Every One of Us Can Start a "Justice Court" Demonstration

A Practitioner from Germany

PureInsight | August 11, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Many countries have a kind of regulation that says that if the there are fewer than three people in a demonstration, you do not need to apply for a permit. In Germany, I asked around before we organized demonstrations in front of the State Department, Chinese Embassy, and parks, the answers I received were always like this: if you only have 30 banners and 10 posters, it is OK. You do not need to wait for approval.

Once I was writing about my experiences in organizing a "Justice Court" in parks. In the process of writing, I realized that the Fa was already there. As long as we do it, when the ordinary laws in the human society cannot influence the process anymore, the space becomes so unlimited. All things are here for the sake of Fa.

Usually we have two hours for doing exercises, and some of us do not pay enough attention to doing a Justice Court. Doing exercises in the park is only one activity we do, and we have to find more time to do other activities. Can we combine these two activities together, and get two things done at one time?

A Justice Court with over one thousand people cannot happen every day. But we can do it individually when we are doing exercises in the park after work. When we do the exercises, there are also posters and banners there to illustrate the facts about Dafa. Many times, when people read the materials on the posters, they can tell other people they know. If we change parks everyday, more and more people will know the truth. We collected many signatures this way. After signing, some people do not leave right away and they ask us questions, such as: Is the Chinese government that bad? Many people told me that Truthfulness, Kindness and Tolerance are needed so much in this world.

What happens afterwards was so natural. When we had gained experience from doing a Justice Court in the parks, we moved to the municipal government building and media building to do this. In the evening, we did exercises and told German people the truth about Dafa. We wrote letters to the president and Minister of Foreign Affairs. We will let the government know their people support Falun Gong. The media normally thinks that Dafa news is not local news. Falun Gong is something related to China, and is far away from them. But when we do this in front of a media building, and conduct the Justice Court there, wouldn't this become local news?

Through these events, I feel every one of us has some strength. When we have more serious actions, and less talking shop kind of activities, ordinary people understand us better, and respect us. In this way, we can work with the values of being kind and fair themselves. Every day after the exercises, there are some wonderful things happening. Sometimes, all the newspapers have been picked up, sometimes we have people come and ask for more information, and other times, more people want to learn how to do the exercises. People encourage us by saying: You are right! A job well done! Please keep on doing what you do! As we become more mature in conducting Justice Courts, we get more and more signatures.

When we share experiences with other practitioners, they say we all can do this, but we have not thought about it yet. They ask us to tell all practitioners how we did it, and then, we can use the time we do exercises and add in more activities to clarify the truth. The Justice Court will not be restricted by the laws of the ordinary human society, and no one can limit us or delay us. This activity is in the hands of Dafa Dizi.

If we can spread this to all cities, the results will be great. Everything happens in the moment of a thought. Only if we follow Master's teaching, expanding and strengthening truth clarification, we will save a lot of sentient beings. When we following Master's teaching, everything goes well.

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