My Son, a Young Practitioner

A Disciple in the United State

PureInsight | January 20, 2003

[] My son, Lili, is nine and a half years old. Since I obtained the Fa two years ago, he has personally witnessed the grandness and the miracle of Dafa. At the same time, my son is also like a mirror that reflects my cultivation status.

For the first several months after obtaining the Fa, I found it extremely difficult to give up fishing. My husband and I took my son fishing every weekend. I always brought each of us a rod. However, each time, my son had a miserable look on his face and said he did not want to fish. He always put down his fishing rod and went to play in the waterweeds or watch small fish splashing by the side of the brook. I was not happy about my son wasting time when he could be fishing. One time when we were ready to go home, my son suddenly said to me, "Mom, listen to the Falun Gong music." My heart took note, but I did not hear anything. From then on, little by little, I gave up my desire to fish and started to behave according to the requirements of a practitioner.

I also went from not expecting my son to study the Fa and do the exercises to explaining the content of Zhuan Falun to him. Recently he finished reading Zhuan Falun for the second time by reading a little bit at a time. He even requested to go to Fa study at a fellow practitioner's home. When we read the book in turn, he also took out his English version of Zhuan Falun and read with us. For the first time, my son was able to quietly sit down with fellow practitioners and finish reading a whole chapter.

When we went home, he told me he wanted to practice the exercises. Delighted, I rewound the tape and was ready to begin. When the prelude was playing, he suddenly told me he did not want to practice. I was disappointed and thought my son was experiencing his old habit of fickleness again. I asked, "Why do you change your mind after we decide to do something? It is a serious thing to practice and study the Fa, and you can not do it according to your own will. At that moment, the practice music sounded out of tune. "Look, the recorder is angry," I said. My son seemed to understand. He agreed to practice. The recorder was still out of tune, so I changed to the CD player. Half a year ago, the music for the first exercise on this CD stopped working, so I always skipped over it and started with the second one. However, this time, the music for the first exercise was not blocked, and the player finished the music for the first exercise completely and smoothly. I could not suppress my pleasure and told him, "Look, Master Li is encouraging you."

Usually, when it is the time to send forth righteous thoughts, my son always reminds me. One day, my electronic mailbox was full. Although I deleted all the emails, the message on the screen still said that my mailbox was full and prompted me to buy more space. When I became anxious, my son suddenly said, "Why don't you send righteous thoughts?" His words reminded me immediately and I felt I had underestimated his maturity. Although he usually practices and studies the Fa sluggishly, at crucial moments, his righteous thoughts are stronger than mine.

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