Fa-Rectification Participation Experiences of D.C. Area Practitioners

PureInsight | March 17, 2003

[PureInsight.org] This is a group experience sharing. Some practitioners who participated in writing could not make it to this conference. However, they said that the purpose of so many practitioners coming from different places to this conference was precisely for group improvement. Therefore, on behalf of them, we would like to pass their greetings on to all attendees of the conference.

1. The whole group should deny the "tests" by the old evil forces.

Recently, about ten D.C. practitioners had car accidents. Some others displayed conditions similar to that of severe sickness karma. Non-practitioner family members displayed severe sickness karma. Also some practitioners experienced big difficulties in terms of family relations.

In the past, when we were going through tribulations, we often treated them as our own problems. We looked inward first. This is, in itself, not wrong. However, it cannot become an excuse for the old evil forces to take advantage. During this period, timely experience sharing among practitioners is very important. A practitioner gave an example in her project team. The person in charge of the project didn't reply to e-mails for a week. Later, members of the project team learned that his sickness tribulations were very severe. He couldn't get up. Everyone in the team started sending forth righteous thoughts. Shortly, the sickness karma symptoms of this practitioner disappeared.

One elderly female practitioner had half a year of sickness tribulations. She coughed a lot and couldn't go to sleep. This elderly woman still went to the embassy to send forth righteous thoughts and went to tourist sites to clarify the truth. Her non-practitioner daughter was also affected. Her daughter forced her to take medicine and said, "You go out during the day time and come back to cough at night." The older practitioner had medicine in her hand and thought maybe she could have a good night of sleep if she took a single pill. However, she didn't take it. Last year, during the July 20 conference, she coughed blood. The amount of blood was enough to soak a few layers of facial tissue. She told some other practitioners. They said it must be that she had omissions and told her to go read the book. She felt quite discouraged, as she very determinedly looked inward, but this didn't make any difference. She also concentrated well when sending forth righteous thoughts. However, she still didn't see any difference. At the end of last October, the rotten ghost came to visit the U.S. A practitioner asked her if she would like to go together to Houston. She said, "How could I go like this? Wouldn't I be adding to the burden of other practitioners?" The practitioner didn't say much. Later he felt that something wasn't right. He called back and said to the elderly lady, "This isn't right. We should not allow them to interfere anymore. We will fight to the end." The encouragement of this practitioner shocked the elderly lady. At the moment, these words "fight to the end" almost exploded in her mind. Yes, fight to the end. When the righteous thought came out, she participated in the battle of good and evil in Houston with strong determination. After that, coughing disappeared without medication. The non-practitioner's daughter couldn't say anything then.

2. Break the boundaries between project teams.

As the Fa-rectification situations advance, Fa-rectification work on different aspects is evolving quickly. For example: government work, non-governmental organization work, media, TV, newspapers, Internet break-through, embassy, tourist sites, telephone, truth-clarification to local Chinese and so on. More and more challenges emerge in terms of time, manpower or technology. Oftentimes we are short of hands. Sometimes different project teams even try to win over the same person. As we are becoming more mature on the group level, different project teams have initiated Fa study, experience sharing and communications. The teams have formed a solid group. Each individual has also been tempered in a well-rounded fashion. The co-operation between different individuals and project teams has become more and more cohesive.

For example, during the case that we successfully pursued against the Chinese Central Television, China's Bureau of Public Security, and Bureau of National Security for their harassment of overseas practitioners, practitioners in the legal team took the responsibility for legal procedures, the media team took care of publicity, the government team clarified the truth to different levels of the government, the TV team made TV programs about the lawsuit, the Internet team constructed web sites for this. More practitioners participated by helping collect cases and fax the truth to mainland China.

