Clouds Parting, Worlds Unfolding

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | February 14, 2005



Eclipsing the sky,
to dull sight and sun,
crimes against Dafa's
first light, veiling our
nature of becoming,
how many hearts
divided from one?

The makings for cold
and darkened corners,
behold the ways and
descent of man. To
journey now every
terrain, no matter
cloud, or be it, last
light, let every heart
rather wax than wane.

(China's persecution of millions
of innocent Falun Dafa practitioners –
six years too long

Worlds Unfolding

I am the world unfolding,
transcending all forces of old.
I am the heart awakening,
beyond confines of dark and cold.

I am the flight into infinity,
the journey upon widest wing.
I am the bearer of realms becoming,
the breath of all that summit brings.

I am here above flood and frailty,
encompassing both tempest and dawn.
I am the phoenix arisen at last
from such light where being is born.

I am the song of your tomorrows,
the promise of horizons anew.
I am the cosmos, all embracing,
the essence of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" imbued.

I am one sail unfurling,
traversing tide and travail.
I am many a world unfolding,
where forever the boundless Fa prevails.

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