, ignored. In the worst cases the individuals presenting such evidence are vilified! Sometimes the people who bring this new information to public attention will lose their jobs and professional standing. Don’t think for a second that "science" is not a religion with all the attributes of a religion.

Our Western belief system has so much social, intellectual and political inertia that self-evident facts are routinely ignored. The situation reminds me of the cartoon scenes with Wily Coyote and Roadrunner where Wily runs past the edge of a cliff and then, in opposition to "gravity", hangs there in the air for a couple of heartbeats before plummeting to the ground. From my point of view, our Western belief system is hanging in the air like Wily Coyote.

In her article on the challenges of scientific anomalies, Beverly Rubik states that "The scientific community believes that it deals with controversial discoveries in a rational manner, yet this is rarely the case. The history of science, medicine and technology is full of rejections of novel discoveries that seemed anomalous in their time." (Infinite Energy. 34-41)

As the title suggests, the objective of this report is to present a few anomalous facts of the sort that I believe should be included in any college level course that purports to give us "the whole story" about the history of our species and civilization(s).

Editor’s note: The information presented in this report provides confirmation of some of the facts disclosed in Zhuan Falun. We’ve all heard the saying "What you see is what you get." This trite little saying certainly comes from the contemporary Western science mindset. Our science tells us that if we can’t see it, feel it or measure it, then it doesn’t exist! What we learn from Zhuan Falun is that what we can see, feel or measure is considerably less than the "tip of the iceberg". Humanity has been short-changed by the mindset of contemporary science.

Table 1 is a chart showing the accepted geologic time periods. Our course textbook states, on page 3, that "Scientists estimate that the earth may be as many as six billion years old and that the first humanlike creatures appeared perhaps three to five million years ago in Africa. Some one to two million years ago, erect and tool-using early humans spread over much of Africa, Europe and Asia." If this statement began with "Some scientists..." or even "The majority of scientists...", my objections would not be as strong. However, it implies that all scientists are in agreement on this information. Without any contradictory viewpoints to consider, a young student is on the way to becoming another intellectual clone of the established belief system of the Western world. Contradictory viewpoints are available in huge quantities. In this report I will be using a small portion of a few that have grabbed my attention. (To be continued)

Era Period Start: In Millions of Years Ago
Cenozoic Holocene 0.01
Pleistocene 2
Pliocene 5 [1]
Miocene 25
Oligocene 38
Eocene 55
Paleocene 65
Mesozoic Cretaceous 144
Jurassic 213
Triassic 248 [3]
Paleozoic Permian 286
Carboniferous 360 [4]
Devonian 408
Silurian 438
Ordovician 505
Cambrian 590
Precambrian [2]

[1] Course textbook says "first humanlike creatures appeared…"
[2] Anomaly #1: South African metallic spheres dated @2.8 billion years.
[3] Anomaly #2: Fossil of sewn shoe sole from Nevada Triassic rock
[4] Anomaly #3: Skeleton of a man in coal bed dated at least 286 million years.


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