D.C. is a relatively busy area. It is the capital city of the U.S. It has its own special and difficult tasks. Many times, we felt that we were not able to take on any additional tasks and every individual had probably reached his or her full capacity. However, the amount of responsibility we should take during the Fa-rectification should not be measured by the degree of busyness of individuals. As the Fa-rectification is pushing forward quickly, many projects must be taken, created or re-invented. So how can we take full responsibility to meet the new requirements of the Fa-rectification with the same number of people? We looked at the group. Through Fa study, the group realized the importance of Dafa work. Everyone is equipped with wisdom, passion and capabilities from cultivation. The whole body still has a lot of potential. This is the power of the group. Due to needs of Fa-rectification work, a few old Chinese ladies took care of the embassy almost every day over the past several years. They also took part in sending letters and calling. Some practitioners used to emphasize the importance of their current projects and encourage others to join their teams. Now they not only actively participate in other projects, but also create new areas of truth-clarification and become coordinators of other projects.

The Internet break-through work in D.C. started when everyone was already very busy. At the beginning, considering that everyone was already too busy, we didn't promote this project in particular. However, everyone treated truth-clarification as the most important thing. Although the Internet team doesn't have a regular group Fa study and experience sharing, practitioners shared the importance of this project during meetings of different other teams. Many practitioners took every opportunity to use the Internet to clarify the truth. Truth-clarification on the Internet has also started quickly. A TV team member became the star and the administrator of Internet chatting rooms. Elderly Chinese women who had never touched computers before also started clarifying the truth on the Internet. Many practitioners have taken multiple responsibilities: clarifying the truth to the American society during the daytime and to Chinese at night. They play important roles in multiple project teams.

The project teams didn't isolate themselves, didn't view the importance of Dafa work from their own project, but looked at the needs on the group level in the Fa-rectification. Every team is not just composed by fixed members, but a strong body. This group environment facilitated the work of clarifying truth to Chinese and other work as well.

3. Understanding the meaning of lawsuits from the standpoint of Fa-rectification

When collecting and compiling cases of persecution and harassment of people outside of China, we came to understand more that this persecution is persecution of humankind. Evil has exhausted its tricks outside of China. It uses political, economical, cultural and diplomatic means, staff of the embassy and consulates, secret spies and bad people, to spread the evil field on all layers. The scope of the persecution covers the whole world. It adopts different forms outside of China, but the nature of the persecution is the same.

For example, some practitioners have often been followed, had pictures or videos taken, or were bugged. On the surface, this doesn't harm the individuals. However, this information was compiled into a "blacklist." When a foreign government commits crimes against Dafa practitioners on the "blacklist" under pressure or temptation, the end result is obvious. Also, the evil uses media infiltration, controls Chinese associations, and uses student groups to instigate conflicts with and hatred towards Falun Gong. Many innocent Chinese people and students will be pushed to the edge of destruction because of this. As Dafa disciples outside of China, if we don't realize the persecution on this aspect, we cannot fully clarify the truth. How to see through the nature and severity of the persecution and completely deny the existence of it at a group level is a significant matter of denying the arrangements of the old forces. It erases the evil, helps practitioners in Mainland China and saves sentient beings.

The evil usually uses so-called "legal" means to commit illegal deeds. Direct evidence about any specific event are hard to obtain. This has caused the truth-clarification work with legal means to be full of difficulties. At the same time, the evil doers have never stopped its harassments overseas. The harassments have even become more and more severe. The evil doers are very sly and the currently available legal means are quite limited. Practitioners also have different concerns. Some want to leave this to legal specialists and do not have a sense of participation. Some fall into the legal frames. Because they didn't study the laws before and had only partial understandings and a certain degree of pursuit of success, their arguments fell into details of legal feasibility. They didn't view this from the meaning of the entire Fa-rectification.

The problem was exposed. Afterwards, the group improved and reached clearer understandings after Fa-study and discussions. We realize that laws are just a means, a tool for our use. The fundamental issue is to use it to expose the evil, suppress the evil and clarify the truth on a broader scale to save sentient beings. We learned the experience and lessons of Canadian practitioners. In addition to completely and systematically clarifying the truth to our lawyer, we supported the lawyer with strong righteous thoughts so that the evil had no opportunity to take advantage. The lawyer creatively used the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Act to file the lawsuit. The design of the lawsuit presented a common mode of repeated occurrences of crimes in different locations. It showed people that the overseas harassments are not local or random. They are series of intentional harassments by a rogue regime. This is in fact the truth we would like people to understand when we clarify the truth.

