Some Thoughts on Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | August 25, 2003

[] During the past two years, whenever there is a major activity such as the start of a trial or an important meeting with the media somewhere, practitioners will urgently call for fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts or send forth righteous thoughts continuously for 24 hours. Over time, I have started to feel that approach is not quite right. Sometimes, I can sense a feeling of anxiety in these urgent calls. Often, everybody has gathered together and put much effort in sending forth righteous thoughts, and yet, the results were not ideal.

My personal understanding is that we should have confidence when sending forth righteous thoughts. We need to be highly confident. Sometimes, we pay too much attention to how ordinary people respond to our sending forth righteous thoughts. Being moved by whether a case is accepted by a court or not, or what the verdict of the court case is, are all ordinary people’s reactions. So, as cultivators, we should not care too much about these things.

So why don’t ordinary people make decisions according to Dafa disciple’s ideas even when we have tried our best to send forth righteous thoughts? I think the results depend on whether we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Even if many Dafa disciples try their best to send forth righteous thoughts, this doesn’t mean we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions. For example, regarding the courts, the media and the general public, the important part of righteous thoughts and actions is to thoroughly clarify the facts in advance of an event. It is like taking a test; the result depends on the systematic and solid preparation before the test. Acting quickly by itself won’t do. Similarly, it won’t do if we hope to influence a result only by sending forth righteous thoughts as a group.

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