The Root Cause of Failing to Look Inward

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland

PureInsight | March 10, 2003

[] There are different degrees of failing to look inward at different levels. Some of the root causes of one's failure to look inward are selfish notions to protect oneself, being afraid of getting hurt, being afraid of losing things, and being afraid of losing one's face.

In reality, looking inward is not making compromises out of weakness. It is a wise behavior, and the first step toward a beautiful future.

"…True improvements come from letting go, not from gaining". ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") Looking inward does not result in actually losing anything real. What are lost are trivial and superficial things, low-level notions and attachments of everyday people. These are not good things. Instead, these notions will limit oneself to the realm of everyday people, which is not very nice. They will bind one up tightly until one reaches self-destruction.

Looking inward is not to lose anything good that one has. For example, a person treats you badly or says bad things about you, and you find it very difficult to live with it. What is behind this? Why is it so difficult for you to live with? Isn't it due to your attachment toward fame, self-interest, personal pride and vanity? Does this heart reflect one's true nature?

Then why do we refuse or fail to look inward? Why can't we just cut the knot that binds us to the attachment in one motion? Hasn't Master told us, "…true improvements come from letting go, not from gaining ".

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