The evil's harassments and persecution of Dafa disciples are still ongoing. Recently there are still new cases. Therefore, we should keep our thoughts strongly righteous all the time and try our best to record and report any incidents. Recording and reporting our persecution cases is in itself exposing the evil and letting people know about the persecution in America against kind people. This also offers people a chance to support our legal means, resist and punish the evil forces and correctly position themselves.

4. Completely deny the arrangement of old evil forces from the viewpoint of history.

It was a significant event when we sued evil Jiang for genocide. It was a great success that we sued Jiang and the 610 Office and served them in the form of a court order with the consent of the judge during their visit in Chicago. The first scheduling conference was on January 13, 2003. It was also a successful development in the case. We have achieved substantial success. As long as this genocide lawsuit exists, it is good evidence that evil Jiang can sued successfully for actions during his powerful post in American courts.

Looking back in legal history, the initial moral principle of laws was: all men are created equal in front of the law. Those who commit a crime should be held liable. Victims have the right to appeal. Many European countries have continental law, in other words, laws are definitions. But America has case law. This has offered a possibility for us to create new cases. However, since the 1960s, the Alien Tort Act has given the permission for politicians to insert their interest and influence the ruling. Without exception, every country has given immunity to any lawsuits involving heads of countries.

Through Fa study, disciples realized that the old evil forces arranged the law and the participation in the law by politics. Just as they arranged diplomatic history, relationships between different governments, interactions and restraints between different governments, offset factors to maintain their interests, they also arranged the limited justice in the human world, additional political elements that impede implementation of justice and the opportunity for heads of countries to abuse their power by slaughtering people while avoiding legal liability. To create new cases under such circumstances is indeed beyond the scope of legal regulations and cases arranged by the old evil forces in the past several hundred years. It is the content of Fa-rectification.

Now that it is the content of Fa-rectification, we should not have any fantasies related to the old evil forces or any thoughts of luck mentalities like ordinary human beings. First, this is because any human attachments will cause obstacles in our work. Second, for Fa-rectification issues, operations on the merely human level cannot meet the requirements of Fa-rectification. Third, it's not possible for significant Fa-rectification events such as targeting the head agent of evil directly to succeed without a group understanding and righteous participation of all disciples. When our Fa-rectification work extends to all elements of human society, the requirement for our understandings on a group level is higher; the requirement for our level of wisdom about operations in the human world is higher; and the requirement for our clarifying the truth deeply and meticulously is higher.

Master said in "Towards Consummation," "When I questioned the last group of high-level beings who are about to be weeded out why they have been concocting lies about me and Dafa, they replied: 'There's no other way. The path you have taken is so righteous. How else could Dafa and your disciples be tested?'" We realize that this indicates that the lawsuit has already been completed in the other dimensions. The play also needs to be completed in this dimension.

5. Understandings about individual cultivation and Fa-rectification cultivation

Suddenly, after the lawsuit of evil Jiang started, the conflicts among practitioners in our area became very prominent. Overnight, some issues that had not been handled very well in the past became almost irresolvable arguments. After careful examination, we found that these were past issues. How could we resolve all of this with such a significant task in hand? We tried different solutions, also tried to convince others with Fa principles. These could not truly solve the issues. These issues included conflicts among individual practitioners and among areas. Some practitioners thought that the situation was very bad, so they often called for group discussions for "looking inward," for identifying individual problems or problems in the D.C. area.

