Emperor Zhou's Ancient "Human Grill" Torture Method Revived: Same Methods, Same Result

Li Demin

PureInsight | August 18, 2003

[Note: This article contains graphic descriptions of the Chinese Communist Party's brutal torture of Falun Gong practitioners. Parental guidance is advised.]

[PureInsight.org] It has been over 3,000 years since the end of the Shang Dynasty in ancient China. [The Shang Dynasty ruled China for approximately 650 years, from 1766 BC to 1122 BC]. Mankind is quite proud of its advanced technology and better living standards when compared to the civilization back then. But while improving materially, mankind has also become more depraved in its techniques of torture and killing. In modern China, those corrupt policemen and officials who have been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners for the past four years have fully manifested the most evil and wicked side of mankind since the beginning of human history. In fact, an extremely sadistic form of torture known as the "Human Grill" (or Pao Luo in Chinese) that was once used under the rule of tyrant Emperor Zhou during the fall of the Shang Dynasty, has been revived in the present time to torture Falun Gong practitioners. [Note: Pao Luo is a torture method wherein a person is forced to walk on a red hot, slippery metal beam that is situated on a pile of burning coals.] Below is a comparison of two instances where a "Human Grill" type torture was used. The first is from the Shang Dynasty and the second is from modern China.

Before the collapse of the Shang Dynasty in 1122 BC., Emperor Zhou was known to be very immoral and enjoyed randomly slaughtering innocent people. He indulged himself in alcohol, sex, and frivolous spending; built lavish pools filled with wine, and had an extensive harem. [Note: In ancient China, the term "Emperor" meant "Son of Heaven"; one appointed by Heaven to rule the people. In its 650-year reign, the Shang Dynasty had several successive emperors (passed on by heredity), of which Emperor Zhou was the last. According to traditional Chinese thinking, it was believed that if the Son of Heaven became extremely corrupt and immoral, he would loose Heaven's Mandate to rule, the dynasty would collapse, and Heaven would grant its Mandate to a new emperor and dynasty that valued virtue.]

One day, Da Ji, Emperor Zhou's favoriate concumbine, gave him the idea of "grilling" those few court officials who still dared to give him honest and constructive advice on his national administration. [Note: Da Ji was a wicked concubine of Emperor Zhou who is thought to have played a central role in bringing about the collapse of the Shang Dynasty]. Emperor Zhou gladly accepted the idea, and his first victim was Minister Mei Bo. When Mei Bo gave Emperor Zhou his honest advice on an important administrative matter, he was tortured with the "Pao Luo," or "Human Grill," and died shortly thereafter.

After learning the news of this unconscionable act, all of the remaining government officials abandoned Emperor Zhou. The feudal lords also withdrew their support and pledged their allegiance to Feudal Lord Wu of the Zhou State [Note: During this time, China Proper was divided into several main states, with all of them pledging their allegience to the Empire. The Zhou State was one of the most powerful states]. Lord Wu followed the change of the cosmic climate and seized the opportunity to lead a crusade against Emperor Zhou. When Emperor Zhou's army was defeated by Lord Wu in the battle at Muye, Emperor Zhou retreated in haste to the inner chambers of the royal palace. There, after realizing that there was no escape, he stepped onto the Deer Platform, put on his ceremonial robe decorated with precious jade, and set himself on fire. [Note: In classical Chinese, the deer is a symbol of China or the Chinese people, due to its peaceful nature. To own the deer means to own China, or to have the hearts of the people on your side.]

When Lord Wu reached the inner chamber of the palace in persuit of Emperor Zhou, he stepped onto the Deer Platform and chopped the head off Emperor Zhou's smoldering dead body. He then hung the head high up on a pole with a white flag in front of the palace to signify that the Shang Dynasty had fallen.

Mr. Liao Yuanhua is a highly esteemed man in China's Hubei Province. He was also once the General Secretary of the Internal Affairs Department of the Communist Party branch of the Forestry Bureau in Wuxue City. Because Mr. Liao aspired to live his life according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance (the principles on which Falun Gong is based), the Hubei police illegally detained him in June 2000 and later transferred him to the Fanjiatai Forced Labor Camp in Shayang City, Hubei Province. There, Mr. Liao was subject to non-stop, brutal torture because he refused to renounce his beliefs.

On numerous occasions, Mr. Liao kindly and calmly explained to the labor camp guards that Falun Gong was being misrepresented and framed by Jiang Zemin's regime, and that Falun Gong only taught people how to be upright citizens and improve their moral quality. It is truly disturbing how such well-intended explanations could have served as a motivation for the depraved guards in the labor camp to persecute Mr. Liao even more intensly. The following is a description of the torture that was revived and used on Mr. Liao.

