A Different Look at Sickness Karma

A Veteran Western Falun Dafa P

PureInsight | June 13, 2005

Much has been written on the websites lately regarding Falun Dafa practitioners experiencing mild to severe sickness. Many of these reports attribute sickness tribulations to interference from the old cosmic entities. I have immense compassion for anyone experiencing such tribulations and am ready to help in my limited capacity, but also had to ask myself why I look at this phenomenon differently.

Master Li, in addition to many other explanations, told us in the 2000 SF Lecture,

…" In the course of your cultivation, each of you should understand correctly the relationship between your own cultivation and Fa-rectification. How should you view the trials and tribulations that you experience? I can tell you that if a person doesn't have that much karma, he absolutely won't have tribulations that severe."

Because of this statement in Master's lecture I must wonder if all these manifestations of sickness karma of late are actually from the old energies, or a test of our loyalty to the Fa and what it demands from us. Master has also told us more than once, "Falun Dafa practitioners experience sickness symptoms for the purpose of raising xinxing whereas in non practitioners this manifests as actually illness" (author's paraphrase). Considering these comments from our esteemed Master, it might be a good idea to reevaluate our opinions and not blame everything happening right now on the old forces, but weigh if we are truly adhering to the teachings of the Fa.

In the 2003 LA Lecture Master also said this in response to an audience member's question:

Q. …"There are many students who use righteous thoughts to eliminate evil for the smallest things. Even when they suffer from minor ailments they send righteous thoughts.

Master: "Could it be that they have not studied the Fa enough? If you really have done something wrong and then a problem comes up as a result and you go and send righteous thoughts, then you will give people the wrong impression, and the old forces will make trouble. They'll think that not only have you done poorly, but also you still want to eliminate them. Seems like that is the case, isn't it? So, you should try your best to see if you have done something well or not. If you haven't done things well, go and do them well. But in your question you mentioned, 'even when they suffer from minor ailments they send righteous thoughts.' And what are those minor ailments about? They are signs of karma being eliminated, are they not?"

We ought to remember Master's words, "Dafa practitioners' thoughts are powerful." As we think, so we are! We, the global Dafa family, with our concerted efforts, can send our mighty, world-changing righteous thoughts into the universe, and piece by piece annihilate the remaining portions of all that is evil in that place. In my thinking we would thus accomplish more than concentrating on a single individual's momentary strife.

Of course, this is merely my opinion at my present level of comprehending the Fa. Please feel free to poke holes in my thought patterns and suggest alternatives.

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