The Power of the Truth

Zi Jun

PureInsight | February 24, 2003

[] More than 40 years ago, hypnotic regression became widely used by western scholars for research on reincarnation. Later, past life therapy added the concept of reincarnation to hypnotic regression. The most amazing aspect about past life therapy is that a patient's medical symptoms can disappear mysteriously after they are able to understand their past lives.

In the book, Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Brian Weiss wrote about a woman named Katherine who had suffered from many kinds of phobia and melancholia. When she underwent hypnotic regression, she found that she had been a young woman in her previous life named Alonda, who had died in an unexpected flood. Her village was completely destroyed. "Violent waves surged among the trees. There was nowhere to run. It was cold. The water was very cold. I wanted to save my child, but all I could do was to hug him tightly. I sank and was engulfed by the water. I could not gasp for air." Incredibly, after this treatment Katherine's symptoms of feeling suffocated and choked disappeared. This was a documented fact. This success changed Dr. Weiss' mind from one of doubting to one of firmly believing in reincarnation.

Pursue the Past and Cherish Today, another book written by Dr. Weiss, tells another story. Jack was an experienced, responsible, and reliable cargo plane pilot. However, he always felt angry and that this anger would eventually erupt like a volcano. He could not stand his family any more and left them. He also suffered from a kind of inexplicable phobia. Everyday in the morning when he operated the airplane, he frequently watched out of the window nervously to make sure the right wing of the plane was still there. Moreover, he woke up every morning feeling worried that the wings of the airplane could fall off. With the help of hypnotic regression, he found that he was a pilot in the German air force during World War II. The right wing of his airplane was damaged by friendly fire, and he died from the ensuing plane crash. Once he recalled this experience, his anger over the accident that killed him completely disappeared. He felt relieved as he found the root cause of his unknown anger that he had endured in this current life. His phobia also disappeared within two weeks.

Another incident recounted by Dr. Weiss involved a patient named Donna who improved her moral behavior after she learned a lesson during hypnotic regression. Donna often felt discomfort in her throat, as though she was being suffocated. Also, she would easily catch infections in her respiratory tract. Even worse, Donna was gradually losing her voice. During the treatment, she saw her previous life during the Italian Renaissance. She knew an important secret and was murdered so that the secret would not be revealed to the public. In her current life, she observed that if she did not say the truth, her throat would feel tight, causing pain even to the point of endangering her life. In another past life of hers, she was a young woman living on an island in the Pacific Ocean. She was infatuated with an aboriginal dance. One day the bonfire went out of control while she danced. She was too involved in dancing and forgot to tell the other people about the fire. Her entire tribe perished from that accident. One of the victims became her mother in her current life, who mistreated her starting from a very young age. After recalling these events, Donna found that the tight feeling around her throat was released and she gained a deeper understanding of her relationship with her mother. Donna also realized that she should always tell the truth under all circumstances.

Cases similar to these are numerous. Most of them are about patients who, after their recollection, became happier and more peaceful. They found it easier to face challenges and were able to improve interpersonal relationships. They became more independent, joyful, and enjoyed helping others. It has been proven that many patients, after recalling their previous lives, improved their character and their outlook on life. They became more tolerant and kind.

Human nature is kind and merciful. However, in the gigantic dye vat of the ordinary human society, people are gradually giving up their kindness and losing themselves. They are more and more controlled by postnatally acquired notions and only believe what their naked eyes can see. Therefore, it's more difficult for them to find the truth of the matter. Those who can see the truth but refuse to accept it cannot relinquish their stubborn mentality. Yet, human nature is good even though kindness is often buried under tribulations and brutal competition in the material world. When an opportunity comes to enable people to learn the truth, the kindness from the bottom of their hearts will be rekindled, and they will genuinely change.

The patients in the cases mentioned above found the root causes of their fear, rage, mistreatment, and illnesses and then they became more tolerant and kind. Their lives were enriched by these positive changes. The truth has the power to fully awaken people.

In China, Falun Gong practitioners have risked their lives for the truth. They have been arrested, tortured, detained in labor camps and sentenced to jail. Falun Gong practitioners clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong to the dear Chinese people, who have been deceived by the lies created by the malevolent and unscrupulous political bloc. Why do the Falun Gong practitioners do this? It is because they know the truth. They know what awaits the people who have been deceived by the lies and have done harm to Falun Gong. In line with an infinitely merciful heart, Falun Gong practitioners have persevered for more than three years in clarifying the truth with the purpose of awakening people's true nature that has been buried for a long time. People have the opportunity to choose a glorious future for themselves, if they choose to do what is righteous.

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