Inspirations from the Chinese Saying "May Whatever You Wish for in Your Heart All Come True"

Wang Chunbing

PureInsight | February 9, 2004

[] There's a Chinese saying, "May whatever you wish for in your heart all come true." Let's carefully think about this saying. "Wishes" come from our minds, while "come true" is a tangible matter. Mr. Li Hongzhi says in his book Zhuan Falun, "In fact, let me tell everyone that matter and mind are one thing." (From "Why Doesn't Your Gong Increase with Your Practice?" in Lecture One of Zhuan Falun.) It is my understanding that it's the different forms of manifestation of matter that result in our existing classifications of mind and matter.

This reminds me of the principle of Yin (feminine elements) and Yang (masculine elements) from Taoism. It is my understanding that Yin is Yang, and Yang is Yin because Yin and Yang are mutually transforming back and forth forever. But we also discover that in Taoism, their Yin and Yang symbol takes a circle as a form. It is my understanding that it means that all the thousands of changes between Ying and Yang will not exceed the Tao. Even when the masculine or feminine element may appear to be dominant at times, when Ying and Yang seem to be completely reversed, or when they seem to battle with each other, they are in harmony and perfect balance, as implied by the circle. It depends on the level from which a person regards an issue whether he sees the Ying and Yang being reversed or in harmony. Of course, the higher one's level is, the closer one is to the truth. In the Tao School, harmony is the essential manifestation of Taoism.

Even though Carl Marx's Law of Unity and Opposition might appear to be similar to the Theory of Ying and Yang on the surface, the two theories are fundamentally different. It is my understanding that Marx used the two theories of opposition and unity to split each matter into two. He divided each matter into two aspects, two stages or two ways, and then explored their two aspects, stages or ways separately. He developed the Social Class Struggle Philosophy through using this approach. Marx emphasized the importance of opposition (i.e., struggles among members of different social classes) and ignored the importance of unity. Empirical science is similar to Marx's development approach in that empirical science tends to study an isolated object by itself instead of looking at the whole picture.

Mr. Li Hongzhi said at a public lecture, "As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts." (From "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") In the section "Demonic Interference From One's Own Mind" in Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun, Mr. Li also talks about the issue of demonic interference from one's own mind, or "transformation follows mind-intent." Dafa practitioners are cultivators. Since cultivation is a matter above the affairs of ordinary people, cultivators need to discipline themselves with the Fa (law and principles in the Buddha School) and hold themselves to a higher standard than that of ordinary people's society. A cultivator's mind-intent will make his wishes come true. We can also say "transformation follows mind-intent." Buddhas (enlightened beings) enjoy great freedom. Buddhas can have whatever they want. If a Buddha wants something, it will be created by the thought of it. At a higher level, a Buddha's one thought may create a universe. Hence, it is not hard to understand why gods may assemble into a tangible form or disperse into matter.

In the ordinary people's society, people use their hands and feet to make their wishes come true. Human society is also a layer of the Fa, and the Fa is coherent from the very top to the very bottom of the universe. Mankind's abilities are limited because they are at the ordinary human level. At the ordinary people's level, mind and matter take two polar forms. If an ordinary person merely wishes but does not actually work to make it happen, his wishes will definitely not come true. If an ordinary person only works all day long but doesn't have a single thought of his own, he is no more than a machine in operation. This should explain how mind and matter takes two polar manifestations at the ordinary people's level.

Dafa practitioners are creating the path for human beings to become Gods. Through cultivation practice and Fa study, a man can understand different levels of the Fa, and be free from human notions and conventional thinking. If a man continues to attain new layers of the Fa, he will return to his position in the universe.

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