Don't Forget to Look Inward for Everything

Lian Qi

PureInsight | June 20, 2005

[] A fellow practitioner became seriously ill. She was unable to eat and became unconscious. Her family sent her to a hospital. Many practitioners knew her so they went to the hospital to take care of her and share their own cultivation experiences with her.

The first time I went to the hospital to see her, I totally forgot that her tribulation had been arranged by the old forces, which would try not only to interfere with her but also with each of the practitioners going to the hospital. Consequently, because I wasn't able to maintain righteous thoughts when I visited her, I was interfered with as well. After I left the hospital, I felt very ill myself. I went home and slept for a long time.

The second time I went to the hospital to see her, although my righteous thoughts were relatively stronger, I didn't regard myself as a practitioner, nor did I look inward. Also, I didn't hold myself to the requirements of the Fa. On the other hand, I was in a hurry to share with her the way to maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions that I had enlightened to recently

When another practitioner sent righteous thoughts for her, she saw four snakes entangling the sick practitioner. Three snakes were small and white. The fourth one was big and black. We could not eliminate these four snakes using our supernormal power when we sent righteous thoughts.

Several days later I realized that the three small snakes were the attachments of the three practitioners who had been visiting her regularly in the hospital. We hadn't treated ourselves as practitioners. When we visited her, we went to see her as a close friend and not a fellow practitioner. If we have human attachments, we cannot help our practitioners and also cannot eliminate evil around a practitioner, even in close proximity.

On the other hand, when practitioners suffer from tribulations, they may not completely be the result of attachments and insufficient righteous thoughts. They are intentionally arranged by the old forces to test other practitioners. The environment in Taiwan is good and no evil directly persecutes practitioners. Even if some practitioners have strong attachments, they can still practice and participate in Fa-rectification. Some practitioners who are not yet firm in their belief in the Fa are affected when they see many practitioners doing well in Fa-rectification but still suffer from such tribulations. In other words, if we only want to help fellow practitioners get rid of their attachments or enhance their righteous thoughts, isn't it that we acknowledge old force's evil arrangements?

Cultivation is extremely serious. When a practitioner is in trouble, if we cannot conform to the Fa at all times, we are able to show our care [only] at a common person's level. Can compassion from common people help a fellow practitioner's tribulations? Only when we cultivate ourselves can we truly help fellow practitioners with our compassion endowed from Dafa.

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