Research on Samsara and Reincarnation of Lives: Evidence for Never Ending Life (40)

PureInsight | June 17, 2002

[Editors’ note: Articles in this series recount experiences of people who have undergone past life regression hypnosis. Proponents of this technique think it provides excellent evidence for past lives and therapists who use it think it helps patients cope with their current situation by allowing them to understand past events that shaped the present. Other reputable scientists and therapists think the technique is an exercise in imagination, without factual basis, possibly dangerous, and probably fraudulent. We do not recommend the technique nor can we confirm its validity. We would also question some of the inferences made by the author. We present a few examples for your consideration.]

Elisa was happily married and became pregnant for the first time at the age of about 24. In the early period, her pregnancy went smoothly. But at about 6 months she began suffering great pain in one of her ovaries. A cyst was found in that ovary during a medical examination and the affected ovary was surgically removed. She had previously undergone surgery to remove a cyst from her breast. At birth, the infant girl suffered from a congenital heart defect. The baby girl died in the hospital after a few weeks in the intensive care unit.

Elisa was very depressed and came to me for treatment. I asked Elisa to lie down and close her eyes. She told me the story of her life. She specifically mentioned that she had always felt fearful of knives. I carefully wrote this down and was wondering to myself what kind of experience in her past lives would bear on such a fear. Nevertheless, I encouraged her to concentrate on the latest experience. To my point of view, it was obvious that the pregnancy and death of the infant had greatly impacted her feelings. It was meaningless to dig up another grief unless we had knowledge of all those that had occurred in this life.

Soon she started turning her head around and seemed to be struggling for something. She began uttering the following words: “Blood, blood, he’s wearing the clothes in yellow, he’s a doctor…no, I don’t want to, please don’t cut me, please don’t cut me… very painful, I am unable to move, don’t cut me, please don’t cut me… I am unable to move, I am helpless, he is cutting me.” She continued: “He is cutting me, cutting downward, my child is there, don’t cut my child, please don’t cut my child! He’s asking a nurse for something, he’s cutting again. Oh, my ovary! He says it is cracked – split. He’s cutting it away, he’s treating another ovary, I’ve lost my ovary, I am unable to move, I can do nothing…what’s happened to me? I have been castrated, I cannot give birth to a child any more, I am no longer a woman…nurse, tell me it doesn’t matter.”

Observing her outbursts, I thought Elisa was reacting strongly during her unconsciousness. The utterances of “don’t cut me” reminded me immediately of her fear towards knives. But her feeling of helplessness and of not being a woman might need to be explained from a deeper-seated source inside her. Her fear towards knives and her bad feeling about not being a woman had not been resolved.

Later, I wanted her to repeat, “don’t cut me,” and she started talking about a past-life experience: “Please don’t cut me, please don’t cut me, I’m unable to move. They have anaesthetized me, I am unable to do anything…it is a barn, with hay. He’s cutting me, a man wearing pants and blue lace…there is another man, I don’t want to die, it seems to be in the seventeenth century, they are trying to help me, it is a terrible delivery, [they] are making an abdominal delivery…both of my arms are tied to somewhere on top of my head in the barn, I am half naked, I can do nothing. Blood, a lot of blood, is flowing from my belly. The infant, it died.” (She was crying) “I am dying, I don’t want to die, I’m separating myself from my body, I am leaving…I am watching my body from outside, I am no longer there, it is a young woman, the man is my brother and he’s trying to save me. The infant is dead, dead at birth. I can do nothing, it is not safe to deliver, not safe…”

By becoming aware of her past life experience, Elisa became clear about one of the sources for her fear. She gradually became less dominated by the fear. But she needed to get rid of the negative thought that delivery was not safe. It was rare to cure thoroughly such a serious psychological trauma within one or two treatment sessions. Generally speaking, such traumas come from more than one past life. At least, the serious illnesses, such as Elisa’s cyst in her ovary and breast, were accumulated from many past experiences, as they had often occurred repeatedly in her past lives.

We further discussed the source for the pain in her ovary during a later session. In that session, Elisa saw herself as a servant in a village north of the Sahara Dessert. The identification of the historical time was not clear, but the time was fairly recent. At the age of 14, she was assailed with obscenities by a group of soldiers who were attempting to sexually assault her. She told them that they were disgusting. Upon hearing this, a soldier beat her up and kicked her near her waist with his big boots and she fell on the floor. Her kidneys and ovaries were grievously injured, which made her feel pain for a long time during that life. In that life, after this happened she ended up living alone for most of her life. She was dominated by fear and repeated all the time phrases like, “I am afraid of men. They have hurt me. I don’t want them to touch me. I prefer to live by myself.”

Her ovary was the focus in these injury and assault incidents. Through reincarnation, the wound was carried down to her future lives in the form of bodily karma and it appeared again during her pregnancy in this life. We came to a clear conclusion on [the significance of] her one past life when she failed the abdominal delivery, after she recalled that extremely cruel memory. She discovered immediately that in the last century, she was once a blond lady in the central western area of America. She had 6 children! This finding made her feel better.

However, not all traumas from her past lives were gone. She was feeling pain on her breast, which was once tortured severely. The image of a knife and bloody hands all appeared during the hypnosis. Behind the image were the memories of two horrible events of sacrificial offerings of living people. I encouraged her to make a second deep remembrance [from a past life].

In one memory, she was a man who was captured and whose head was chopped off. Another memory recalled that she was a woman in her fifties who was made into a sacrificial offering in a devil-like religious ceremony during the middle ages. This time, it was clear. She was raped and maimed afterwards. A knife appeared again. This time we found, apparently, everything about her horrible death. Her whole body was incised and her breasts were cut off. This experience was the cause for the cyst in her breasts and the pains in her ovaries. This event and the abdominal delivery incident from her [deep] memory were the causes for her fear of the operation.

Was Elisa always a victim in her past lives? It did not seem so. Her next past life was recalled after the previous bloody image was over. She found herself as a soldier in a trench during the First World War. “I shouldn’t do it, I shouldn’t do it.” The soldier was sighing mournfully. He stood beside a bloody young enemy’s body that he had stabbed in its belly with a bayonet. Although he seemed to have killed many people with his bayonet, he was stricken vigorously by something from his heart this time. He survived the war. But his regret about the killing was beyond description and it tortured him for an eternity. He suffered from arthritis on his hands, foot and waist.

When being asked about these pains, Elisa, who had obtained some male characteristics, said that she hated herself for having killed so many living beings and that the killing was the cause for her pains.

The moment when she recalled herself as the soldier who witnessed his enemy dying in miserable pain in a trench during the First World War was extremely important for Elisa. In fact, the memory indicated the end of the violence in the reincarnations of her life. It also explained the fatal karma that had caused the misery and pains in her reproductive organs.

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