Inside the Fanjiatai Forced Labor Camp there is a brickyard. The kiln in the brickyard is always kept hot between the temperatures of 150 to 176 degrees F. Each fired brick is like a piece of burning hot metal when it's first taken out of the kiln. In order to torture Mr. Liao, the guards and their helpers forcefully held him down against a pile of newly fired bricks. Before losing consciousness from the agonizing pain, Mr. Liao let out a terrifying scream as his burning clothes, hair, and flesh sent up thick, black plumes of smoke into the brickyard. Instead of coming to their senses and pulling him off the bricks, these sadistic guards, who lost all traces of humanity, roared in laughter: "Look! He is like a TV that has suddenly lost its picture and sound!"

Though he survived, Mr. Liao's body is now covered in burn scars. Each scar bears the exact imprint of a brick. His ears were so badly burned that you can no longer tell what they are, and his face has become severely deformed.

At present, Mr. Liao Yuanhua's family and relatives, as well as a large number of kind-hearted people in the public, are very concerned about Mr. Liao's current condition. Every day, they yearn to find out whether Mr. Liao is still alive.

More than 3,000 years have passed since the fall of Emperor Zhou for the crimes he committed against his own people. Today, the narrow minded, cruel, and sadistic former Head of State Jiang Zemin has been leading a viscious campaign of persecution and terror against Falun Gong practitioners for over four years now. Jiang has not only emulated the cruelty, malice, and sadism of Emperor Zhou back in the Shang Dyansty, but has far surpassed it. In his campaign to eradicate all those who practice Falun Gong, Jiang has ordered his regime and gang of followers to employ the most unprecedentedlycruel torture methods. Some of them include burning practitioners' backs with boiling water and then forcefully scrubbing the wounds with salt; electrocuting the bodies and genitals of practitioners with 10,000 volt electric batons; restraining practitioners in painful positions for long periods of time using special "restraining jackets"; force feeding practitioners using various kinds of heinous methods that can eventually result in death; sexually assaulting and raping female practitioners; forcing pregnant mothers to have abortions; hanging practitioners in the air using chains for prolonged periods of time that often results in the permanent loss of all four limbs; sitting on the "Tiger Bench" for an extended period of time; administering psychotropic drugs that damage practitioners' central nervous systems, and other such barbarities. Jiang's horrific crimes against the masses are beyond description. [Note: Force feeding is a common type of torture used against Falun Gong practitioners in China. It is usually performed by people who have none of the required medical knowledge or training and has resulted in the deaths of several hundred practitioners. Even when medical professionals occasionally perform the forced feeding, it is done to purposely cause agony in Falun Gong practitioners. Prior to each forced feeding, the torturers will usually beat up the practitioners until they become too weak to resist. Four or more individuals will then pin the practitioners to the ground by stepping on their bodies and limbs. During the force feeding process, they usually stuff a very thick, coarse, and often filthy plastic tube (one not designed for feeding at all), into a practitioner's wind pipe, lungs, and/or, esophagus. The so-called "food" that is poured into the tube has been known to include, but is not limited to: feces, urine, alchohol, saliva, bugs, uncooked corn meal with a high-concentration of salt, and drugs that induce diarrhea or vomiting. After the so-called "feeding" is over, the torturers then repeatedly force the tube in and out to cause severe pain and bleeding. Sometimes they leave the tubes in the practitioners' bodies overnight or even for days on end until they either agree to renouce Falun Gong or die from suffocation. In fact, it's not force feeding at all. The term "force feeding" is used to cover up the true nature of this extremely sadistic and dangerous torture method.]

There is a striking similarity between our current period of history and that which took place 3,000 years ago. Even Jiang Zemin himself once said, "History is a mirror for the future". (Colin Mason, A Short History of Asia). Like the depraved actions of Emperor Zhou, Jiang's brutal massacre of Falun Gong practitioners has already enraged both Heaven and mankind. Heaven will not sit back and watch this continue for much longer. Jiang Zemin will soon meet with due retribution, which will undoubtably be even worse than dreadful ending of Emperor Zhou on the Deer Platform 3,000 years ago.

Heaven's laws will prevail. Those depraved criminals will have to suffer for all they have done to others!

Mason, Colin. A Short History of Asia. St. Martin's Press, Scholarly and Reference Division, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010. © 2000

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/7/15/22518.html

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