My Husband, a Person Who Clarifies the Truth Wherever He Goes

Yu Zuo

PureInsight | February 21, 2005

[] My husband is not a Falun Gong practitioner. When the Chinese regime first began to persecute Falun Gong, he caused quite a few tribulations for me. During the last several years, I have been continuously clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to him. He has also come to realize through his own experience that our family has been blessed. None of us has been ill even once, saving the taxpayers a lot of money. All the major problems we faced have mysteriously gone away, and the things that we wanted have all come true. No words can describe the changes that my husband has undergone. In 2004, he attended four different Fa conferences with other practitioners, and was fortunate to get to hear Master Li's Fa lectures in person three times. In every conference, he listened to the practitioners' speeches intently from the beginning to the end. During the DC Fa conference, many Dafa practitioners were quite laid-back and the scene was rather chaotic. But my husband remained undisturbed by the surroundings. He sat on the 2nd row of the conference hall and listened to all the speeches with undivided attention. As a Dafa practitioner, I was quite moved by that and didn't dare to move either.

I often post messages on bulletin boards on the Internet and tell people about the cruel persecution that Falun Gong practitioners have been experiencing. I also write articles exploring how people should view this persecution. At the beginning, my husband was very interested in watching the action. He became very excited if many people read my posts. He constantly gave me updates on who had responded to my post, what new questions people had raised, and tell me such and such people were clearly paid by the Communist Party and whose jobs were to monitor the Internet. When I got too busy to respond to all the posts, he often became quite anxious and asked me why I wouldn't ask more practitioners to help me out. He often told me how important it was to clarify the truth on the Internet. When he saw how I continued to carry on the work in a calm and unhurried manner, he couldn't help himself and jokingly called me an idiot.

One day, he finally had had enough. He rummaged through our drawers and found a device that a good friend of his had mailed him four years ago from Mainland China that can recognize one's handwriting and transform it into text messages on the computer. He installed the device on an ancient computer in our home. After he submitted his first post in the Internet, he was elated and excited like a young child.

From then on, the house is never quiet when he is at home. One moment he will drag me to look at different discussions on the internet. The next moment he will ask me how to write a certain Chinese character or how to answer a certain question. Two minutes later, he would ask me how to post a photograph showing a practitioner being tortured. A while later, he would burst out in laughter after someone had submitted an especially humorous reply… With two young children and him, things have become quite chaotic at home. It is good that after so many years of cultivation, I've learned to always maintain a tranquil mind no matter how busy things get. I am sure people who want to have lively atmospheres at home will be quite jealous if they see us.

My husband is quite good with his hands. But he had never been a good student and used to be a very bad writer. But after posting many messages on different bulletin boards, he has quickly become a star. It turns out that he has his own way to clarify the truth. He carefully reads every single article on the websites that Dafa practitioners use to clarify the truth. Whenever he finds an article that he thinks is logical and can answer people's questions or a photograph that can move people, he posts it on the Internet and then holds discussions with the people who reply to the original posts to clarify the truth to them.
Once he got into a heated discussion with another person on the Internet. That person used dirty words to curse my husband. My husband got angry and cursed back. The webmaster punished him by blocking his IP, which prevented him from visiting the website again. In the next several days, my husband didn't know what to do with himself and looked quite pitiful. I kept telling him that he must remain compassionate while clarifying the truth to other people because many people have been deceived by the lies. I urged him not to lower himself to the level of certain people and reminded him the only way to earn people's acceptance is to be peaceful and tolerant. My husband didn't say anything. But I am sure he agreed with me in his heart because several days later he was allowed back to the website and carried on with his truth clarification efforts there.
During the last several years, I have devoted all of my energy to clarifying the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong and trying to stop the killing of thousands of innocent people in Mainland China. My husband used to be angry at me for not paying enough attention to what was going to happen to our family and how we could save enough money to send our kids to college. But now it seems that my husband has realized that if "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance" disappears in the world after being persecuted, nobody in this world would have a future.

Several days ago, a person who replied one of my husband's posts on the Internet jokingly called my husband "a fellow practitioner." My husband immediately replied, "I am sorry to say that I've never read Zhuan Falun even once, and I don't deserve to be called 'a fellow practitioner.' But I will definitely read the book when I get a chance in the future." When I look at my husband who devotes himself to clarifying the truth after a hard day at work, it is as if I have seen a wonderful future that awaits mankind. I believe that in the not-so-distant future, all kind-hearted people who have learned the truth will act just like my husband and step forward to safeguard "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance."

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