A Discussion Starting From The Vacuum

PureInsight | October 8, 2001

Nowadays scientists have found many micro particles such as molecules, atoms, protons, quarks, and neutrinos, etc. Scientists also hold the opinion that these micro particles constitute larger particles, which is correct. However, there is a conceptual problem that has not been further explored, namely these micro particles can actually constitute a dimension, or dimensions, in which there is depth and breadth similar to that in our current dimension.

In their studies of electro-magnetic waves, previous scientists presumed that there is a matter in existence, which they called “ether”, and that the density of this medium must be very high. However, scientists at that time could not figure out why we could not perceive the existence of such matter, if there is, around us, matter with very high density, a density tens of thousands times higher than the density of steel. Weren’t we supposed to get “stuck” in such a matter? Later Mackson performed optical-interference experiments, but he was unable to find this ether.

From the perspective of cultivators, we know that scientists’ views are actually shaped from partial knowledge, knowledge of something but not of everything. Indeed, there are numerous kinds of matters around us, matters from the most micro to molecular ones in this dimension, matters that are simply countless. Nevertheless, among them, particles of one level do not affect those of another. Particles of a bigger dimension penetrate those particles of a smaller dimension. The space between levels of particles is immense. For example, the space the nucleus occupies in an atom is only one of several ten-thousandths in the whole atom, which has been proven by scientific experiments.

As a matter of fact, ether is something more micro than molecules and it permeates everything. When ether constitutes objects, the density is very high, yet ether is smaller than molecular particles. Therefore, ether is not only unable to “get people stuck” but it is also penetrating. Then why does Mackson’s optical-interference experiment prove that ether does not exist? The reason is that the lights and phenomena observed under observational instruments and the meters themselves are made of molecules that are restricted by this molecular time field. Such a restriction has limited the observatory capacity of scientists.

It’s not that matters exist only in places that our flesh eyes can see. It’s that our flesh eyes can only see things in the molecular dimension(s), namely the largest molecular dimension. Everyone knows that the air around us can’t be seen; however, there are air molecules in the air, molecules of smaller sizes that can’t be seen by the flesh eye. When we observe outer space, everything appears to be dark and it is said to be a vacuum. Actually, there, the molecules are just smaller than air molecules. These smaller molecules are beyond the capacity of the flesh eye and even instruments and meters.

Molecules outside the earth are more micro than those around and closer to earth. Demarcation of levels/dimensions is thus made. When a being in higher levels sees people on earth fly from Taiwan to the United States or to the Antarctic, he perceives them to be crawling like ants moving only within one atmospheric scope, which is very thin -- according to scientists, if the earth is like an apple, the atmosphere is thinner than the apple’s peel.

Some people say, “today’s space-shuttle can fly beyond the earth”, which is true. However, those astronauts have no way to stay in space for a long time. They must rely on sustaining equipment. The immediate dimension around the earth is an environment arranged by gods, an arrangement to tailor the living environment to the needs of the physical structures of people in this dimension. What is beyond the earth’s atmosphere is no longer a dimension with a similar living environment. There is life on every planet in the solar system, except the moon, only some living beings are in different dimensions or levels. Dafa has been opening living environments for beings at every level.

Many of the components in the sun’s rays are harmful to people. That is because the molecular components in people’s physical structures are unable to endure energy of such a high level, i.e., ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, and other high-energy cosmic rays. The earth’s atmosphere is set up to filter them to protect people’s living environment. The atmospheres of other planets also protect each of their living environments by allowing those beings to receive only appropriate sunshine.

Beyond this solar system, there is another set of demarcations. There matters are even more micro. Furthermore, the dimension(s) are bigger, and so are the world(s) there. Beings there are able to see the many solar systems in the galaxy and perceive the systems to be small worlds as little as a tiny glass ball, just like a toy in which people hustle around -- what fun is it to hustle about in a small ball?

Scientists know that the distance between solar systems is quite far, and the distance between galaxies is even farther. Dafa sets boundaries for living beings. Attempts of beings of a lower level to go beyond the scope for their level are almost futile. People have been restricted to moving about on the surface of the earth. Likewise, all beings within the three boundaries are restricted to existence in the scope of the solar system. Moreover, the long distance mentioned above also indicates that the higher the beings are, the more range there is for them to move about. The breadth and magnificence of higher-level beings’ worlds are unbearable for everyday people. Master says, “Countless sentient beings fill the cosmos; there is heaven and earth at every level. Spectacles are miraculous, mysterious, and immeasurable; to which sentient beings in the maze are blind. Wishes to see the spectacles are easier said; harder is the cultivation, like climbing a floating ladder. The maze collapses at the pinnacle; where magnificence exhausts all descriptions.” (from Maze in Hongyin)

Dimensions beyond galaxies are much more extensive, and matters are much more micro. In the vacuum of a solar system, occasionally there can come fragments like meteors. In the vacuum of a galaxy, there can be some gaseous objects like nebulae. The vacuum beyond galaxies is really complete darkness, where matters become even more micro – however, darkness does not mean there are no matters. In a dimension of very micro matters, molecules, being bigger, can hardly exist, as there is no appropriate living environment for them.

Micro matters also have sound wave transmission like that in our molecular world. Transmission of light is even quicker among micro matters; yet transmission speeds vary from one level of micro matters to another. Consequently, when lights travel from dimension to dimension in the cosmos, their speeds are intermittently fast and slow, subject to the movement of matters under the restrictions of the time field in each dimension.

Up to this point the discussion has generally considered what’s beyond a galaxy as one dimension. Nevertheless, such a universe as a dimension is constituted of many galaxies. Scientists have not yet observed larger cosmic structures. This discussion has so far touched only on a horizontal demarcation of dimensions while there exist vertical dimensional connections. The cosmic Dafa has opened living dimensions and scopes for all beings and this cosmos is so huge that any life’s scope, compared with the immense cosmos, can only be described as “a drop in the ocean”. If a life deviates from Dafa or deems itself as being greater than Dafa, it is a most lamentable thing.

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