After several discussions, we realized that we hadn't viewed the issues with righteous thoughts. During the Changchun TV hijacking and Hong Kong trial, we could understand, from the standpoint of the Fa, that the Changchun practitioners did nothing wrong and the Hong Kong practitioners did nothing wrong. It was persecution by the old evil forces. However, during some recent work, as insiders, we had discontent among D.C. practitioners and between D.C. practitioners and practitioners in other areas. Some even thought that it was the fault of a group of practitioners. And this group of practitioners thought it was the fault of those practitioners. There was also another group that stood up for some practitioners. Some opinions left from the past caused injuries to some practitioners.

Of course, saying that practitioners did nothing wrong is not equivalent to saying that everything was handled absolutely perfectly by everyone in terms of specific events. However, this should by no means be an excuse for persecution. However, when our righteous thoughts were not strong, we focused on these individual attributes that needed to be cultivated away and unknowingly put Fa-rectification in a secondary place. We realized that when we took responsibility for significant tasks, the old evil forces would try everything possible to interfere, even directly throwing bad things onto directly involved practitioners. Their purpose was to not let us actively participate in Fa-rectification, to frame us into an individual cultivation state. You look for my shortcomings. I look for his shortcomings. If we fall into trivial things, examine ourselves at the expense of putting aside important work; we are not breaking through the blockage by the old forces.

On the other hand, the evil precisely wants to direct us into the frame of individual cultivation, to slow down and interfere with Fa-rectification progress by making us attached to looking for our own and others' shortcomings. When this project should be evolving on different layers with a strong force according to the needs of Fa-rectification, the evil took advantage of our historical strong individual cultivation tendency to interfere with us, to make us have meetings again and again, for "looking inward" of individuals, a few practitioners, or a few areas. This not only slowed down the progress of the project, but also distracted practitioners. In addition, it enlarged the problem on the basis of acknowledging the interference and added to the negative energy. Of course, we do not mean that we should not look inward. However, we should not fall into the individual cultivation traps of the old evil forces. If we do so, the "looking inward" is actually reflections of different attachments. Some wanted to solve problems on the level of the issues per se, for example, like ordinary people, if you punch me, I'll have to punch you back, or if you apologize, then it is considered a solution. Some thought that they couldn't deny old evil forces' arrangements with determination before they solved their issues. Some were taking the opportunity to speak about the discontent they had felt towards other practitioners and areas for a long time.

Master said in the "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia U.S.A." lecture, "When you've been persecuted or been under pressure in the ordinary society, it's hard to prevent your human thoughts from having an effect, so some ordinary people's thoughts might surface, but don't think too much of it." "But being among ordinary people and facing these things, although you've had different takes on things, and there might even be more of us who've had different understandings and who've displayed some human thoughts, it's not all that surprising. That's because while you're improving yourself in cultivation, your path of validating Dafa, of saving sentient beings, and of moving towards the final Consummation is going to be a bumpy one. What's key is that you take every step well after you come to realize something." "This isn't cultivation with a small reach—it's the cosmos going through Fa-rectification. Everything is just too trivial to even mention next to the Fa-rectification—nothing begins to compare. You can't compare things that occur in personal cultivation with the Fa-rectification. It doesn't matter how high an old-force being's level is, if it can't place itself properly in this balance of things it's in danger and will be weeded out during the cosmos's Fa-rectification; all the countless beings who've been knocked down because of this were from very high levels."

Looking inward is the fundamental nature of a cultivator. Looking inward for individual shortcomings is the most important factor for individual cultivation. However, the base of Fa-rectification cultivation is much higher. Looking inward also has its meaning in Fa-rectification cultivation. The "looking inward" on the basis of Fa-rectification cultivation is in itself assimilating to the Fa principles, benevolently solving karmic relationships, and saving sentient beings. The three things Master taught us to do: Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. Each is from the standpoint of saving sentient beings. Especially in the cases of sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth, individual cultivation didn't have them. Fa study also has different meanings in Fa-rectification cultivation. The difference between Fa-rectification and individual cultivation is saving sentient beings. This is also what we understand as the characteristic of Fa-rectification cultivation.

