Young Practitioners' Tales: My Daughter Caught the Last Bus on Her Cultivation Path

Jing Hui

PureInsight | February 14, 2005

[] My daughter Yuan Yuan started cultivating in Falun Gong when she was four. She is now 9 years old. When she first started the practice, I found that her ability to achieve tranquility and her enlightenment quality were much higher than mine. As she grows up, she is more and more drawn to the secular world. When she entered the fourth grade, her cultivation state in many aspects was not as good as before. I was concerned about her, so I often reminded her to be diligent. Sometimes I became annoyed and lectured her sternly. Consequently, the conflicts between us increased.

I often share my dreams with her. Whether I had successfully passed xinxing (moral character) tests in the dreams became a hot topic at our dining table. Recently she began to tell me about her dreams and asked me to share my opinions on the dreams with her. Her dreams were usually about her being unable to catch up with the last bus or last boat home because she could not part with her attachments. Even though she knew that she did not pass the tests in her dreams, she acted as if she couldn't care less, as if she thought they were merely dreams.

Early one morning, while I was combing her hair, she suddenly told me about her most recent dream. The result was totally different from that of previous dreams. In this dream, the last bus appeared again. Before she got on the bus, she remembered that she had left her two favorite belongings back in the classroom. She hesitated for a second, but decided to get on the bus. When she arrived home, to her surprise, she found that those two belongings had followed her home. When I happily congratulated her for passing the test, I saw two streams of tears coming down her smiling face. I realized that her knowing side had also been reminding her to walk her path of cultivation well. Why had I been so hard on her?

I share her story to remind all of us that Teacher has taught us that young disciples have their own cultivation requirements and they should not be treated the same as adult practitioners.

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