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PureInsight | December 13, 2004

[] During the last several months of clarifying the truth about Falun Gong in Manhattan, people who have learned the truth often asked us, "What can I do for you?" What we have normally done is to ask them to sign our petition that calls for the end of the persecution or ask them to write to their congressmen and senators.

A kindhearted lady, after learning the truth about China's persecution against Falun Gong, asked me, "Do you have any postcard calling for the end of the persecution? I would like to give them to all of my friends and ask them to help end the persecution." Because we didn't have such postcards at the time, I asked her to leave her address with me so that I could mail them to her once we make these postcards. When I returned to my temporary residence in New York, I did a search at but did not find any postcard designs on this subject.


Front of the Postcard                                Back of the Postcard

Several weeks later, a fellow practitioner mentioned at a cultivation experience sharing gathering that she had a very similar encounter where a man even offered the following suggestion: Print out truth-clarification postcards with stamps, have people sign them, and mail them to U.S. government officials, such as the President of the United States. He added that many non-profit organizations in the United States are using this approach to raise the public's awareness of their respective causes.

We discussed the idea and agreed that we should pursue it. We came up with three different designs and chose one based on fellow practitioners' feedback.

The postcard can be distributed in many different ways and achieve a number of goals:

1. At the torture exhibits, we can ask people to sign the postcard after they sign our petition. Then we can mail them to the White House after we put a 23-cent stamp on each signed postcard.

2. We can put the stamp on the postcards and distribute them to people who wish to pass them out to their friends and families. Thus the truth about Falun Gong will be spread from person to person, heart to heart. More and more people will learn the truth about Falun Gong through the postcards. However, we do not recommend distributing the stamped postcards to everyone because of the relatively high costs of the postcards and the postage.

3. We can distribute the postcards to our own coworkers, friends and families. By offering them the postcards, we will have another opportunity to explain to them the truth about Falun Gong.

4. As more and more such postcards being sent to the U.S. government, the government will get a clear message that an increasing number of Americans are very concerned about the persecution against Falun Gong.

If you need to print out the postcard, please go to to download the postcard design in high resolution. Or you may write to

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