Overtly emphasizing on "looking inward" of individual cultivation, to some extent, is to put ourselves as Fa-rectification disciples in the first place and put Fa-rectification in the second place. Actually, Fa-rectification is like liquid steel. Individual attachments are like sawdust. They are so trivial in comparison with the liquid steel. Master mentioned in Philadelphia: the old evil forces couldn't handle well the relationship between individual cultivation and Fa-rectification. This is their sin.

Master said before that Sakyamuni realized that the Fa he preached previously was wrong every time after he improved. During cultivation and improvements, we have also experienced this. Every time we look back, we find that we were in the individual cultivation state. What we want to say is that it's not that individual cultivation is not good, or that we should not look inward. However the reason we constantly find ourselves in the individual cultivation state is because the overall outlook of our thinking was too narrow. We were often affected by trivial things such as "self". We didn't achieve "selflessness and altruism." The "self", at our current level of understanding, includes many things such as whether we feel good about ourselves, whether our area acts as one body, how our own cultivation state is, even whether I have made any mistakes or have slowed the team down.

Master said in "Non-Omission," "The Fa has different requirements for cultivators at different levels. Sacrifice is evidenced by one's being detached from ordinary human attachments. If a person can indeed calmly abandon everything with his heart being unaffected, he is actually at that level already. Yet cultivation practice is to improve yourself. You are already able to abandon the attachment, so why not also abandon the fear of attachment, itself? Isn't abandonment without omission a higher sacrifice? Yet if a cultivator or an everyday person who cannot even make fundamental sacrifices also discusses this principle, he is actually undermining the Fa by making excuses for the attachments he cannot let go of." As cultivators during the Fa-rectification period, we are not afraid of facing our problems. We don't run away from this. However, we also don't have attachments to fear of not having looked inward.

If we focus our attention on Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, tolerating and encouraging each other and walking along the path that Master has shown us, we can solve any problems.

6. How to treat fellow practitioners and benevolently solve "conflicts" between disciples.

Recently we have obtained new understandings of "selflessness and altruism."

Every one of us is like Master's gong. Every one has his own Fa-rectification work. The entire body we form constitutes the magnificent progress of the Fa-rectification. If we use the power structure and hierarchical notions we accumulated over a long time to project different degrees of importance on different projects and a hierarchy among disciples, we will impede active participation in and devotion to Fa-rectification work of fellow practitioners and ourselves.

Sculptures in temples have different styles. Some are smiling. Some are serious. Some are with a long face. Some are graceful. During cultivation, different practitioners have different attributes, talents and characteristics. For example, some practitioners are good at passing information around and some are good at delving into the details and doing groundwork. Others are good at organizing parades or other such activities. Every god has his or her own paradise and principles he or she validates. Of course everyone is different. If we require practitioners who are good at passing out information to organize parades, maybe this is an unreasonable request and is making this project too difficult for all. In fact, the righteous principles every one of us validates will become the manifestation of Dafa on different levels in the new universe. When we become firmer and more mature in the Fa, we'll display Dafa in the human world even better. We don't use notions to judge fellow practitioners. We don't want to cause manmade separations.

The family tribulations of one practitioner went on for a long time. Many practitioners helped at one time or another. Seeing the issue become long-term, some were discouraged and didn't want to deal with it any more. During discussions, we realized that some disciples had some tribulations. In fact, this may be the implementation point of the old evil forces' persecution in this area. It, in itself, may not be the tribulation of a single practitioner. It may be related to karmic relationships surrounding people as well. No matter what shortcomings this practitioner has, it should not become the excuse of evil forces' persecution. If we completely deny the old evil forces' arrangements, we will keep benevolent thoughts towards fellow practitioners, reduce the pressure on the practitioner to resolve conflicts, and benevolently resolve the karmic relationships.

