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Kuang Ci

PureInsight | August 18, 2003

[] The court decision on whether or not to proceed with the Chicago lawsuit against Chinese dictator Jiang was originally supposed to be rendered by June 20, 2003. This decision was postponed once, until the end of June, and now the deadline has been postponed again.

One day, when reading the Fa, I realized something: had the decision already been rendered, our practitioners probably would not be continuing to make good use of this time to clarify the truth to the public as we have been doing. It suddenly occurred to me that the court might be taking a long time to make a decision so that we will have more time to clarify the facts during the intervening time.

The following is a collection of opinions expressed by some practitioners while we are waiting for the court to reach a decision regarding this lawsuit:

1. For any particular lawsuit, if we only let a few people know the facts, then it becomes an everyday people's lawsuit. When Dafa disciples sue the head of the evil doers or other vicious people who have committed crimes against Dafa, we need to expose their crimes to the public. Up to this point, even before the lawsuit against Jiang has been formally accepted by the court, we have already distributed over 100,000 flyers, and over 80 Illinois State Representatives and 40 Congressional Representatives have voiced their support for the lawsuit against Jiang. This type of thing is what practitioners should do. It conforms to the requirements of the Fa and offers salvation to many sentient beings. We need to let many people know how evil Jiang is. Many beings are undergoing a basic moral test in their consciences. When one finds out that innocent Falun Gong practitioners are suffering from such brutal persecution, what is the first thought that comes into one's mind? Taking a moral stance is a part of the Great Law. Whatever one feels in his heart is the stance that he has taken. Even not feeling anything is already taking a stance in itself. Everyone is unconsciously taking a test. In other words, everyone is placing a sincere and actual thought that one has on the scale of justice.

2. Our Master is so merciful. He knows that we have yet to meet the requirements laid out in his new scriptures so he pushes time back again and again. Otherwise, we wouldn't meet the standard set by Master and we would not be compatible with the designs for the new world and the new cosmos. We wouldn't have established enough mighty virtue in this world and might not be eligible to stay in the new cosmos, and once we go over to the new cosmos we might feel too embarrassed to tell people how poorly we had done while trying to follow Master's Fa and solidly cultivate ourselves in the human world. We need to realize that there is not too much time left for us to do well. The less the evil is, the less there are opportunities for us to establish our mighty virtue. For example, in the past, we might have ran into a Chinese person who had been deeply deceived. If we managed to let him see the truth on our own after talking to him for half an hour, we were establishing our mighty virtue. Now it is much easier for others to accept our flyers and sometimes people even request flyers from us on their own initiative. That is not the result of what we did ourselves. It is because Master has already rectified these other dimensions and people's clear-headed side has begun to emerge.

3. Let us look at the regions and cases where practitioners have done well in suing vicious Chinese officials over the past four years. One thing that all of them have in common is that practitioners in these regions have made people there aware of the crimes committed by the head agent of evil. These practitioners' actions conformed to the righteous Fa principle, namely we must rescue sentient beings during this process. As Dafa disciples influenced people in these regions, people there began to conform and assimilate to the principles of "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance." In that case we can achieve the goal without pursuing it. On the other hand, in those areas that encountered huge barriers and interference, practitioners usually focused on the details of the impending legal procedures. They also share something else in common: the case takes a long time to proceed and ordinary people control it, and practitioners completely follow everyday people's arrangements and methods. Truth clarification is only limited to a few practitioners clarifying the truth to just a few ordinary people. A large percentage of the population in that city does not know about the lawsuit at all. On many occasions, practitioners failed to take advantage of the good opportunities that the pending lawsuit presented, and failed to expose how evil is suppressing the righteous, the innocent and the good. If we let the ordinary people's legal system limit us, we are actually ordinary people. If we did that, everything would follow common people's procedures. It might take three years, five years or even eight years. We would be wasting our time and would end up with nothing. In such cases, even though we spent a lot of effort, we wouldn't be able to shock the evil. Most practitioners did not participate in the lawsuits and most sentient beings do not even know about the lawsuits. To do things this way is far removed from the requirements laid out in Master's new articles. The Fa already exists. When we practitioners validate Dafa, we should not be overwhelmed by small legal details. Otherwise it would amount to self-cultivation, not cultivation as one body. We wouldn't be able to improve our understanding of the Fa as a whole body. This is a waste of money and effort, and we would end up with nothing. It neither suppresses the evil nor evokes the kindness of a large number of sentient beings. If we don't follow the path laid out by the Fa, we won't achieve proper results.

4. If we make good use of the time during the pending lawsuit to widely expose the evil and clarify the truth, the result will come by itself.

5. Why hasn't the lawsuit been officially accepted? If there is nothing that can stop us, then the evil forces cannot use that thing to test us. The fundamental problem is that we still have loopholes.

6. Even before the decision comes out, our pending lawsuits against the evil doers have already affected the evil regime in China, and the head agent of evil. The lawsuit involves the administrative, legislative and judicial systems of the U.S. and other countries where there are lawsuits pending against the evil doers. Many other elements in society are involved in these intertwined relationships. During this pending process we can clarify the truth and those who have heard the truth can spread our words to more people. When we do that, our efforts will not be in vain.

7. When we "assemble into an entity," we can have rallies where practitioners and ordinary people gather together to try Jiang XX and his gang. We can also "separate into individual Dafa particles." Every particle can do truth-clarification in parks or cities where there are no practitioners. We can do this every evening after work, and hold our own trials in the courtroom of justice and morality. Don't feel embarrassed if we don't have too many practitioners involved. Even if we have only one or two practitioners, people will still see our hearts and be touched. In addition, with just one or two practitioners, many places don't require us to apply for permits and place no restriction on how many banners or posters we have. If we persist, it will help widen and deepen our effort to clarify the truth. This made me think of the reason why satellites can stay in orbit – it is because there is less from this dimension restraining them up there.

8. The lawsuit in Chicago is just one aspect of the whole picture. On another front, the Canadian legal scholars played a major role in the opening of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague in March. Out of the 17 judges who were sworn in, 7 are Canadians. Since everything in history is for Dafa, if we Dafa disciples can push things forward, there will be breakthroughs. For example, more than 100 countries in the world officially joined the ICC but China refused to do so. It means that China is not obligated to abide by the ruling of ICC no matter who sues it. Is this something that we should think over? One consideration is that we need to guide the thinking of ordinary people. How could criminals be the ones who decide which laws they would abide by? Another one is that since Canadian people played a major role in the opening of ICC this year, are there things that they can do to bring a dictator who refuses to join ICC to justice? This is a major truth-clarification topic for Dafa disciples.

9. By contrast, European practitioners can work together and form one union. We can learn something from everyday people's history. For example, the trial of Pinochet, the former president of Chile, is a result of the cooperation of governments, legal systems and political bodies of many countries. Spanish law was followed in the trial, and the attorneys were from Belgium and France, while Pinochet was arrested at a British airport. This case shows us that if we, as Dafa disciples, want to be the real judge in this trial against the head agent of evil, there are even broader spaces and more opportunities for us to establish our mighty virtue. As long as the process can expose the evil and widely rescue sentient beings, we have already accomplished what we are supposed to.

10. If we worry about the result, there would be no results. If we focus on widely clarifying the truth, the outcome will be achieved without pursuit.

11. If we can follow Master's teachings and try to use our true nature in what we do, rather than letting our human side and attachments become involved, the progress will be smooth, no matter how we do it.

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