Stones in My Shoes

An Australian Falun Gong Pract

PureInsight | February 7, 2005


How many stones here in my shoes
as I climb to ascend this steepest mountain?
How determined am I across this most
narrow of paths, how sure and steady is
my footing around the cliffs and these
tightest of corners?

Through fields of exquisite flowers,
dawns aflame to valleys encumbered by
dark and din, diligently I walk, no matter
the hour, trial or tempest! Many an
obstacle to overcome, cold and dangerous
caverns to traverse and the higher we
climb, the farther to fall it seems!

Despite the terrain, can we truly empty
our shoes of all stones (attachments),
from smooth to rough, small to hard
and large? Every attachment that we
can let go of, diminish and eliminate
equates to one less stone inside our
shoes (and heart) and another step
towards our ultimate awakening.

The journey of countless lifetimes is
indeed arduous and long, yet, the
lesser the stones, the closer we can
ascend to our summit, the shorter the
span to our cultivation and becoming –
the nearer to the fruition of our "spring
time" and quintessential being.

With our assimilation to the Fa ("Zhen,
Shan, Ren" – the supreme and timeless
Law of the cosmos), we move towards
realms far beyond any pursuit of self,
home again to the land where those
of the boundless heart reside.

How many stones are there in your
shoes as you climb to ascend this
steepest mountain?

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