At the same time, we discuss and improve together with the Fa. We find the old forces take advantage of our "kindness" which is not in line with righteous Fa principles and holds us back on some low levels of "salvation," including how to look inward and try our best to save a dying marriage, etc. The energy of some practitioners has been consumed with family tribulations for a long time. In fact, the old evil forces arranged the "test" to remove practitioners' attachments and arranged broken marriages or an unfaithful spouse. The fact we see is that these so-called tests do not help these practitioners to improve. They are similar to beating practitioners in order to "help" practitioners to improve. The end result is that practitioners are troubled by family tribulations for a long time. This affects their participation in Fa-rectification. At the same time, removal of their individual attachments has been slow and difficult.

Upon finding that her husband had an extramarital affair, a practitioner in D.C. talked sincerely to him many times. When her husband insisted on breaking up, she didn't linger on this issue too much. After they broke up, she maintained a friendly relationship with her husband and didn't interrupt her Fa-rectification work.

This practitioner said: "After I found out my husband had an extramarital affair, I constantly looked inward. I tried my best to correct myself. This didn't work. After Fa study and experience sharing, I realized that the meaning of life for Fa-rectification disciples is Fa-rectification. We could benevolently resolve different karmic relationships and debts in the human world on a broader basis only if we do well with the three things Master has taught us. If I entangle myself in a conflict with my husband, it will interrupt my doing Fa-rectification work The karmic relationships between my husband and I, the third person and us, can not be resolved on a higher level. Nobody else can save today's people, because the moral principles of life are not pure any more. The only way to go beyond the old principles and settle everything with benevolent solutions is to participate in the Fa-rectification."

In addition, can we respect, understand and tolerate every fellow practitioner the same as we treat a righteous god? Master treats us as the future Buddhas, Daos and Gods. Our cultivated parts have been separated. The human things left with us here is for better participation in the Fa-rectification. We won't be able to do it without these things. So it is closely related to our cultivation state whether we look at a fellow practitioner's superficial human attributes or his cultivated divine side. Many fellow practitioners, when they look at other practitioners from such an angle, their hearts are full of respect and trust towards others and the entire group.

One day, when a practitioner felt inertia, a younger practitioner asked why she felt that way. The cultivated parts of disciples are all displayed in other dimensions. He saw that practitioners' bodies were shining. The old evil forces cannot enter the new universe. They have become crazily jealous and are trying their best to interfere with practitioners. This practitioner immediately realized that all pessimistic thoughts and all pains are due to drifting away from Fa-rectification cultivation or not righteously believing in the Fa, which shifted the attention to individual cultivation or individual tribulations. Master mentioned many times: "Dafa disciples' futures are certainly bright." Righteous belief is the foundation of cultivation. If we are full of righteous belief in Master, then we'll not struggle in the loneliness and hardship of individual cultivation.

7. Benefiting and improving as a group

DC practitioners had many discussions about rescuing Charles Li. Master mentioned in "Upgrading Xinxing" in Zhuan Falun: "When they walked into the middle of the street, a car drove by very fast, and its rearview mirror caught the elderly lady's clothes. With her clothes caught by the car, the lady was dragged for a distance of over ten meters and brought down to the ground. The car stopped after moving beyond twenty meters. The driver was very upset after getting out of the car: "Hey, you weren't watching where you were walking." Nowadays, people behave this way and will first of all avoid responsibility upon coming across a problem, regardless of whether they are at fault."

The elderly lady was hit. What people should think of first should be saving a life. But distorted modern ways of thinking will make people look for a person to blame and push off the responsibility. It is the same with rescuing Charles Li. What Dafa practitioners should do now is to save people. Not only rescue Charles, but also to save more sentient beings with the same effort as rescuing Charles.

The other thing about the Charles Li rescue was when our standpoint is to argue that Charles is a doctor, therefore he couldn't have done the TV hijacking, or if we study Chinese law and say that he should be detained at most for 15 days or 37 days, we are already thinking within the traps of the old forces. In the same light, if the basis of exposing the evil with TV is to only stay on the level of the death toll and other statistics, our exposing the evil is quite shallow. This will also cause us not to know what else to expose at certain times.

