Two Real Stories of Karmic Retribution

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 11, 2014


1. Fire ball falls from the sky

These stories happened in a small village in Wendeng city in Shandong province at the beginning of the 1930s. They were often told by my mother to educate us. They both happened in our own family.

My great grand-uncle came from a wealthy family who owned a house and land. But they did not have children. Already in an advanced age, the old couple thought that they had no-one to take care of them since they did not have children nor heirs to inherit the great amount of family property they owned. Meanwhile, his nephew, Shuanzi, had returned from Hong Kong with his wife. Shuanzi did not quite understand life in Hong Kong so decided to return to his hometown. He had nowhere to live so his uncle adopted him as his son to take care of the old couple until the end of their lives.

After three years, Shuanzi’s uncle died leaving his wife behind with Shuanzi. The old lady was ill so she couldn’t do much work. Her nephew and his wife despised her. They did not warm the kang bed-stove for her during winter and only gave her cold food to eat. Later, they did not even give her cold food. As a result, the old lady would go out with a cane and a basket to beg for food. If her nephew and his wife saw her when she returned home, they would grab the basket and throw it across the yard. Chicken, ducks, geese, and dogs would scramble to get to the food. The old lady would then drop the cane and grab the food along with the chickens, ducks, geese, and dogs. Consequently, the old lady died soon after.

Not many days after the old lady passed away, one day, a big fire ball suddenly fell from the sky and onto his uncle’s house. The house caught fire right away. The couple quickly moved a camphor box out, while the other objects burned to ashes along with the house (many people witnessed this scene at that time). My mom said that they were glad when they saw that the camphor box was alright because all valuable things of the family were in this box. After the fire had gone out, they opened the box dumbfounded. The box was complete alright, but everything inside had turned to dust. Not too long after, Shuanzi’s wife died.

In the 1960s, my mother went back to the hometown to see Shuanzi. Speaking of family relationships, my mom called Shuanzi uncle. He was both poor and ill that he curled himself up on the kang bed-stove with his body covered with half of a mat. He seemed to be very miserable.

2. Leprosy Can See

This story was also told by my mother to educate us. It is also a story from our hometown. In the 1930s, leprosy was widely spread in China. An aunt of our family got leprosy and was thrown out of the family by her husband. She could only return to her own home. She had an older brother and a younger brother. Both had families. Her older brother had three children and lively quite comfortably. Her younger brother had seven children but lived in poor conditions due to the large number of children. So she sought shelter with her older brother.

When her older brother saw her, he would not let her in the door. He told her that she couldn’t come to his home in case the children became infected. He forcefully threw her out, so she went to the home of her younger brother who let her stay. Because his family was poor there was no quilt to cover her during sleep, she slept with her nephew and niece on the same bed-stove and used the same quilt with the children. She ate and did everything with them. Later on, the children of her older brother all got leprosy, but the children of her younger brother were not affected at all.

My elderly mother often said that the heavens can see! The heavens are watching what people are doing. Therefore, the leprosy could see. It is just like the great wave of people quitting the affiliated organizations of the CCP. Quit the organizations of the evil CCP so the heavens can protect you. When the great plague comes, you will have saved your life.

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