Treat Our Fellow Practitioners Kindly

Wen Zhen, A Practitioner from

PureInsight | March 17, 2003

[] When problems arise due to so-called "loopholes" in our fellow practitioners, it isn't benevolence or compassion if we simply blame them for having the loopholes. Suppose your children or some family member of yours were to encounter a thief and the thief had stolen things from them. After being told about it, do you not get angry at the thief and instead become angry at your children or family member and blame them for not being more careful? If so, it is a warped notion. There is a saying among everyday people, "Humans aren't sages, who can be flawless?" Before reaching consummation, it's inevitable for practitioners to have loopholes. If one is bothered by others' problems, one must have attachments. To say, "How could you be doing so poorly?" implies that the speaker thinks he/she is doing pretty well. At least in this aspect, one thinks that he/she is better than the other person. Only when this attachment is eliminated can one truly point out the other person's problems with good will, and only then can the other person accept the criticism.

When I first started practicing cultivation, I felt that I was better than non-practitioners in every aspect because I had obtained the Fa. I completely couldn't see any merit in non-practitioners. But now I constantly discover that many non-practitioners have a lot of merits and do better than I in many aspects. Therefore, now I can appreciate them more, and have started to like my non-practitioner family members more and more. There are many, extremely good qualities in every Falun Dafa practitioner, and they are sparkling. In the past, I considered others' problems very big and serious, but now I don't think they are serious problems anymore. Instead, I think my problems are the most serous ones. My own problems result in problems within a large cosmic body, aren't they serious? Countless gods are watching our every single thought. Our every single thought is very important to the sentient beings in our universe.

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