This has in fact exposed a shortcoming of our current TV work. During the initial times, the D.C. TV team often gathered and discussed scripts. Despite many vigorous arguments, we shared a lot of understandings on the Fa, so the videos we made at that time are still good to use now. Afterwards, many TV team members switched to other projects. I myself have been put in the position of an "expert" or "authority." We overlooked the real sharing with other practitioners on the Fa. For quite awhile the D.C. TV team has had only one person working.

The outcome of only one person working was that, on one hand, I felt bitterness and pressure. Oftentimes, when I was not thinking clearly, I had no one to discuss things with and felt very lonely and tired. On the other hand, the videos we made were either not powerful enough, or didn't reflect the current Fa-rectification. On the surface, the feedback on the scripts we sent out to TV team members was very scarce. In fact, it was because I closed myself off to include only the narrow circle of the TV team. I totally overlooked the real sharing and communications with practitioners in other teams. In fact this type of inner project sharing is what's lacking the most right now. Many of our TV programs do not have a solid foundation, but have been reduced to formats.

Simply being busy is a state we should break through. Many TV team members are very busy, but they aren't making good programs. Some team members knowingly or unknowingly focus on making things they would like to make, and have forgotten about the requirements of Fa-rectification in this period of time. During group Fa study and discussion, fellow practitioners pointed out sharply that if you cannot write more scripts, was it because you've reached a platform of Fa understandings? You'll remain so unless you reach a new level of understanding of the Fa.

We tasted the power of group wisdom when making "Witness 2002." Five fellow practitioners participated in the production of this program and it took about three weeks to complete. During the course of its production, we have had strong support of practitioners worldwide. This program was the first one that we tried to let practitioners on different projects improvise and talk about their own experience and stories. This has had a very good impact. It truly reflected what's going on in the Fa-rectification.

When the first version came out, we played it for all practitioners in our area during group Fa study. Although they were not TV team members, practitioners raised many valid issues. The quality of the program was improved a lot after revision. Therefore, we plan to have group Fa study and discussion by practitioners from different teams. I think this will enrich the contents of our TV programs and offer an inexhaustible think tank. We realized that we could not isolate ourselves from the big cultivation environment and make TV programs behind closed doors. When we look at the macroscopic Fa-rectification progress, what we need to make TV programs for becomes clear.

The current Fa-rectification requires our group cultivation and co-operation more than at any time in the past.

8. Wholeheartedly cooperate with the group's needs

The geographic location of D.C. has offered us many cultivation opportunities. We have many federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the Congress. Many practitioners from other states often come to visit their congressmen.

Maybe not only disciples in D.C., but also disciples in other areas would unknowingly put D.C. as a "center" and the D.C. VIP team as a "central team." In fact, this is an illusion. During the Fa-rectification, such a division isn't right. During the past three years, it is the group efforts of all disciples in the states that have opened up the current government work. The efforts of the D.C. team alone would not have been able to make this happen. The cooperation between the D.C. team and other areas is very important.

How can we assist disciples in other areas with truth-clarification to government? We've also experienced a course of cultivation. Initially, we put ourselves in the assistant role. We were busy printing and delivering materials. We never actively walked out to clarify the truth to different levels of the government. On the surface, we seemed to be very helpful and without any competitive mentality.

By studying the Fa, we realized that this state was a manifestation of our not being responsible. It also showed that we had unconsciously brought the human hierarchical notions into cultivation. When we were trying to break through this state, we also thought about asking for other areas' cooperation with our "coordination." This would include our informing other areas about our work progress and information.

The later facts told us that disciples from any area are able to lead government work well. The actual work result of disciples of other areas has helped break out of our notions many times. Many practitioners actively coordinated truth-clarification to the government from remote places. They had significant impacts. The pure heart of all practitioners for saving sentient beings has often motivated us and urged us to improve.

In the future, we, along with all practitioners, are going to clarify the truth to the American society deeply and meticulously. We'll wholehearted cooperate with all of you and complete all the tasks that our area should take on.

Thank you all.

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