Clarifying the Truth in Manhattan: The Relationship between You and the Persecution

Xing Jian

PureInsight | September 6, 2004

[] While clarifying the truth to people, we found that the most frequently asked question was: Why is the Chinese regime persecuting Falun Gong? What is Falun Gong? Our truth clarification flyers basically revolve around these issues; however in this unique area of Manhattan, these simple treatments of the topics aren't deep enough. It is because nearly everyone in the area is a member of a small circle where competition is fierce and many people are attached to fame and power. We still want them to understand why we're telling them about these issues and what the relationship between them and this brutal persecution is. That means we need to clarify a few issues to them.

One very important factor about this five-year-long brutal persecution in China is that Jiang's regime has forced everyone in the country, even the world, to participate in it. By investing in China, many U.S. companies are essentially helping Jiang's regime to persecute Falun Gong, giving blood to the state-run terrorism machine. And do these large-capital companies and organizations have no knowledge about what the investment environment in China is? Of course not, they have first-class researchers. There are even some Chinese officials who have written articles and even published books(s) outside of China warning [people] that the Chinese [economy] will soon collapse. So why are these huge companies still willing to risk investing in China?

First of all, in today's business climate, the era where the boss or the director undertakes huge personal risk in an emerging market is over. For big financial groups that invest in big projects in China, the majority of the money is gathered from the public domain. The investors are warned about the high risk of investing in China. In investment banking, people who initiate the project, including brokers, public relation specialists, analysts, and appraisers, do not personally care if the investment is risky or not. To them, if they can successful put together a deal, they can collect a great deal of commission regardless whether the eventual venture is successful or not. So under these conditions, morals and virtues are degraded over time, and people pursue fame, power and money to no end. Under these conditions, people on Wall Street have fabricated many mythic catchphrases, like, "Invest in China! This is an opportunity of a lifetime!" Many of the people who are behind these falsehoods are Chinese people who know the situation in China very clearly. They have untraceable connections with Chinese companies that benefit from foreign investment. The people who are behind the deals know all the risks involved. Because of [wanting to make] high commissions, they go against their consciences. In the meantime they leave enough leverage and space for themselves in the courts of law since the investors are warned ahead of time of the risk of investing in China.

On Wall Street, many "clever and talented" investment brokers have very short life spans with their companies (on the surface it seems to be the stress of the lifestyle, but in reality it's too much karma). However, if one or two investment projects succeed, they have already made a lifetime's worth of money. But those "clever and talented people" are a small percentage. The majority of people are average workers. We have to tell these people that in this brutal five-year-long, on-going persecution, when you buy something that is "Made in China," then it is possible that it came from the blood and sweat of the forced labor of a Falun Gong practitioner. Your coworker, your boss, is helping to raise every dollar that is going to be invested in China and that money will be used by Chinese media, police, jail, internet, communications and other organizations, directly or indirectly, in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. In reality, if you invest in high tech companies in America, they are also involved in providing technical support to China to surround Falun Gong. So this persecution does have something to do with you. Maybe you've participated in the persecution unknowingly, and helped a tyrant to do evil. When the staff of the media and financial circles realize what they're really doing, understand their part in the persecution, what changes will there be?

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