The Story of Nono (Part II)

As told to Hong Wen

PureInsight | February 14, 2005

[] Lots of kids laugh and play in the park. Everyone is very happy.

Actually, not every kid playing in the park is happy and laughing.

Xiaoming Wang from across the street, for example, often seems sad. I often see blue and purple bruises on his body.

My Mommy told me, "Xiaoming's dad is an alcoholic. When he gets drunk, he loses his temper and beats up Xiaoming and his mom."

When I pass by Xiaoming's home, I often hear Xiaoming crying inside.

I rarely see Xiaoming smiling. He always looks as if he was about to cry.

Xiaoming is terrified of grownups. Daddy told me, "When you run into Xiaoming in the park, remember to invite him to play with you so that he will play and laugh like other kids in the park."

Adie from next door also heard my dad. He nodded and often invites Xiaoming to play with him.

Xiaoming is afraid to talk when he plays with us. He stutters each time he tries to talk.

My Daddy often says to me, "Nono, you should talk to Xiaoming more often. His dad beats him up all the time, so he has become afraid of people, including children. He needs a lot of tolerance and encouragement. It will take a long time before he stops being afraid of other people."

"You might find him different from other kids," my Daddy continued, "He might be crying all the time. He might feel everything is unfair to him. If he cries or complains it's unfair, don't be upset with him, Nono, because he doesn't mean it."

I said to my Daddy, "Nono will not be angry at Xiaoming. Mommy says it is important to forgive others. Nono will forgive Xiaoming. He will become good friends with Adie and me."

This afternoon I saw Xiaoming again in the park! Adie and I ran towards him happily!

When Xiaoming saw us running towards him, he started to run away from us. Adie and I were excited because we thought it was his signal to play chasing. So Adie and I happily ran after Xiaoming. The kids playing nearby saw us running after Xiaoming and decided to join the play. Then everyone started to run after Xiaoming.

Adie and I called out loud, "Xiaoming, let's play chase!"

"Xiaoming, let's see who can catch you first!"

Other kids heard us and called out loud too. "Xiaoming, let's play chase!"

Xiaoming ran faster and faster and we ran faster and faster. Finally, we gained up on him at the riverside.

Adie caught Xiaoming and said happily, "Ha! I got you!"

Every kid wanted to touch Xiaoming out of excitement and affection, but Xiaoming seemed very nervous and timid. He clinched his fists and tried to say something. When I tried to pull his sleeve, he suddenly burst into tears!

He said in tears, "Don't be so nice to me! Why! Why is everyone so nice to me?"

"I am not worth it. I am a rotten kid! That's why my dad beats me all the time."

"Every time I see you playing together in the park, I wanted to play with you but I dared not approach you because I am a bad kid…"

We didn't know how to respond to Xiaoming's crying. Then Adie said to Xiaoming, "You are not a bad kid because you don't take other kids' toys like me…"

Xiaoming was stunned.

I grabbed his hands and told him, "Xiaoming, don't be afraid. Let's play together, shall we?"

We dragged Xiaoming back to the park with us and we played in the sandbox together. It was the first time I saw Xiaoming smiling and laughing in the park. He looked so handsome.

So my Daddy was right. Xiaoming is afraid of people, even children. Xiaoming does need time to end his fear. If we were afraid of Xiaoming and afraid of playing with Xiaoming because he is different, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to see Xiaoming smile today.

When I returned home at dusk, I told my Daddy what happened. Daddy did not say anything, but he caressed the top of my head and tossed me high in the air…

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